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Lucha Underground 6/1/16 Review: The Monster Vs. The Machine



Lucha Underground on June 1, 2016 was a good show that is building feuds and storylines for the future as well as building up new characters which is good. Let’s break it down:

We start off the show with a recap of what happened between The Baddest Iron Heartthrobs, Cage, Chavo Guerrero, Fenix, Taya, The Ultimate Flight Crew, and The Dare End Slayers earlier in the season of Lucha Underground Season 2. This is a good way to remind people about what happened during that time in case they missed it or forgot about it as this week, the people from the recap appeared on the show. Well done and well produced.

Son of Havoc Vs. Daga was a good match. With Angelico being out of action, I guess Ivelisse and Son of Havoc decided to go their separate ways for now until Angelico recovers which is fine by me because I think both Ivelisse and Son of Havoc can do well on their own for the time being. Though I will miss The Baddest Iron Heartthrobs as a they were a great trio, but I’m fine with Ivelisse and Son of Havoc going their separate ways for now. Get better soon Angelico!

The match itself was pretty good as both men get to showcase their skills inside the ring. Son of Havoc is known as Matt Cross or M-Dogg 20 in the independent circuit so he is a very experienced wrestler inside that ring and he displayed that in this match. Daga to me is a very underrated wrestler who has wrestled in AAA for quite a while now and hasn’t really been talked about compared to other AAA stars over there. Luckily, with him being in Lucha Underground, he’s getting more exposure to the world which is great because he is a good wrestler in his own right as it was shown in this match.

Near the end of the match, Kobra Moon showed up near ringside as she stared at Daga while Son of Havoc made his comeback. As Son of Havoc was about to finished Daga, Kobra Moon snatched Son of Havoc’s leg while the referee wasn’t looking where Daga took advantage of it. However, that distraction wasn’t enough as Son of Havoc beat Daga with a shooting star press to get the pin and win.

After the match, Kobra Moon began to cuddled Daga as Daga looked disgusted on what Kobra Moon was doing to him as he left the ring with Kobra Moon staring at him.

So it seems like we might get a feud between Daga and Kobra Moon or we might get a potential team up with Daga and Kobra Moon in the near future depending on how this storyline will go. Either way, I’m interested to see where this goes as I’m a fan of both talents.

Good match and interesting post-match segment. Interested to see where Son of Havoc goes from here and what’s next with the Daga and Kobra Moon storyline.

The backstage segment with The Ultimate Flight Crew was good. Rey Mysterio is seen backstage training for his trios match later on the show until Dragon Azteca Jr. appears and tells Rey Mysterio that he has found the monster inside a cage. This leads to some tension between Rey Mysterio and Dragon Azteca Jr. as Rey Mysterio doesn’t want Dragon Azteca Jr. to get his revenge, but Dragon Azteca Jr. refuses to listen to Rey Mysterio.

Prince Puma then arrives and reminds them that they have a rematch for the trios titles coming up next. After some tension among the three, they all agree with each other as they plan to get back their Lucha Underground Trios Championships.

This segment feels like they’re going to cover future storylines and feuds as some of these storylines and feuds have been going since the first season so it will be interesting to see where it goes from here. As for The Ultimate Flight Crew, it seems like they’re in sync and ready to get back to their trios titles back. However, will they win it back? We’ll get to that next. Good backstage segment here.

The Dare End Slayers Vs. The Ultimate Flight Crew for the Lucha Underground Trios Championship was an excellent trios match. Mark out moment! Personally, I find this match better than their match last week, but that’s just me. Despite on people’s different views, I enjoyed this match a lot as everyone did their part and showcase themselves well in this match.

Also, I love the attire that The Dare End Slayers wore with the bandannas and the sunglasses. It made them stand out and made them an unit so I like that detail a lot. Plus, the dirty heel tactics from The Dare End Slayers was great as it got a lot of heel heat towards them. Despite that, The Ultimate Flight Crew were doing whatever it takes to get back the trios championships.

After many dirty heel tactics from The Dare End Slayers with the low blows and the help from Taya, Prince Puma couldn’t take it anymore and hit a low blow on Johnny Mundo where The Dare End Slayers won the match by DQ and retain their Lucha Underground Trios Championships. Man, I understand Prince Puma’s frustration with The Dare End Slayers, but taking it this far was a bit too much. It seems like we’re seeing a character change for Prince Puma because of this which is interesting to see as Prince Puma has been the same character since Season 1 so we’ll see where this goes.

The character change for Prince Puma changed even further after the match as Rey Mysterio tried to calm down Prince Puma, but Prince Puma ended up superkicking Taya as he left Dragon Azteca Jr. and Rey Mysterio. Wow Prince Puma, I know you’re pissed off and all, but there was no reason to superkick Taya like that. Not cool. I don’t know if this will lead to a heel turn or a character change for Prince Puma, but it is for certain that Prince Puma has changed and it will be interesting to see where he goes from here. Though, it seems like The Ultimate Flight Crew is over which makes me sad as we need more trios in Lucha Underground, but we’ll see as time goes on.

Excellent trios match and interested to see where The Dare End Slayers and The Ultimate Flight Crew go from here.

The video segment between Dragon Azteca Jr., Matanza, and Black Lotus was good. Dragon Azteca Jr. found the cage of Matanza and Black Lotus was there to stopped him. Black Lotus told Dragon Azteca Jr. that he can’t do anything to Matanza because Matanza didn’t kill Black Lotus’ parents, but Dragon Azteca killed her parents as Dragon Azteca Jr. didn’t believe her. Matanza growled as Dragon Azteca Jr. left to end the segment.

So it seems like we’re getting more storyline progression between Dragon Azteca Jr., Matanza, and Black Lotus which is great because I am interested in this storyline as it has been going on ever since the first season and it seems like we’re getting closer on getting some answers with this segment, but only time will tell. Either way, I’m for Matanza Vs. Dragon Azteca Jr. in the near future as I think that feud and match should be great. Can’t wait to see what happens in this storyline. Good video segment here.

Matanza Vs. Cage for the Lucha Underground Championship was an excellent match. Mark out moment! Wow…, just wow…, this was an excellent match between two big men who are very athletic for their size, incredible.

Both men did a fantastic job in this match, but the MVP of this match to me goes to Cage. Man, Cage was on fire in this match as he does something that he doesn’t usually do and that is using his lucha libre style.

I mean literally, Cage was on fire in this match as he pulled off with high flying moves all over Matanza which was great to see. It really shows that Cage has the full package and can do any wrestling style which is incredible. Cage is not a man, he’s a machine!

Also, can’t forget about Matanza in this match as he did well in this match as well. He showed a lot of power and strength in this match and he even pulled out a standing moonsault at one point even though he missed. Excellent showing by Matanza here.

Both men were evenly matched as both men hit big move after big move on each other and I love the spot where Matanza and Cage did release German Suplexes on each other, but they stood up after that and continue the German Suplexes for a while which was awesome. I really like that a lot just because you know these two men are beasts in the ring and them no selling at times make sense because they are beasts which is awesome. Love that sequence and spot in the match. I really enjoyed that.

After going back and forth between the two men, Matanza got the victory over Cage with the Wrath of the Gods to retain his Lucha Underground Championship. Again, just wow…, this was an excellent big man match from beginning to end where both men look incredibly strong.

Even though Cage lost this match, he looked great in defeat and he did everything he could in order to try to win, but Matanza was just the better man on that day. So big props to Cage here despite losing. Interested to see where Cage goes from here.

With his victory over Cage, it seems like Matanza may be unstoppable. I mean, at this point, who can stop “The Monster” Matanza? Only time will tell as it seems like Pentagon Jr. and Dragon Azteca Jr. may get their shot at Matanza in the future. Either way, I’m loving the reign that Matanza has so far and I think he’s doing great. Can’t wait to see who he will face next for the Lucha Underground Championship.

Excellent match and I’m interested to see where Matanza and Cage go from here.

Overall, good show that helps build up storylines and feuds in the future as well as building up new characters. So many storylines and feuds here and I love it! If you haven’t already, please check out Lucha Underground. It’s a great alternative to the mainstream wrestling and you won’t be disappointed. Looking forward to next week’s show. Lucha! Lucha! Lucha! Lucha!

Mark Out Moments: 2

That is my review of Lucha Underground on June 1, 2016.

Do you agree or disagree with my thoughts on this show?

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