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Dry Socket Opinion: Hogan and the HoF, WWE and FOX, More



Good afternoon, everyone! There are a few topics I’d like to touch on so let’s dive right in…

Hogan’s Reintroduction to the WWE Hall of Fame: WWE decided to allow Hogan back into their HoF with a mixed reaction from both the wrestlers and the fans. Despite the mixed reaction, there have been talks of allowing Hogan back onto WWE programming. I question whether or not Hogan will draw and why WWE is allowing him to come back. Hogan’s apology was also met with mixed reactions due to reasoning behind it. Is Hogan sincere in his apology with what he said or is he simply sorry that he got caught? The racial divide, in WWE, could spread even further. Hogan’s politics are nothing new to the wrestling world and I’m curious to hear Scott Steiner’s thoughts (mainly because they’re entertaining and he is incredibly outspoken towards his hatred for Hogan). WWE allowing Hogan back into their HoF seems to be pretty quick (only a few years, if that) and one has to question whether or not him being removed was done because WWE saw his words as wrong or because they did not want to face the outside media backlash. What does Hogan’s re-entry into the HoF accomplish? If he is allowed to come back to WWE television, what would WWE have planned? It’s clear that the legends aren’t drawing what WWE has hoped for. If Hogan comes back, we can count on a long drawn out apology, on WWE TV, and an interesting crowd reaction. Titus O’Neal was vocal about his displeasure with Hogan’s apology. The New Day were also unimpressed with his thoughts.

When current employees, from WWE, give their thoughts on something controversial, I always have to chuckle. I’m skeptical whether or not those thoughts are entirely true. No employee is going to publicly bash the WWE or their talent. That’s a sure fire way to get blackballed and become unemployed. I never understood why wrestling sites titled their articles as “*wrestler*gives thoughts on *current WWE situation*”. It should be pretty clear that no current employee will badmouth the company. Titus O’Neal and The New Day both gave politically correct statements regarding the Hogan situation. If they would have sounded off, VKM would personally see to it that they were punished. WWE talents are encouraged to express their views only if they are in support of what the company is doing. If the topic is something that the outside media are covering, WWE wants only good press to come from it. WWE’s “Be a Star” campaign was often questioned after reports of JBL’s bullying came out. During this time, numerous wrestlers voiced their thoughts and problems with JBL. None of these wrestlers were current employees, however, yet many claims of JBL’s bullying included them. If you read a title asking what a current employees thoughts are, you should assume that nothing bad will come be included.

WWE and FOX: It looks like WWE programming will be on FOX’s network television channel. This opens many doors, for WWE, and allows them to reach an even greater audience. Additionally, it allows for WWE to get even more advertisers buying commercial time during their programs. IF WWE can put on a compelling program WITH consistency, WWE may be able to save themselves. This means that the writers, creative, characters, and production must work. They must put forth effort to keep their heads above the water. FOX paid a significant amount of money for WWE’s programming and they’re going to want to get the most for their money. WWE has a primetime spot on network television. This goes back to the days of Smackdown! on UPN. SD! was treated as an A-list show despite not being live. If that effort is put into the new FOX program, WWE should be able to swim. Make SD! an alternative to RAW. SD! and RAW should have a different feel. With the brand split, WWE has given the fans far too many wrestlers to keep track of and not enough time to develop each. FOX allows for edgy content. WWE should use that as leverage to tastefully push the envelope.

We live in a reality age. The fans are smart and have the internet. WWE must not underestimate the intelligence, of their fans, and work hard to keep their trust. Their actions speak volumes and the rare appearance of their champion has hurt any prestige the title means. WWE must embrace their wrestling roots and make the product believable. Invest in the main characters while elevating the mid-card talent. Every tier should have a place, on the show, and be given the necessary TV time to develop each storyline. Give the fans a set ending and allow develop each storyline organically. Keep the fans guessing but allow them to digest everything. The product is far too saturated for fans to have time to crave more. Make each show “must see” and focus on the basics. Mic time, ring work, and topics should all be improved. Hollywood should not trump wrestling.


What are your thoughts on Hogan’s HoF troubles? What would be “must see” TV?

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