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The Deadly Sins: “The Machine” (2013)



The Machine (2013)




Ayyy another movie with one of my girls!

Ex girls…

Damn it. Well, This time we move to Caity Lotz. Big fan of her’s. Did great on Arrow & Legends of Tomorrow. She has this small movie on IFC that’s actually not that bad called “The Pact”. Sequel really sucked though. Mainly because it’s not following her, but she’s in it & dies. Bastards. What about this movie that slipped under the radar. The original Ex Machina. Some differences. Like Caity is actually a human to begin with & there are more than 4 people. So let’s see how the robot Caity holds up against breakout star Alicia Vikander. I love both. Ex Machina was awesome. I’ll watch that later.


We begin in a lab with a deformed man. I can’t look at him. Missing half his skull. The man wants his mom, but he doesn’t get his mum. Goes ballistic & kills everyone but the creator, Vincent. who is bleeding out with a stab wound in the neck. No, he’s dead. Somehow he doesn’t die. Police show up & shoots him in the head. Vincent then proceeds to test more machines if they can actually be intelligent as Ryback. They are, but not as a normal human being. Shows his daughter with a disability, not too clear on it. Looked it up, Rett Syndrome. My girl shows up!

Caity Lotz in as Ava…wait a tick. That’s exactly the name in Ex Machina.

I swear something is up. Ava impresses with her machine, hardeharhar, and gets a job working with Vincent.

The man’s mother shows up & berates Ava for the disappearance of her son. Yet, Vincent denies him ever being at the lab. Security guards are machines as well. Don’t think they ever call them robots, but instead machines. Calling them robots would be racist. Everyone has f**ked up voices & can’t speak. Ava meets a machine, James, with prosthetic arms that crushes a marble. A little too much choking the chicken.

He asks to touch her hand and starts dancing with her to get her alone for a meetup later. Music is way too loud and repetitive. A little interview picking her brain. Comes into play later. She questions the meetup spot & why James seemed imprisoned. She visits James after sneaking past security. Looks so sexy here for some reason.

Security then crowds her to send her back to Vincent who scolds her for sneaking down there. The ride back to the main lab of Vincent’s is interrupted as the heels run in to attack the duo. Ava is stabbed & shot in the head & chest. Goddamn it. I just want one motherf**king time Caity Lotz doesn’t die. Arrow, died like 3 times. The Pact 2, died. Now here. Damn it, D-Lo. She’s like the female Sean Bean.

Following that, she is rebuilt like 2002 Triple H.

I fully believe Triple H is Jon Connor to stop Skynet aka Vince. Nice effects & Caity is wearing a full body suit. Face too. How the f**k can she breathe. They cut her out & start her up. Ava is now a machine & doesn’t want to hurt people. Part of her interview, she was scared of spiders. They put a spider right in her face. She’s adorable as a machine. I want one…

No, I don’t. I never said that. She also hates clowns. So she kills him like nothing. Well, self defense. Vincent teaches Ava a bit.

Ava dances naked. 


Scene contains a lapdance. We learn Vincent’s daughter has anomina now. Thomson, the director, brings Ava the man that killed her mother. He then convinces her to kill him to stop him from killing again. Finally, badass Caity Lotz beats the s**t out of him & breaks his arm. Ava refuses to kill due to her promise to Vincent. Vincent’s daughter is on her deathbed. At least Stephanie isn’t burying people on Raw anymore. Flashback shows she killed that guy so she can stay “alive”. They train Ava as Vincent makes it back home to find out his daughter has passed. Thomson rejects Vincent’s discovery that Ava is a conscious being & demands Ava becomes a true machine or he wipes the last pieces of his daughter’s brain. As the operation goes through, Ava says she’s afraid & is shut down. Thomson immediately goes back on his deal & has Vincent thrown in his jail. Ava returns & becomes the ass kicking machine. Brought back, Thomson orders Ava to shoot & kill Vincent. Aha, no bullets. Ava turns face & she’s back. Just in time for the main event!

The following contest is a tag team gauntlet match & is for the progression of machines! Ava breaks out Vincent. Ava enlist the help of other machines & they fight the humans. Ava is bulletproof & kills a guy on the wall.

F**king badass Caity Lotz is so awesome. Vincent finds James & lets him loose as well. The doctor corners him, but James breaks his arm as Vincent blows the room up. Ava arrives at Thomson’s office & neglects killing him. Instead she crushes his skull a bit, I think. Ava & Vincent escape and his daughter is now in a program. She calls Ava “mommy” & we end on a happy note. Oh no, Caity Lotz died again. GODDAMN IT!! She didn’t.


How was “The Machine” as a film? A very good watch. Acting, stunts, plot, script, cinematography. All beautiful. Really good job. Did you know Caity Lotz did her own stunts? Very impressive. Think she usually does. This movie is very underrated. And compared to the likes of Ex Machina, it’s a more broad movie. Much more people & you connect to Vincent because he’s losing a daughter, so you see his reasoning for doing this more. Not taking anything away from Ex Machina, but that’s for another time. Also, Ex Machina has an awesome twist in which I don’t want to spoil. Maybe I will in a future review. But “The Machine”, excellent movie. I recommend you give it a watch the next time you want to watch a movie on Netflix. I doubt you’ll be disappointed.



Sins Committed: Greed


So, “The Machine”, have you seen it? What did you think of this review? Agree? Laugh? Cringe? Let me know down below. As always, if you have any suggestions for wrestling shows, movies or topics, leave those requests in the comments. Next week, we return to an older review that is not on the newer site. Which will it be? I’ll let you ponder on that but as of right now, I’m out. I’ll see you when I see you.

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