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205 Live 10/24/18 Review: Respect In Falls Count Anywhere



205 Live on October 24, 2018, was a great show. 205 Live is a show where the cruiserweights take center stage as they will risk their bodies to entertain us wrestling fans. Let’s break it down:

We start off the show with a video package of highlighting the feud between Mustafa Ali and Hideo Itami. This is good as it showed the rivalry between Mustafa Ali and Hideo Itami for the past few months as they will finally collide against each other in a Falls Count Anywhere which should be awesome. Well produced video package here.

Lince Dorado Vs. Mike Kanellis was a good match. As Lince Dorado was making his entrance to the ring, we see a recap of what happened two weeks ago when Mike & Maria Kanellis made their debut on 205 Live as Mike Kanellis attacked Lince Dorado. This is good as it showed why both men are fighting on this show.

Lucha House Party were at ringside to support Kalisto in this match while Maria Kanellis was at ringside to support Mike Kanellis in this match. Also, Mike Kanellis has made his in-ring debut for 205 Live! Mark out moment! Happy that he’s in the ring again as well as being on TV again.

Lince Dorado did well in this match as he tried to get revenge for Mike Kanellis attacking him two weeks ago. His no hands Frankensteiner on Mike Kanellis was well executed. His shooting star press on Mike Kanellis was beautifully executed. Mike Kanellis did well in this match too as he tried to make a name for himself in the cruiserweight division. His superkick on Lince Dorado looked devastating. Good work by both men here.

The ending of the match came when Mike Kanellis hit Lince Dorado with a rolling cutter for the pin and win. A good win for Mike Kanellis as he plans to make a statement in the cruiserweight division. The power of love!

Good match and I’m interested to see what Mike Kanellis will do in the cruiserweight division.

The backstage promo from Drake Maverick was good. Drake Maverick thanked the WWE Universe for supporting the cruiserweight division for the past two years as they have reached one hundred episodes and he hopes that another one hundred episodes will come. He then talked about the main event between Mustafa Ali and Hideo Itami in a Falls Count Anywhere match as he praised both men and said that the match will be a classic. He then said that he will make a #1 Contender’s match for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship where more news about the match will come soon.

Nice to see Drake Maverick giving praise to the cruiserweight division as even though he’s only general manager of the brand for less than a year, he has given us tremendous matches and is pretty fair general manager as well even though he’s a heel on Raw which still shows miscommunication between the main roster and Triple H’s work, but I digress. Looking forward to the main event later on the show. Good backstage promo here.

The backstage promo from The Brian Kendrick was good. The Brian Kendrick talked about how Drew Gulak and Gentleman Jack Gallagher had tried to take him down, but he keeps coming back. He then said that Drew Gulak and Gentleman Jack Gallagher thought he had no mercy, but when he goes against Gentleman Jack Gallagher next week, he will show no mercy.

The Brian Kendrick is looking to get revenge on Gentleman Jack Gallagher next week, but we’ll see if he can be successful. Good backstage promo here.

We then get an announcement that next week, it will be The Brian Kendrick Vs. Gentleman Jack Gallagher. These two have a big rivalry back in the past and it looks to be renewed next week. Should be interesting to see.

We then get a recap of what happened last week when Tony Nese defeated Cedric Alexander, Lio Rush, Gran Metalik, and TJP. This is good as it ties into the next segment which I will talk about next.

The video promo from Lio Rush was good. Lio Rush talked about how he didn’t lose last week’s match on 205 Live because he wasn’t pinned in the match and even though Cedric Alexander almost got the victory over him, that didn’t count because he didn’t beat him one-on-one. He then said that in order to be better than someone, you have to beat them in singles competition as of right now, Lio Rush is currently undefeated in singles competition.

Lio Rush has a point. He has yet to be pinned or submitted in the cruiserweight division and it looks like we might get a feud between him and Cedric Alexander, but only time will tell. Good video promo here.

The backstage interview with Buddy Murphy and Tony Nese by Dasha Fuentes were good. Buddy Murphy talked about how Drake Maverick has a chance to do what he could to be a good general manager, but he questioned his decisions once again as the #1 Contender to the WWE Cruiserweight Championship should be Tony Nese. Tony Nese then said that he should automatically become #1 Contender due to his win last week, but it has to prove it again, he’ll do it next week because the top of the cruiserweight division involves him and Buddy Murphy as they both fist-bumped and left.

Buddy Murphy and Tony Nese are looking to take over the cruiserweight division. We’ll see who becomes #1 Contender to the WWE Cruiserweight Championship next week. Good backstage interview here.

Mustafa Ali Vs. Hideo Itami in a Falls Count Anywhere match was excellent. Mark out moment! These two men went out there and tear the house down as these two have been going at each other for months and they delivered.

Hideo Itami did excellent in this match as he tried to end Mustafa Ali’s career. His roundhouse kick to the legs of Mustafa Ali which made him fall face-first on the ring apron looked like it gave Mustafa Ali a concussion. The way he pushed Mustafa Ali off the barricade as Mustafa Ali landed hard on the floor looked painful as heck. The lariat on Mustafa Ali on the steel ramp looked like it killed Mustafa Ali. Excellent work by Hideo Itami here.

Mustafa Ali did excellent in this match too as he tried to get revenge on Hideo Itami. His slingshot crossbody on Hideo Itami to the outside was beautifully executed. His diving crossbody on Hideo Itami who was on the steel steps to the floor was perfectly executed.

The ending of the match came when Mustafa Ali hit Hideo Itami with a 450 splash through a table to the outside for the pin and win! Mark out moment! Man, that was an insane spot and what a win for Mustafa Ali as he got his revenge on Hideo Itami.

Excellent Falls Count Anywhere and I’m intrigued on where both men will go after this as this is probably the end of their feud here.

The backstage interview with Drake Maverick by Dasha Fuentes was good. Drake Maverick was in his office on his phone until Dasha Fuentes came in and asked Drake Maverick if he called her as Drake Maverick said yes as after watching the main event, he said that next week, it will be Mustafa Ali Vs. Tony Nese in a #1 Contender’s match.

Sounds like a great match next week as I expect those two to put up a performance and no matter who wins, they’ll be a great opponent for Buddy Murphy for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship. Good backstage interview to end the show.

Overall, a great show for the one-hundredth episode of 205 Live. It’s great to see the cruiserweights with more focus and attention here and it’s only going to get better from here. Looking forward to it.

Mark Out Moments: 3

That is my review of 205 Live on October 24, 2018.

Do you agree or disagree with my thoughts on this show?

What do you like and dislike about the show?

Put them in the comment section below.

Thank you for reading.

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