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Lucha Underground 6/15/16 Review: Six to Survive



Lucha Underground on June 15, 2016 was an excellent show that is building feuds and storylines for the future as well as building up new characters which is good since this show focused on one match. Let’s break it down:

Since the show is only focused on one match, this review will be a lot of different as I will talk about the match in separate parts. Anyway, let’s get on with it!

We start off the show with a recap of what happened between Captain Vasquez, Cortez Castro, Dario Cueto, Councilman Delgado, Joey Ryan, Mr. Cisco, Pentagon Jr., Vampiro, Pentagon Jr., King Cuerno, Mil Muertes, Catrina, Chavo Guerrero, Johnny Mundo, Taya, Ivelisse, and Fenix earlier in the season of Lucha Underground Season 2. This is a good way to remind people about what happened during that time in case they missed it or forgot about it as this week, the people from the recap appeared on the show. Well done and well produced.

Fenix Vs. Ivelisse Vs. Pentagon Jr. Vs. King Cuerno Vs. Taya Vs. Johnny Mundo in a Six to Survive #1 Contender match for the Lucha Underground Championship at Ultima Lucha Dos was excellent. Mark out moment! Like I said earlier, I will talk about this match in separate parts since this is an elimination match so let’s talk about this awesome match!

The match with all six competitors at once was very good. Everyone in this match did well here and they managed to showcase their skills in the ring. Johnny Mundo and Taya were teaming up in this match since they are a team together. Seeing Fenix and Pentagon Jr. teaming up for a little while was cool since we know they’re brothers with totally different personalities so seeing them together for a short time was very nice to see.

The first elimination came when King Cuerno was about to finish Fenix off until Mil Muertes and Catrina made their return to the temple! Mark out moment for both! Mil Muertes then entered the ring and speared King Cuerno. He then hit King Cuerno with a powerbomb and Johnny Mundo finished him off with End of the World to eliminate King Cuerno.

Man, Mil Muertes is back with a vengeance and he looked more evil than ever with the red eyes like he’s a super-villain, it was very cool. So it seems like we’re going to get Mil Muertes Vs. King Cuerno at Ultima Lucha Dos which should be great. I can’t wait for that. Great continuation of that feud there.

The match with the five competitors was very good. The interaction between Fenix and Ivelisse was interesting to see as Ivelisse kept hitting Fenix, but Fenix refused to hit Ivelisse back which showed a soft side of Fenix. Johnny Mundo and Taya continued to work together in this match as they tried to take out Pentagon Jr. and Ivelisse.

The second elimination came when Taya hit a Northern Lights Suplex followed by a Double Foot Stomp on to Ivelisse to eliminate her from the match. There was a lot of interaction between Ivelisse and Taya in this match and I expect them to face each other at Ultima Lucha Dos which should be good. Good continuation of that feud there.

The match between the four competitors was great. Johnny Mundo and Taya once again worked together in this match. The interaction between Pentagon Jr. and Johnny Mundo was fun to see. Would love to see these two face each other in the near future. Taya also did very well in this match going against the likes of Fenix and Pentagon Jr.

The third elimination came when Pentagon Jr. hit a running package piledriver on Taya to eliminate her from the match. Man, big props for Taya for taking so much punishment in this match. Much respect for her here. She did great. Now, like I said earlier, I think Ivelisse and Taya will face each other at Ultima Lucha Dos which should be good.

The match between Fenix Vs. Pentagon Jr. Vs. Johnny Mundo was great. All of these three men fought very well in this match without any of them looking weak in the process.

The fourth elimination came when Fenix set up a wheelbarrow suplex on Pentagon Jr., but Pentagon Jr. reversed it as Fenix got the cover on Johnny Mundo to get Johnny Mundo eliminated from the match. That was a very interesting way to end the match if I say so myself. However, I do believe that Johnny Mundo will be teaming up with Jack Evans and PJ Black to defend their trios titles against Fenix, Drago, and Aero Star at Ultima Lucha Dos. If that’s the case, that should be a great trios match. Looking forward to that if that happens.

The match Fenix Vs. Pentagon Jr. was excellent. Mark out moment! These two know each other so well since they are brothers and have faced each other before so I knew they were going to have an excellent match and they did.

The spots within this match was insane. Pentagon Jr. doing front-flip piledrivers on Fenix and Fenix doing high-flying moves all over Pentagon Jr., it was insane and I love it!

The ending of the match came when Pentagon Jr. hit Fenix with a front-flip piledriver followed by a package piledriver to get the win on Fenix. Man, I wouldn’t be surprised if Fenix got his neck injured because of that. However, it’s what I expected as I have a feeling that Pentagon Jr. will win this match. Despite that, the match was excellent between these two. Like I said before, I expect Fenix to team up with Drago and Aero Star to take on The Dare End Slayers for the Lucha Underground Trios Championships at Ultima Lucha Dos which should be great.

After the match, Matanza and Dario Cueto arrived and had a stare-down with Pentagon Jr. Pentagon Jr. then grabbed the mic and told Matanza and Dario Cueto at Ultima Lucha Dos, he will break their bones.

Well, it’s on! Matanza Vs. Pentagon Jr. for the Lucha Underground Championship at Ultima Lucha Dos. That should be a great match and I’m looking forward to see these two tear each other apart. A great way to end the show.

Excellent match and I can’t wait to see Matanza Vs. Pentagon Jr. for the Lucha Underground Championship at Ultima Lucha Dos in three weeks.

Overall, excellent show that helps build up storylines and feuds in the future as well as building up new characters since this show was devoted to one match. So many storylines and feuds here and I love it! The road to Ultima Lucha Dos has begun and I can’t wait for that show, it should be great. If you haven’t already, please check out Lucha Underground. It’s a great alternative to the mainstream wrestling and you won’t be disappointed. Looking forward to next week’s show. Lucha! Lucha! Lucha! Lucha!

Mark Out Moments: 4

That is my review of Lucha Underground on June 15, 2016.

Do you agree or disagree with my thoughts on this show?

What do you like and dislike about the show?

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