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FCW Sunshine: Johnny Curtis (Fandango)



Hello everyone, this is Vaude Influence.

Until this week and next week, I’m going to do something special for FCW Sunshine.

The format will be the same as usual as I get to give out my thoughts on the wrestler and the video of the wrestler being in it as well. However, this time, I have a special guest that will also give their thoughts on the wrestler and the video of the wrestler being in it as well.

This type of format will be going on until next week. My special guest for this week’s FCW Sunshine is none other than Wrestlecorp User OriginalSinner.

Anyway, let’s get started shall we?

Topic/Subject: Today, I will be showing a match that involves a very strange man.

Wrestler: “The Ballroom Dancer” Johnny Curtis (Fandango).

Background Information: Johnny Curtis is from Boston, Massachusetts. He began training under Killer Kowalski and made his professional wrestling debut in September 1999.

He wrestled for various independent promotions in the New England area over the next few years. He competed in Power League Wrestling (PLW) from 2000 until 2003, during which time he won the PLW New England Championship.

He also competed in the Premier Wrestling Federation (PWF) during this time, and on October 28, 2002, he teamed with Kenn Phoenix to win the PWF Northeast Tag Team Championship from Fuzion (Mike Paiva and Blade). They held the championships until November 15, 2002, when they were defeated by Paiva and Kid Mikaze.

Now known as The Talent Exchange, he and Phoenix won a three-way Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match to win the championship again on February 15, 2003.

He also wrestled for NWA: TNA, Chaotic Wrestling, and NWA Wildside.

In 2006, he signed a developmental contract with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and was subsequently assigned to the Deep South Wrestling (DSW) developmental territory.

He made his debut for the territory on November 9, 2006, where he lost to David Heath. After losing consistently over the next several weeks, he scored his first victory in DSW as he and Robert Anthony defeated The Headliners (Shawn Shultz and Chris Michaels) on February 15, 2007.

After teaming with Robert Anthony, he then became a singles competitor once again and after losing two matches, he won his final match in DSW by defeating Frankie Coverdale on April 12, 2008.

After WWE severed ties with DSW, he and all the other talent in DSW were transferred over to the newly established Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW) in June.

On June 26, 2007, he made his FCW debut as he defeated former tag team partner Robert Anthony. On September 18, 2008, he made an appearance at the SmackDown/ECW tapings, where he defeated Armando Estrada in a dark match.

Beginning in 2010, he began competing at house shows for the Raw brand, with his first match being a loss to Evan Bourne on January 8, 2010. After losing several matches to both Bourne and Paul Burchill at house shows, he wrestled his first dark match, which he lost to Kung Fu Naki on January 19, 2010, on an episode of ECW.

Throughout his FCW career, he became a 2x Florida Tag Team Champion. He competed with FCW until he was called up to the main roster of WWE.

During the finale of season three of NXT, it was announced that he would be part of the fourth season, with R-Truth as his mentor. He made his in-ring debut on the season premiere on December 7, 2010, defeating fellow rookie Jacob Novak in singles competition.

During the season finale on March 1, 2011, he was declared the winner of NXT, defeating Brodus Clay in the final.

After various dark matches, he debuted on SmackDown on June 3, 2011, in a bizarre backstage promo where he said that his promised tag team title shot was “not going to happen” in light of R-Truth’s recent villainous turn.

He then began to sarcastically cry and proceeded to pour milk onto a plate and then over his head, in reference to the saying “don’t cry over spilled milk”. After weeks of critically panned backstage promos playing on words, he made his SmackDown in-ring debut on August 12, 2011, being squashed by Mark Henry in less than a minute, which was his only non-battle royal match on SmackDown in 2011.

He then made his return to NXT Redemption as a villain on November 9, 2011, interrupting a “Talk the Talk” challenge between Titus O’Neil and Derrick Bateman, whom he later that night teamed with in a tag team match defeating Titus O’Neil and Percy Watson.

As the weeks followed, he and Bateman would feud against each other for Maxine, who was Bateman’s storyline fiancé at the time. As the weeks passed, Bateman and Maxine ultimately broke up as Maxine gave a kiss to him on December 28, 2011, on an edition of NXT Redemption, thus solidifying their relationship.

After William Regal was appointed as NXT’s authority figure, Maxine enlisted his help to allow her to get close to Regal. He continued to compete in NXT until he was called up to the main roster of WWE full time.

In a dark match on October 23, 2012, on a SmackDown taping, he debuted a new ballroom dance gimmick, defeating Sami Callihan. On November 5, 2012, on an episode of Raw, a vignette aired for his new character, named Fandangoo. On November 6, 2012, on an airing of Super SmackDown Live, another vignette aired with the modified spelling of Fandango.

After Fandango wrestled at a few house shows and dark matches, another vignette aired on the November 26, 2012, on an episode of Raw, after which he was not seen for a month. He resurfaced at a house show on December 26, 2012, defeating Ted DiBiase.

After over two months of not being seen on television, vignettes for him began airing again on the February 4, 2013, on an episode of Raw. On February 25, 2013, on an episode of Raw, it was revealed that he would debut on March 1, 2013, on an episode of SmackDown. When he was supposed to have his first match against Zack Ryder, he refused to do so because backstage interviewer Matt Striker couldn’t pronounce his name, and said that he would debut once Striker got it right.

This scenario repeated itself on numerous occasions with Justin Gabriel, Tensai, and The Great Khali as neither the ring announcers or his opponents could pronounce his name to his satisfaction.

On March 18, 2013, on an episode of Raw, he had a run-in with Chris Jericho in a backstage segment, where Jericho intentionally mispronounced his name numerous times. Four days later on SmackDown, he interfered in Jericho’s match against Jack Swagger and attacked him afterwards, starting a feud between the two.

On April 13, 2015, on an edition of Raw, after losing to Stardust, he brought back the old theme and the Cha-Cha dance, turning face in the process.

A year later, he turned heel by aligning himself with Tyler Breeze to attack Goldust and R-Truth. He still competes in WWE to this day.


With him being an all-rounded performer, he deserves a lot better in WWE.

My Thoughts: Johnny Curtis is a very interesting individual. The guy has a good look, he has presence about him when he’s in the ring, he has a solid character, he has good charisma, and he’s a good wrestler. Fan-dan-go!

OriginalSinner’s Thoughts: He’s just hilarious and a good wrestler. His gimmicks are amazing.

Video: This video contains a match between Johnny Curtis and Kris Logan on July 5, 2009.

OriginalSinner’s Thoughts: This match was impressive as it has some good wrestling. Johnny Curtis looked like a star as well in the match and he has improved a lot since. He also got a character because he’s not showing any here. Wish he kept the “weird” gimmick.

My Thoughts: This was a good match that showcased Johnny Curtis who just return from an injury. Before the match, when Johnny Curtis was making his entrance, there was a video promo with Johnny Curtis.

The promo that Johnny Curtis cut before the match was pretty good. He basically talks about his two month injury on how much he misses FCW and wrestling, but is very happy that he’s back on doing what he loves.

A very basic and simple promo from Johnny Curtis, but it was effective and it got straight to the point. So good promo from Johnny Curtis here.

As for the match itself, it was pretty good as it shows Johnny Curtis’ talents in the ring. Pretty good match from Johnny Curtis after his injury.

Back then, Johnny Curtis was a good wrestler, but he lacked character and charisma. However, as time goes on, he started to develop a character and personality for himself and became a lot better for it.

It’s a shame that WWE isn’t using him to his full potential as he’s stuck with a dancing gimmick, but he managed to get over with it so it’s all good. Hopefully one day, people will see the talent that is Johnny Curtis. Fan-dan-go!

After watching the video, give me your thoughts on the video or the wrestler himself. Thank you.

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