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NXT 6/29/16 Review: Ready… Willing… and Pain!



NXT on June 29, 2016 was a good show that is building up characters as well as possibly building new feuds and storylines in the near future. Let’s break it down:

We start off the show with Carmella Vs. Alexa Bliss and it was a good women’s match. After what happened between these two in a backstage segment, these two were trying to settle their differences once and for all in this match and it was good.

Both of these women went out there and gave it their all in order to get the victory. Alexa Bliss was being that cocky heel and Carmella was being that underdog babyface as both women played their roles well and both women didn’t look weak either.

In the end, Alexa Bliss gets the win on Carmella by hitting Carmella with the Twisted Bliss (formerly known as Sparkle Splash). With this victory, I can see Alexa Bliss slowly becoming a contender for the NXT Women’s Championship in the near future. It will be interesting to see where Alexa Bliss goes from here as she might be in her way of going towards the NXT Women’s Championship. Only time will tell.

Good women’s match and I’m interested to see where Carmella and Alexa Bliss go from here.

We then get a recap of what happened between Shinsuke Nakamura and Finn Balor two weeks ago when Shinsuke Nakamura and Finn Balor agree with each other for a match in the near future. This was good as it reminds people on what happened between the two and why they are facing each other in case people may miss or forgot about it.

The promo from Shinsuke Nakamura about Finn Balor was good. He talks about how he and Finn Balor were best friends when they were in Japan together. Shinsuke Nakamura then talks about how he came to NXT to be the best and to become champion, but in order to do that, he needs to beat Finn Balor. He then says that his match with Finn Balor is going to be sensational and it will be exciting.

Despite English being his second language I assume, he did pretty well to get his message across. Even though he stuttered and paused at certain points, I was surprised on how much Shinsuke Nakamura talked in this promo with the usage of big words such as sensational and so forth. Very happy for Shinsuke Nakamura, good job “King of Strong Style”! This made me even more hyped for their match in two weeks which should be excellent. Good promo from Shinsuke Nakamura here.

The backstage segment between Bayley and Alexa Bliss by Cathy Kelley was good. Bayley talks about how great it feels to be back in the ring and she can’t wait to get her rematch against Asuka for the NXT Women’s Championship.

Alexa Bliss then interrupts Bayley and tells her that she had her chance and failed. She then tells Bayley that she should get a shot at Asuka for the NXT Women’s Championship as she didn’t get pin in the triple threat match and she beat Carmella. She then tells Bayley that she needs to beat her in order to get a macth with Asuka as Bayley shrugs it off.

It seems like there may be a match between Bayley and Alexa Bliss in the near future to determine who will face Asuka for the NXT Women’s Championship in the near future. I’m all for it as I think these two women can put on a good match against each other so I’ll be looking forward to that when that match happens. Good backstage segment here.

Andrade “Cien” Almas Vs. Noah Potjes was a good match. Noah Potjes was using his real name in this match as he was using Noah Kekoa before. He did well in this match as he did take control of the match for a little while, but it wasn’t enough to take down Andrade “Cien” Almas.

Andrade “Cien” Almas was being his usual self here as he uses his lucha libre style to take down Noah Potjes. He gets the victory over Noah Potjes with the running double knees to the corner. It will be interesting to see who Andrade “Cien” Almas will feud with next on NXT. Cien!

Good match and I can’t wait to see who Andrade “Cien” Almas will feud with next in NXT.

The backstage interview with Austin Aries by Andrea D’Marco was great. Austin Aries talks about how he is one of the greatest wrestlers in the world and that the NXT fans should feel privileged to watch him, but they don’t. He then says No Way Jose hasn’t accomplished anything, but he shakes his hips and the fans chant his name in which he doesn’t like that. He then says that he will give them something else not to like as he will do whatever he wants because he’s Austin Aries.

Like I said before, Austin Aries is at his best when he’s a heel and he definitely shows that with this promo. The feud between No Way Jose and Austin Aries should be interesting to see as I can’t wait to see these two to face off in the ring in the near future. Great backstage interview here.

The promo from Finn Balor was good. Finn Balor talks about how he and Shinsuke Nakamura became friends in Japan and how Shinsuke Nakamura helped him when he was in Japan. He then says that Shinsuke Nakamura is a great friend of his and he’s like family to him.

Finn Balor then talks about how he has been in NXT for almost two years and he thought he would never meet with Shinsuke Nakamura ever again, but he did. Finn Balor then says that when Shinsuke Nakamura came to NXT, he was thrilled about it as he helps out Shinsuke Nakamura to adapt into NXT. Finn Balor then talks about how he’s not sure if he’s the icon of NXT, but he will make the match between him and Shinsuke Nakamura feel special as he’s excited for it.

I love how Finn Balor talks about the history between him and Shinsuke Nakamura as there may be people that don’t know the history between the two so that was great to hear. This promo made me even more excited about the match between the two so I’m looking forward to it in two weeks. Good promo here from Finn Balor.

We then see footage of American Alpha arriving to the arena earlier in the show looking serious. This was good as it shows how serious and pissed off American Alpha are for for losing the NXT Tag Team Championships and getting beat up by Authors of Pain. Can’t wait to see what American Alpha have to say later on the show. They’re ready…, willing…, and Gable!

It was announced that next week, it will be Bayley Vs. Alexa Bliss. After what happened earlier backstage between the two, I’m not surprised that these two are going to face each other next week. Should be a good women’s match and I’m looking forward to it.

Wrestling Killers Vs. Hype Bros was a great tag team match. Both of these teams went out there and delivered a great tag team match in my opinion as both teams did great in this match.

Hype Bros were definitely impressive in this match as they almost beat Wrestling Killers at certain points with the double one-handed powerbomb by Mojo Rawley and the Elbro Drop (Diving Elbow Drop) by Zack Ryder. Hype Bros did very well in this match so they should get praise for doing so well in this match.

Wrestling Killers were great in this match as well doing their usual thing. Still loving that superkick/running knee smash to the back of the head combination by Wrestling Killers, it’s a very good tag team finisher so I enjoy seeing that tag team move. With the consecutive victories for Wrestling Killers, I can see them being next in line for the NXT Tag Team Championships in the near future and that may be the case after what happened post-match.

After the match, Johnny Gargano got on the mic and reminded everyone that they have beaten The Revival who are the current NXT Tag Team Champions so they think that they should get the next shot at the NXT Tag Team Championships.

This led to American Alpha coming out to the ring and Chad Gable said to Wrestling Killers that they’re the next contenders for the NXT Tag Team Championships instead of Wrestling Killers because they lost their titles at NXT The End. They then told Wrestling Killers that if they get a shot at the NXT Tag Team Championships, it will be against them. American Alpha then said that they want to go after the Authors of Pain, but they want The Revival first.

This led to The Revival coming out and they’re calling the shots, not them. Dash Wilder then said that Wrestling Killers are nobodies and that American Alpha are not alphas, but betas as The Revival are the A team.

Eventually, this led to William Regal coming out from the ramp and told The Revival that he is the matchmaker in NXT and not them. He then said that Wrestling Killers will get their title shot, but not at the moment as he wants to see who is the better tag team in NXT. He made the announcement that next week, it will be The Revival Vs. American Alpha for the NXT Tag Team Championships in a 2 Out of 3 Falls match! Mark out moment!

Oh man, that should be an excellent tag team match next week. I can’t wait for it. Every 2 out of 3 Falls match in NXT is usually good to excellent and I expect this one to be excellent. Looking forward to it.

After American Alpha and Wrestling Killers shook hands, Wrestling Killers left the ring and The Revival went to the back. Authors of Pain then attacked American Alpha from behind and tried to take them out. Wrestling Killers then tried to help American Alpha, but got kicked out from the ring by the Authors of Pain. American Alpha then tried to take out Authors of Pain by fighting back, but to no avail, Authors of Pain took out American Alpha by hitting them with the Russian legsweep/clothesline combination. Paul Ellering then showed up the ramp as he enjoyed the carnage that the Authors of Pain put on American Alpha as the Authors of Pain went by Paul Ellering’s side on the ramp as they see American Alpha being laid out.

Love how the Authors of Pain were being dominant in this segment as they are here to show that they are a legitimate threat to the NXT tag team division. I like how in this segment that they’re setting up possible feuds in the tag team division in NXT with American Alpha Vs. Authors of Pain, American Alpha Vs. Wrestling Killers, Wrestling Killers Vs. The Revival, etc. It makes the tag team division much more interesting when there are multiple feuds and storylines for it at once. It’s amazing and I love it! The tag team division in NXT looks bright right now and I hope it gets better from here.

Great tag team match and great post-match segment. Can’t wait for The Revival Vs. American Alpha in a 2 out of 3 Falls match for the NXT Tag Team Championships next week, it should be excellent.

Overall, good show that is building up characters as well as possibly building new feuds and storylines in the near future. Next week, we’re going to get Bayley Vs. Alexa Bliss and The Revival Vs. American Alpha in a 2 out of 3 Falls match for the NXT Tag Team Championships which should be interesting to see. Looking forward to it. NXT! NXT! NXT!

Mark Out Moments: 1

That is my review of NXT  on June 29, 2016.

Do you agree or disagree with my thoughts on this show?

What do you like and dislike about the show?

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