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FCW Sunshine: Jon Cutler



Topic/Subject: Today, I will be showing a match that involves a Canadian wrestler.

Wrestler: “Prime Cut” Jon Cutler.

Background Information: Jon Cutler is billed from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Being a native of Selkirk, Manitoba, he was a fan of Hulk Hogan and Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat during the “Rock ‘n’ Wrestling Connection” era of the 1980s as well as Stone Cold Steve Austin, Owen and Bret Hart during the “Attitude Era”.

Still in his early 20s, he approached local Selkirk promoter and wrestler Matt Evans who agreed to train him and later booked him on shows in Winnipeg.

He later received more advanced training from Johnny Devine, including conducting interviews and putting together promotional packages.

He made his professional debut on May 30, 2002, and wrestled in Manitoba and Saskatchewan during his early career. He also appeared in British Columbia and Ontario and toured the United States.

In 2003, he was invited to attend a first-ever week-long Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW) camp. Winning the BSW Heavyweight Championship in Body Slam Wrestling (BSW) shortly after, he also began regularly appearing in the Canadian Wrestling Federation (CWF) and Premier Championship Wrestling (PCW).

On September 11, 2004, he appeared on the first event held by Power Slam Entertainment (PSE), PSE Genesis, at the Selkirk War Memorial Hall including “The Mecca” Shane Madison, Shaun Houston, “The Outlaw” Adam Knight, Matt Fairlane and Chris Raine. Winning the PSE Heavyweight Championship at that show, he defended his title at the promotion’s second show, PSE Revolution, against Chris Raine the following month.

In October 2005, he also appeared on the supercard Halloween Horror for Action Wrestling Entertainment (AWE), facing Adam Knight in the main event. During that year, he appeared on the promotion’s television show AWE Overload, later released on DVD as AWE: Larger Than Life, Volume 2.

In 2007, he began sending photos and a DVD of his matches and interviews. After sending an e-mail to WWE Talent Relations, he was offered to appear at a WWE event while touring Canada. When the tour was cancelled due to the Chris Benoit murder-suicide, WWE Talent Relations informed him that he could appear when the promotion made another tour the following year.

On March 2, 2007, at the Glenwood CC in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada; he pinned EZ Ryder in the main event for Reckoning Day to become the new RME Heavyweight Champion. He last defended the title on July 4, 2007 at RME’s Maple Leaf Mayhem Tour at the Dryden Recreation Complex in Dryden, Ontario, Canada where he pinned Vance Nevada to remain the RME Heavyweight Champion. In October 2007, he vacated the title.

He made his first WWE appearance on May 5, 2008, on an episode of WWE Raw at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Ontario. He was defeated by Paul Burchill and Katie Lea Burchill in a handicap squash match. During the match, he received loud “let’s go jobber” chants from the crowd. Even though he lost the match, he received positive feedback from Chris Jericho and Smackdown’s Jamie Noble. WWE was talking about possibly signing him to a developmental contract, and it went through.

On July 10, 2008, he lost to PCW Heavyweight Champion Kenny Omega. He had previously won a tournament defeating “Outlaw” Adam Knight, Antonio Scorpio, Jr. and Mike Angels to win a title shot against Omega. Four days later, he faced Marius at a Steeltown Pro Wrestling event which raised money for the local Selkirk soup kitchen.

After signing a contract with WWE, he began to appear for Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW), WWE’s developmental territory. He teamed with Dylan Klein until his release in June 2009.

After his dismissal from WWE, he returned to Winnipeg where he wrestles for WFX Wrestling (WFX). He became a part of a tag team known as Hollywood Love Guns which included himself, “Mr.Pec-Tacular” Jessie Godderz (formerly of Big Brother) and their manager Jonny Fairplay (formerly of Survivor).

On December 14, 2013, he wrestled his final match for Canadian Wrestling’s Elite (CWE) to announce his retirement from professional wrestling.


Apart from his wrestling career, he also is an accomplished stage actor, appearing at the Winnipeg Fringe Festival in 2007 in the play Grudge Match, written by Primrose Madayag Knazan and Josh Knazan, set in the world of Pro Wrestling and also featuring “The Outlaw” Adam Knight, “Hotshot” Danny Duggan and well known Winnipeg actor Josh Knazan.

My Thoughts: Jon Cutler was a wrestler that had potential to be something in wrestling. With his great look, his unique presence in and outside of the ring, good character, good charisma, and good in-ring ability, he could have been a potential star for WWE. Prime Cut!

Video: This video contains a match between Jon Cutler and Bo Rotundo on May 10, 2009.

My Thoughts: This was a solid match for the time it had gotten. The video promo that Jon Cutler cut before the match was good.

Jon Cutler talks about why he is the greatest in FCW. While people are watching at home what he does, he makes the prime cut because he’s Jon Cutler.

Pretty cocky heel promo right there if I say so myself which got the point across which was good.

The match was probably only three minutes, but for the time it had, I thought Jon Cutler did a fair job of getting heat on himself to make Bo Rotundo look good as a babyface.

Solid match for the time it had, but I wished it was longer so Jon Cutler could showcased himself more.

It’s really a shame that he didn’t go anywhere in FCW as I thought he could have been something in WWE. Unfortunately, he’s retired from professional wrestling and I wish him the best of luck on his current work. Prime Cut!

After watching the video, give me your thoughts on the video or the wrestler himself. Thank you.

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