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NXT 8/3/16 Review: It Pays to be… Glorious!



NXT on August 3, 2016 was a great show that is building up NXT Back to Brooklyn in two weeks as we got a return and a debut this week. Let’s break it down:

We start off the show with Hideo Itami Vs. Sean Maluta and it was a good match. Hideo Itami has made his return to NXT and Sean Maluta just made an appearance on NXT! Mark out moment to both!

Not only that, we see Zack Sabre Jr., Tony Nese, and Drew Gulak in the audience! Mark out moment for all three! Now granted, they aren’t wrestling on the show, but seeing them there is awesome and it might be an indication that they might sign with NXT. Only time will tell, but I hope they do. Great to see them there.

It’s been a long time since we see Hideo Itami in NXT as he got a shoulder injury of May of last year so it has been over a year since he was out of action. Despite being off of action for over a year, Hideo Itami didn’t show any ring rust when he was in the ring. He still managed to show his strong style in the ring so it looks like that Hideo Itami is back better than ever. “The Rising Sun” is here to shine!

Sean Maluta has competed in the CWC so if you want more information on him, please check out my CWC review. Sean Maluta did well here in this match against Hideo Itami as he tried to take down Hideo Itami as he got his shoulder recently repaired. Despite that, it wasn’t enough to beat Hideo Itami as he got pin by Hideo Itami by the running single leg dropkick.

Despite Sean Maluta losing in this match, he looked good in this match and I hope to see more of him in the near future. As for Hideo Itami, I can see him slowly getting back into the NXT Championship picture, but only time will tell.

Good match and it’s great to see Hideo Itami back in NXT and I’m interested to see if we see Sean Maluta more in the future.

Giant by Banks & Steelz will be a theme for NXT Back to Brooklyn. Awesome! Good song and I can’t wait for NXT Back to Brooklyn in two weeks, should be great.

We then get a recap of what happened two weeks ago when Authors of Pain destroyed American Alpha in NXT. This is good as it shows what happened two weeks ago between these two teams in case people missed it or forgot about it. Plus, it showed how dominant Authors of Pain are that they took American Alpha out of NXT. It will be interesting to see where Authors of Pain go from here.

The backstage segment between The Revival, TM-61, and Wrestling Killers by Andrea D’Marco was good. Andrea D’Marco asks The Revival if there’s any pressure on them and The Revival tell Andrea D’Marco that they are the best tag team in NXT today.

This leads to TM-61 showing up as they want to challenge The Revival for the NXT Tag Team Championships. Dash Wilder then tells TM-61 that they have to earn their title shot in order to face them for the championships.

This leads to Wrestling Killers showing up as they want a shot at the NXT Tag Team Championships because they defeated The Revival before. Scott Dawson then tells Wrestling Killers that they have given TM-61 a shot against them as The Revival leave.

It seems like we may have a three way tag team match for the NXT Tag Team Championships of some sort at NXT Back to Brooklyn or The Revival Vs. Wrestling Killers or The Revival Vs. TM-61 which I’m all for as either one of those matches should be great if it happens. Good backstage segment here.

Mojo Rawley Vs. Chris Atkins was what it was as much didn’t happen expect Mojo Rawley hitting a running low-angle shoulder block onto Chris Atkins which was cool.

The reason why the match was what it was because Samoa Joe came in and attacked both Mojo Rawley and Chris Atkins and tossed them both out of the ring.

Samoa Joe then took a mic and said that since William Regal is putting him in a match against Shinsuke Nakamura at NXT Back to Brooklyn for the NXT Championship, he’s going to destroy Shinsuke Nakamura and he’s going to make William Regal regret making the match between him and Shinsuke Nakamura.

Mojo Rawley then attacked Samoa Joe from behind after what Samoa Joe did to him earlier which made the referees pull Mojo Rawley back up the ramp. Samoa Joe then attacked Mojo Rawley from behind and locked in the Coquina Clutch on him until he passed out. Samoa Joe then looked at the camera and said that he’s going to do that to Shinsuke Nakamura and William Regal.

Wow, I’m loving the evolution of Samoa Joe’s character in NXT. He is willing to take out and beat up anyone including the NXT General Manager William Regal, now that is a monster right there. It will be interesting to see if this might lead to a match between William Regal and Samoa Joe one day which I wouldn’t mind seeing that as that could be a great match if it happens. Either way, I’m excited for Samoa Joe Vs. Shinsuke Nakamura for the NXT Championship at NXT Back to Brooklyn, should be excellent.

Good segment here and I can’t wait to see how Shinsuke Nakamura and William Regal will act to Samoa Joe’s actions here.

The backstage segment between Bayley and Asuka by Charly Caruso was good. Charly Caruso asks Bayley about losing the NXT Women’s Championship and Bayley responds with that despite losing the championship, she’s not going to lose to Asuka again. She says she has been watching Asuka’s matches and she’s going to adapt it. This leads to Asuka showing up and tells Bayley to go watch her match in which Bayley agrees.

First of all, this is the first time that we see Charly Caruso in NXT and I think she’s doing a fine job doing the backstage interviews. However, out of the new women doing the backstage interviews in NXT, Cathy Kelley is the best, but that’s just me.

It seems like Asuka isn’t afraid of Bayley watching her as it seems like Asuka is ready for Bayley while Bayley still needs to figure out a way to beat Asuka. Their match at NXT Back to Brooklyn should be excellent and I’ll be looking forward to that match when it happens. Good backstage segment here.

Serpents by Neckdeep will be another theme for NXT Back to Brooklyn. Awesome! Another good song and the show is just two weeks away, I can’t wait.

Asuka Vs. Aliyah was a good women’s match. Before Asuka and Aliyah made their entrances, Bayley came out and entered the commentary booth with Tom Phillips and Corey Graves.

Before the match happened and after Asuka and Aliyah made their entrances, Asuka grabbed a chair and put it in the middle of the ramp and wanted Bayley to sit on the chair. This led to Bayley coming down the ramp and ended up kicking away the chair as Bayley watched the match from ringside.

Oh wow, I didn’t expect Bayley to do something like that. However, she is willing to do whatever it takes to get back that NXT Women’s Championship so in a way, it makes sense for her to do something like that because she really wants to see if Asuka has a weakness so she could exploit it. I don’t know why, but I like that part for some reason. Anyway, let’s talk about the match itself.

Aliyah got an entrance and a theme here which is nice to see. She did well in this match, but it wasn’t enough as Asuka pretty much dominated Aliyah in this match where Asuka was being her usual self expect she started to show a bit more cockiness in the ring.

Asuka gets the win on Aliyah by making her tap out to the Asuka Lock. After the match, Asuka didn’t let go of Aliyah after putting her in the Asuka Lock until Bayley came in and eventually Asuka let Aliyah go as she leaves the ring.

I don’t know about you guys, but it seems like we might be getting a heel turn with Asuka here after what she did Aliyah here. I don’t know if it was intentional or not, but Asuka did seem like she was trying to choke out Aliyah there which would be a heel move to do or she was trying to send a message to Bayley. Either way, I’m interested to see how this match will play out at NXT Back to Brooklyn and I’m looking forward to it.

Good women’s match and I can’t wait to see Asuka Vs. Bayley for the NXT Women’s Championship at NXT Back to Brooklyn.

We then get a recap of what happened last month when Oney Lorcan defeated Tye Dillinger. This is good as it shows what happended last month between these two in case people people missed it or forgot about it. This also led to something in which I will talk about next.

The backstage interview with Oney Lorcan by Charly Caruso last month was good. Oney Lorcan talks about how he beat Tye Dillinger and that he needs to get better from here as the competition in NXT is going to be a lot tougher. He then said that he’s going back to his roots in order to compete with the other men in NXT.

It seems like Oney Lorcan will be getting a push in NXT which is nice to see because Oney Lorcan is a very talented wrestler. The only problem I have with this interview is that it was a month late and this interview should have been shown the week after he beat Tye Dillinger, but that’s just me. Other than that, I expect some great things in Oney Lorcan in NXT. Good backstage interview here.

We then get a vignette of Ember Moon as it seems like she’ll be making her debut in NXT on August 20 which is NXT Back to Brooklyn. Ember Moon is coming to NXT and she’s going to make her debut at NXT Back to Brooklyn! Mark out moment!

For those of you who don’t know, Ember Moon is also known as Athena who is well known for her work in SHIMMER. It’s been a while, but she’s finally going to debut in NXT and with an interesting gimmick with this amazon type character which I’m all for. I’m looking forward to Ember Moon’s debut in NXT Back to Brooklyn.

The promo that Bobby Roode cut was great. Bobby Roode came out to the ring and talked about how he was sitting in the crowd at NXT Dallas and he thought to himself, that NXT was the perfect place for him. He then began to put NXT over by talking about the wrestlers and the fans in NXT and how they are the ones who made NXT the way it is today. He then talked about how he’s going to take NXT to the next level.

Bobby Roode then talked about how NXT needs Bobby Roode and that the fans need Bobby Roode. He thought that NXT needs a superstar like Bobby Roode. He then said that he’s going to make NXT a better place and that he’s going to be the face of NXT going forward.

He then talked about how he wants business owners and CEOs watching him wrestle instead of the losers in the crowd today with their stupid chants and their dirty clothes. He then said that he looks like a superstar and he’s going NXT glorious.

Bobby Roode just made his debut for NXT! Mark out moment! His entrance and theme is awesome, sort of reminisced of his “It Factor of Professional Wrestling” gimmick in TNA which was his best character in his career. I like how NXT still kept the name of his and how Bobby Roode still acts the same the way he does just like in TNA.

Also, I love how Bobby Roode was a face at first before turning heel on the crowd. To me, the best Bobby Roode is a heel Bobby Roode and that’s the best way to go for him at the moment. I can’t wait to see who Bobby Roode will feud with first in NXT. Should be interesting to see because it pays to be Roode and it’s glorious!

Great promo and I can’t wait to see what Bobby Roode will do in NXT.

We then get an announcement that next week on NXT, we will have a contract signing between Asuka and Bayley for their NXT Women’s Championship match at NXT Back to Brooklyn. Will be interesting to see what will happen when these two be in the ring at the same time. Looking forward to next week’s show.

TM-61 Vs. The Revival was a great tag team match. After what happened backstage, The Revival gave TM-61 a shot against them and boy, did TM-61 deliver in that opportunity.

TM-61 did well here showcasing their tag team wrestling skills in the ring as well as their chemistry. The Revival did well in this match as well as they were trying to take down their opponents at every opportunity they could get. Great effort and performance by both teams here.

The ending of the match came when Nick Miller tried to get Dash Wilder, but ended up getting caught by Scott Dawson who hit a DDT on Nick Miller to get the pin and win. Despite TM-61 doing well in this match, it wasn’t enough to outsmart The Revival. Even though TM-61 lost this match, they looked good in defeat here and I expect to get another shot at the NXT Tag Team Championships down the road.

After the match, The Revival went down the list of teams that have beaten until Wrestling Killers show up and interrupted The Revival. Tommaso Ciampa said Ole and Arn to The Revival which referenced Ole and Arn Anderson who are known as Minnesota Wrecking Crew. Johnny Gargano then went through a list and made fun of their old wrestling style by saying that they have beaten The Hollywood Blondes, Kermit & Miss Piggy, and Pikachu & Charmander which led to a Pokemon chant in the crowd which was cool.

Wrestling Killers then made their way to the ring and they entered the ring by saying that they’re trying to get the NXT Tag Team Championships. Johnny Gargano then told The Revival that they can list all the teams they want, but they haven’t beaten Wrestling Killers. Scott Dawson then asked Wrestling Killers if they’re done as they think Wrestling Killers are nothing, but words. He then said the top guys are out as The Revival were about to leave.

This led to The Revival and Wrestling Killers brawling in the ring where they ended up tossing Scott Dawson out of the ring and they hit a superkick/running knee strike to the back of the head combination on Dash Wilder to get the fake pin on them as they stood tall in the end.

So it seems like we’ll be getting The Revival and Wrestling Killers for the NXT Tag Team Championships at NXT Back to Brooklyn which I’m all fine with. Should be a great tag team match if it happens and plus, this promo segment did a great job hyping up the match. Looking forward to it if these two teams go at it at NXT Back to Brooklyn.

Great match and great post-match segment here as I’ll be looking forward to seeing The Revival Vs. Wrestling Killers for the NXT Tag Team Championships at NXT Back to Brooklyn if it happens.

Overall, great show that is building up NXT Back to Brooklyn in two weeks as we got a return and a debut this week. Next week, we’re going to have a contract signing for Asuka Vs. Bayley for their match at NXT Back to Brooklyn for the NXT Women’s Championship which should be interesting to see. Looking forward to it. NXT! NXT! NXT!

Mark Out Moments: 7

That is my review of NXT  on August 3, 2016.

Do you agree or disagree with my thoughts on this show?

What do you like and dislike about the show?

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