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NXT Brooklyn II Review: Back to Brooklyn, YeaOh!



NXT Brooklyn II on August 20 was an excellent show. Now do I think that this NXT live special is the best one out of all of the NXT live specials? In my personal opinion, I think that answer is no as I still think NXT Dallas is the best NXT live special by far. However, this show was still excellent in its own right as it had excellent matches, great moments, and great surprises throughout the whole show where it almost beat NXT Dallas for me. Let’s break this down:

The pre-show was pretty good as always as we have Renee Young, Lita, and Mauro Ranallo doing the pre-show panel. The last time that these three were together was NXT Dallas so it’s great to see them together for the pre-show again as I do think that these three were great together at NXT Dallas. all three of them did very well for analyzing and predicting on the matches later on giving the matches history and purpose on why it’s happening which is great to see. Seeing Shinsuke Nakamura and Samoa Joe heading to the arena was cool to see as it shows how ready they are and they are going to appear on the show. The interaction with the fans from Charly Caruso was nice to see too as it looks like it’ll be a fun show with that crowd. The video packages of the matches were great to see as well as they made me hyped up for the show later on the show.

The backstage interview with Billie Kay by Andrea D’Marco was good. Billie Kay says that Ember Moon is going to lose against her in her debut and she’s going to show that she should be the next NXT Women’s Champion.

It’s great to see that Billie Kay is getting to showcase more of her character in NXT which is nice to see as she is a very talented women’s wrestler. I’ll be looking forward to her match against Ember Moon later on the show, should be good. Good backstage interview here.

Pretty good pre-show to hype the matches for NXT Brooklyn II. Now, let’s get onto the main card!

Now before I get into the show itself, the crowd in NXT Brooklyn II was incredible. The crowd was just as great as NXT Brooklyn’s crowd which is very nice to hear. Also, the commentary team for this show contains Tom Phillips and Corey Graves. I’m really going to miss Corey Graves on NXT commentary as I think he did his job well during his time in NXT and his chemistry with Tom Phillips was pretty good as well. I don’t know if Corey Graves is going to be a full-time commentator on Raw, but if he’s going to leave NXT, then thank you Corey Graves for your work in NXT and I wish you well on Raw.

I also wish that Triple H would come on the stage that introduced the NXT crowd like he did with NXT Brooklyn last year, but it didn’t happen and I’m okay with it. Plus, the video package for this show was incredible as the NXT wrestlers talked about what they were doing last year when NXT Brooklyn happened as well as talking about how they will make their moment here at NXT Brooklyn II. Very nicely done video package and I’m ready hyped for the show. Anyway, let’s talk about the show!

We start off the show with No Way Jose Vs. Austin Aries and it was a good match. The entrance for No Way Jose was fun to watch as he brought in his conga line which is nice to see as when you’re on a big stage, something should be different and No Way Jose’s entrance was awesome as he got a pop from the crowd.

Austin Aries got a nice reaction as well as he goes face to face with No Way Jose. Like I said before, this was a good match as both men got to showcase what they can do in the ring. It was the veteran instincts of Austin Aries against the upcoming No Way Jose and I think these two had a pretty good match together.

No Way Jose was very impressive here as he got to showcase more of his in-ring skills than usual in this match. Loving that No Way Jose was being serious and didn’t do much dancing in the ring as he needed to bring his A game against Austin Aries. His TKO and his sitout suplex slam were nicely executed and he managed to hang in there with Austin Aries so props to No Way Jose in this match.

Austin Aries did well in this match as well as he was trying to make his opponent looked good as well as himself. Austin Aries was being himself here as he tried to take down No Way Jose at every possible chance he could as well as trying to get heel heat on himself to get No Way Jose over which is good work for a heel. Austin Aries did a good job here by making himself and his opponent looked good so props to Austin Aries in this match.

The ending of the match came when Austin Aries made No Way Jose tap out to the Last Chancery. Even though No Way Jose lost here, he looked good in defeat and I think he showed a lot in this match so big props to No Way Jose. As for Austin Aries, with this win, he may be slowly getting up to the NXT Championship picture which should be great for him as he could be great in the NXT Championship picture. I’ll be looking forward to see what Austin Aries will do next in NXT.

Good match and I’m looking forward to see what’s next for No Way Jose and Austin Aries in NXT.

After the match, Austin Aries attacked No Way Jose by holding him in the Last Chancery until the music of Hideo Itami hit as Hideo Itami entered the ring with Austin Aries. Austin Aries then hit a cheap shot on Hideo Itami which led to Hideo Itami fighting back as he hit the GTS on Austin Aries! Mark out moment!

It’s great to see that Hideo Itami uses the GTS on NXT now as the last time he did it was at NXT San Jose at a live event where I attended and it was awesome. It begs to question on why did Hideo Itami attacked Austin Aries in the first place. Is it because he wanted to save No Way Jose or is it because that Austin Aries was the one that took him out a year ago? Who knows, but either way, we might get a feud between Hideo Itami and Austin Aries in NXT which should be awesome as that is a dream match of mine that I would love to see. I hope it happens.

Great post-match segment and I’m looking forward to the feud between Hideo Itami and Austin Aries in NXT.

Ric Flair was shown in the crowd, mark out moment! Great to see a legend like Ric Flair being shown on this show as it shows how important this show is. Woo!

We then see Samoa Joe backstage warming up for his match against Shinsuke Nakamura later on the show. This is good as it shows how ready Samoa Joe is for his match against Shinsuke Nakamura later on. Should be an excellent match. Looking forward to it.

We then see Shinsuke Nakamura talking to Funaki and Kota Ibushi in his locker room as he gets ready for his match against Samoa Joe. Oh my god! Funaki and Kota Ibushi are here for NXT Brooklyn II! Mark out moment! They’re probably just there to support Shinsuke Nakamura, but seeing them here is great and I’m looking forward to Samoa Joe Vs. Shinsuke Nakamura later on.

Ember Moon Vs. Billie Kay was a good women’s match. Ember Moon made her NXT in-ring debut! Mark out moment! I love how her entrance is very mysterious with the red smoke that makes her like an assassin which is awesome. I also love the detail on Ember Moon’s eyes being red like blood which is very nice to see as well. She got a good pop from the crowd while making her entrance.

Ember Moon did well in this match as she got to showcase her skills in the ring. I like how her in-ring style is similar to her work in SHIMMER as Athena which makes me happy so that’s a plus. Ember Moon did well in this match so props to Ember Moon for being herself here.

Billie Kay did well in this match as well as she tried to take down Ember Moon at every point possible. Billie Kay did a good job here trying to get heel heat on herself to make people cheer for Ember Moon more which is good work for a heel so props to Billie Kay in this match.

The ending of the match came when Ember Moon hit a diving stunner on Billie Kay for the pin and win. It’s great to see that NXT is letting Ember Moon keep her finisher which is great as I love the diving stunner that Ember Moon uses, beautiful. It seems like Ember Moon will slowly get into the NXT Women’s Championship picture which is great because Ember Moon is very talented women’s wrestler and I can see her having great matches with Bayley, Asuka, etc. in the NXT Women’s division. It will be interesting to see where Ember Moon goes from here.

Good women’s match and I’m interested to see what’s next for Ember Moon and Billie Kay in NXT.

The backstage interview with Bobby Roode by Andrea D’Marco earlier on the show was great. Bobby Roode came out of his limo as Andrea D’Marco came up to him and asked him about being in Brooklyn. Bobby Roode told Andrea D’Marco that Brooklyn stinks and that he’s going to make it glorious.

Bobby Roode was great in this interview by trash-talking Brooklyn to show that he is a heel in NXT. His match against Andrade “Cien” Almas should be great. Let’s talk about that next!

Andrade “Cien” Almas Vs. Bobby Roode was a great match. Bobby Roode has made his NXT in-ring debut! Mark out moment! Not only that, his entrance was awesome as well! Mark out moment! The entrance that Bobby Roode made in NXT Brooklyn II was incredible as he was up on a box being held up as he slowly descended down and it was glorious! If you haven’t already, please check out the entrance for yourself right here, it’s glorious.

Andrade “Cien” Almas did great in this match showcasing more of his lucha libre style in the ring. Andrade “Cien” Almas showed more of his in-ring style as La Sombra in CMLL which is nice to see. At first, the crowd wasn’t into him, but after a while, the crowd got into him. Los Ingobernables!

Bobby Roode was great in this match, or should I say, he was glorious in this match. He got to show a lot of charisma in this match doing his pose every so often which was awesome to see. He got to showcase his skills in the ring where NXT let him be himself in the ring like his career in TNA which was nice to see as well. It pays to be… glorious!

The ending of the match came when Bobby Roode hit a Glorious Bomb (Pumphandle Slam) on Andrade “Cien” Almas for the pin and win. The finisher that Bobby Roode did to Andrade “Cien” Almas was very underwhelming as the move wasn’t very impactful when Bobby Roode hit the move. I prefer Bobby Roode to use his Roode Bomb (Fireman’s carry into a neckbreaker slam) finisher, but we’ll see as time goes along.

I’m very interested to see where both Andrade “Cien” Almas and Bobby Roode go from here as either both men can still continue to feud with each other or feud with someone else. Only time will tell, but I’m looking forward to it as I love both men tremendously as they’re great at what they do.

Great match and I’m looking forward to see what Andrade “Cien” Almas and Bobby Roode will do next in NXT.

We then see a vignette that involves the word “sanity“. It seems like there will be a new wrestler debuting in NXT in the near future, but who could it be? Could it be a wrestler from the NXT roster that hasn’t appeared yet or a wrestler that NXT hasn’t signed yet? Only time will tell, but I’m intrigued on who could debut on NXT soon. My guess is Eric Young, but who knows. We’ll have to wait and see, but I am intrigued, that’s for sure.

We then see footage of Triple H and the Orange County Choppers unveiling the Cruiserweight Classic trophy where the winner of the Cruiserweight Classic will receive. Nice looking trophy for the winner of the Cruiserweight Classic, looking forward to the finals of that tournament, should be excellent.

Orange County Choppers, Kota Ibushi, Rich Swann, Brian Kendrick, and Noam Dar were then shown at ringside for the event. Hope to see Noam Dar and Kota Ibushi get signed by NXT and it’s cool to see Orange County Choppers at ringside. Enjoyable show so far. Let’s continue!

We then see Wrestling Killers getting ready backstage for their match coming up next. This is good as it helps build up their match coming up next which should be great and it seems like they’re on the same page as well so even more great. Let’s get to it!

The Revival Vs. Wrestling Killers for the NXT Tag Team Championships was an excellent tag team match. Mark out moment! Wow…, just wow…, this was an awesome tag team match and this is probably one of the best tag team matches in NXT to date, incredible. It was also nice to see the formal in-ring introductions for this match as it shows how important tag team wrestling is in NXT which is great.

The Revival were excellent in this match as they were trying to find every way to retain their NXT Tag Team Championships. The heel tactics from The Revival in this match were outstanding as they distracted the referee at times to take advantage of Wrestling Killers. Excellent heel tag team tactics by The Revival here. They talk heavy and they hit hard!

Wrestling Killers were also excellent in this match and to me, they were the MVPs of this match. The resilience that Wrestling Killers have to go through this match was insane. At every point I thought Wrestling Killers were done, they kept kicking out and fighting back until they can no longer stand anymore. Plus, I thought that superkick/running knee strike to the back of the head combination on Dash Wilder was over, but again, The Revival using their tactics to stay in the match as Scott Dawson put Dash Wilder’s foot on the bottom rope. Wrestling Killers brought their A game tonight and they should be proud of it. Johnny Wrestling! Psycho Killer!

The ending of the match came when Dash Wilder hit a chop block to Johnny Gargano’s leg as he tagged in Scott Dawson where he applied the inverted figure four to make Johnny Gargano tap out as The Revival retain the NXT Tag Team Championships. Great use of in-ring psychology there by The Revival. That’s why they are the NXT Tag Team Champions. Say yeah! Yeah!

After the match, Wrestling Killers were in the ring as the crowd gave them a standing ovation. Wrestling Killers then left the ring together as Johnny Gargano was selling the leg’s injury. Despite losing, Wrestling Killers gave it their all in this match and they have nothing to be ashamed of here. I expect them to still be in the tag team division in NXT and maybe one day, win the NXT Tag Team Championships. Very nice to see the crowd giving Wrestling Killers a standing ovation, well deserved.

Excellent tag team match and I’m looking forward to see where The Revival and Wrestling Killers go from here.

Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch, and Charlotte were shown in the crowd, mark out moment! These three women help define women’s wrestling in NXT and it’s great to see them here on this show as it makes this women’s championship match more meaningful and it should be excellent. Anyway, let’s get onto the match!

Asuka Vs. Bayley for the NXT Women’s Championship was an excellent match. Mark out moment! Love that NXT gave this match the special treatment in terms of the formal introductions as they always do that for the Women’s Championship matches which is great as it shows how much the women’s wrestling means to NXT. Also, the entrance with Bayley is the same as usual, but it’s still very adorable and it makes you want to cheer for her. Here’s Bayley’s entrance at NXT Brooklyn II as it makes you want to hug people.

Asuka’s entrance at NXT Brooklyn II was amazing as well as she was holding a long scroll while making her way to the ring which is kind of cool to see. Here’s Asuka’s entrance at NXT Brooklyn II to see what I mean.

Like I said before, this match was excellent and it may even be better than their match at NXT Dallas. Bayley was her usual self here being that underdog babyface that would tried to fight her way into victory in any shape or form and Asuka was being that vicious and brutal machine that would tried to knock out Bayley at any time. Both women were evenly matched in this match where either one could have gotten the victory over another. Excellent showing by both women here.

The ending came when Asuka hit Bayley with a kick that made her go down to her knees followed by a roundhouse kick for the pin and win. Asuka once again showing that viciousness and brutality of hers in this match and Bayley showed a lot of heart in this match despite losing and taking a lot of punishment. With this win for Asuka, who’s next for her for the NXT Women’s Championship? I guess we’ll find out as time goes on, but I’ll be looking forward to it.

After the match, Asuka showed respect for Bayley as both women ended up hugging each other for sportsmanship. As Asuka was leaving the ring with her title in hand, Bayley looked into the crowd as the crowd was giving her a standing ovation. Bayley then went to ringside and hugged Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch, Charlotte, her mother, and Izzy before heading to the back as the crowd chanted, “Thank you Bayley!”.

It seems like with this post-match segment, it looks like Bayley’s time in NXT may be ending soon which is saddening because Bayley has done so much for NXT, but at the same time, she pretty much have done everything in NXT and it may be about time for her to move up to the main roster. I don’t really know for sure, but only time will tell.

Excellent women’s match and I’m interested to see what’s next for Asuka and Bayley in NXT.

We then get an announcement that NXT is coming to New Zealand and Australia for the first time from December 5 to December 15. Awesome! Very happy for the New Zealand and Australia fans/marks as they will get to see NXT live. NXT is taking over the world and I love it! NXT! NXT! NXT!

Mick Foley, Noelle Foley, and Finn Balor were shown at ringside, mark out moment! Seeing the general manager of Raw and the former NXT Champion here at NXT Brooklyn II makes this event even more special as they’re looking at the future of NXT. It was also nice to see Noelle Foley there as well. Now, let get onto to the main event!

Samoa Joe Vs. Shinsuke Nakamura for the NXT Championship was an excellent match. Mark out moment! That entrance that Shinsuke Nakamura did with Lee England Jr. playing the violin of his theme as he made his way to the ring, mark out moment! Usually on the big stage or a big event, Shinsuke Nakamura usually have something special and different and this one is no different. I love it! It makes me kind of want to play the violin now so thank you Lee England Jr. for that amazing performance! YeaOh!

Samoa Joe’s entrance was the same as usual expect this time, Samoa Joe was very serious as he made his way to the ring as he looked like he wanted to kill Shinsuke Nakamura in that ring and after what happened between him and Shinsuke Nakamura, I don’t blame him. Also, I like how Samoa Joe went after Shinsuke Nakamura right away before the formal introductions where it showed the hatred between the two. Joe’s gonna kill you!

The match itself was excellent as both men were very evenly matched as either man could have walked out as the victor. Samoa Joe was being himself being the dominant monster heel and Shinsuke Nakamura was being himself showing swag and charisma throughout the match. Excellent performance by both men in this match.

There were several points in the match where I thought either man could have gotten the victory over another like Samoa Joe’s Muscle Buster on Shinsuke Nakamura and Shinsuke Nakamura’s Kinshasa on Samoa Joe, but both men ended up kicking out of them. Now, I don’t really like when wrestlers kick out of finishers as it devalues the finishers at times, but since NXT hardly have wrestlers kick out of finishers, this was acceptable and it shows how much the NXT Championship as they will do everything it takes to become victorious.

The ending came when Shinsuke Nakamura hit another Kinshasa on Samoa Joe to win the NXT Championship! Mark out moment! After his debut, Shinsuke Nakamura was on a roll and it’s only a matter of time before he got the NXT Championship and he did. I think NXT is going to make Shinsuke Nakamura the face of NXT going forward and I’m fine with it as I think Shinsuke Nakamura will do well in this role because he’s “The King of Strong Style”, YeaOh!

Also, it seems like Samoa Joe got injured in this match as Shinsuke Nakamura hit Kinshasa right at his jaw as it looked painful as heck. Hopefully, Samoa Joe will recover from this and I would like to see another match between him and Shinsuke Nakamura in the near future. Get well Samoa Joe and I hope you recover soon!

Excellent match as I hope that Samoa Joe is okay and congratulations to Shinsuke Nakamura for being the new NXT Champion!

Overall, excellent show by NXT. Like I said before, even though I don’t think this is the best NXT live special that NXT has done so far since doing these NXT live specials as I think NXT Dallas is the best one, it was still an excellent show in its own right. The show was excellent with their special moments and matches and it almost beat NXT Dallas for me, but it’s just opinions.

Another excellent show for NXT in 2016 and it’s going to look even brighter later in the year as new talents will come in. We are the Natural eXhilarating Talents! We are the next generation! We are the future and the future is now! We are NXT! NXT! NXT! NXT!

Mark Out Moments: 17

That is my review of NXT Brooklyn II on August 20, 2016.

Do you agree or disagree with my thoughts on this show?

What do you like and dislike about the show?

Put them in the comment section below.

Thank you for reading.

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