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Dry Socket Opinion: Mid October Thoughts



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Some random thoughts for this month…


-Why are fans so excited for Lesnar vs. Goldberg part 2? Have they forgotten how awful their last match was? Both Lesnar and Goldberg half-assed their match and stuck it to the fans. Both are part-timers yet WWE seems to be investing a lot of time and money into them. Shouldn’t they be working on building up the full-time roster so they don’t have to rely on part-time talent?

-How’s WWE’s Komen push going? Have they really gotten great PR from it?

-WWE’s ratings continue to plummet yet the excuse train continues to roll at full steam. The US Presidential Election, the NFL, and reality TV shows have given WWE excuses for low ratings. Mid to high 2s are viewed as okay.

-TNA has their fair share of problems. I don’t understand why more fans aren’t hoping they thrive. Two thriving companies means great TV for fans and options for wrestlers.

-Has the brand split been beneficial? Are more guys getting TV time and have both shows created their own identity?

-We’re getting closer to Wrestlemania season. It starts with the Royal Rumble. Will ‘Mania be full of recycled matches and poor advertising or will it surprise us? Don’t get your hopes up.

-Not one single person can save WWE. Not one single segment can save a show. Hyping up one segment will not keep viewers tuned in. Sure, there needs to be a solid main event. But the rest of the show needs to retain the attention of the audience.

-Kevin Owens continues to amaze me. His ring work is great and he’s hilarious on the mic.

-WWE Hispanic History month is entertaining. I wonder if they’ll show clips from their Juan Deere days.

-I’ve skipped WWE programming for this month and I feel as though I haven’t missed much of anything important. I’ll come back, in November, and I’m willing to bet it’ll be the same as when I stopped watching.

-Are we seeing too much of Stephanie McMahon and Mick Foley?

-WWE is planning on adding more incentives to the Network. Giving away free merchandise and content, in order to sell a costly network, is a clear indication that the Network is costing them more than they anticipated. They can’t turn back, at this point, because they’ve invested too much already.

-Has the Womens Division slowly gone back to the Divas Division?

-Wrestlecorp’s comment section seems to be gaining new faces. That is excellent to see! This is such an awesome place to chat about WWE programming. The people are fun and the comments are more entertaining than the actual show.

-Which WWE acquisition has saved the company? I remember hearing many claim that a new guy would save the company and make the show so much more exciting. I’m still waiting for that to happen.

-The gimmick PPVs take all the fun out of the surprise gimmick matches.

-Who will be nominated for the Warrior Award? Spoiler alert: It won’t be a stagehand like Warrior originally wanted. All aboard the WWE PR Express!!

As always, thanks for reading and sound off below!

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