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FCW Sunshine: Gabriel (Bronson)



Topic/Subject: Today, I will be showing a match that involves a true British man.

Wrestler: “The True British Man”, “The Swole-verine” Gabriel (Bronson/DJ Gabriel).

Background Information: Gabriel is billed from Preston, England. After graduating from Senior School Sixth Form at the Forest School Winnersh, he attended Farnborough College of Technology where he earned a Higher National Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering.

After developing an interest in professional wrestling, he applied and was accepted to attend an Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW) tryout in America between February 23 to February 28, 2003. His official training began 8 months later in the beginners’ class at the Old Davis arena.

He would return to England in late 2004 where he would work with All Star Wrestling (ASW). Throughout early 2005, he would train and appear with ASW as well as becoming the subject of an episode of UKTV People’s Secret Life of the Gym.

While WWE was touring England in 2005, he would make three appearances on its main programming, once as a jobber on Carlito’s Cabana interview segment, once as a jobber to Kurt Angle after Angle disrespected England and once as part of the WWE security squad that helped keep the warring Raw and SmackDown! wrestlers apart. Other British wrestlers including Robbie Brookside and Thunder were a part of the security team.

After his appearances in WWE programming in 2005, he stayed in the United Kingdom to compete for the All Star Wrestling (ASW) promotion, under the ring name Steve Sonic. On January 17, 2006, in Croydon, he faced Drew McDonald in a ladder match for the ASW British Heavyweight Championship and won. He would remain champion for several months before relinquishing the title to return to WWE’s developmental promotion in July 2006.

During April 2006, WWE would once again tour England allowing him to make another appearance on Raw on April 24, 2006, losing to Umaga. His performance in this match would earn him a developmental deal.

After receiving his contract, he was sent to OVW and formed a tag team called “Terminal Velocity” with Chet the Jett.

After Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW) opened, however, Terminal Velocity was moved down to the new territory. After a brief run in FCW, Terminal Velocity was called back up to OVW and won the OVW Southern Tag Team Championship for the first time giving him the first tag team championship of his career. On September 26, 2007, he and Chet lost the championship to The James Boys (KC James and Kassidy James).

After their title loss, both members of Terminal Velocity were moved back down to FCW. After their return to FCW, however, Terminal Velocity split up when Chet renamed himself Mariouz Jablonski and developed an in-ring persona based on his Polish ancestry.

He later began teaming with Heath Miller and both advanced to the finals of a tournament to crown the inaugural FCW Florida Tag Team Champions, but they were defeated by The Puerto Rican Nightmares (Eddie Colón and Eric Pérez). He and Miller defeated Brandon Groom and Greg Jackson and The Thoroughbreds (Johnny Curtis and Kevin Kiley) en route to the finals.

On March 4, 2008, he changed his name to Jack Gabriel.

On November 18, 2008, he made his debut as a face in ECW, under the ring name DJ Gabriel, with a dancing persona, and was managed by Alicia Fox. He defeated local wrestler Sal Rinauro in his debut match for the brand.

Over the next weeks, he defeated several jobbers, before defeating Paul Burchill on the last episode of ECW in 2008.

On January 13, 2009, on an episode of ECW, he and Fox defeated The Burchills, Paul and Katie Lea, in a mixed tag team match. On February 24, 2009, he suffered his ECW first loss since coming to the brand against Mark Henry.

Several weeks later, he lost to Tyson Kidd in a singles match which was his last televised match on the brand. On April 15, 2009, Fox returned to the SmackDown brand as a part of the 2009 Supplemental Draft leaving him on his own.

After Fox returned to SmackDown, he was sent back to FCW and developed a new character of a true British man while his ring name was tweaked to simply Gabriel.

After losing a match and in storyline, being suspended from FCW, he then began wrestling under a mask as Mr. FCW. He would eventually win back his place on the FCW roster and would alternate between his Gabriel and Mr. FCW characters before being released from his contract in January 2010.

After his release from WWE, he went to the independent circuit and competed in American Combat Wrestling (ACW).

He still competes in the independent circuit to this day using the name “The Swole-verine” Bronson.


With his great look, good character, good charisma, and good in-ring ability, this man could have been something in WWE. He’s a true British man!

My Thoughts: Gabriel is an interesting individual. The man has a great look, he has a presence about him in and outside of the ring, he has a good character, good charisma, and he’s a good wrestler in the ring. He’s a true British man!

Video: This video contains a match between Gabriel and Alex Riley on September 13, 2009.

My Thoughts: This was a good match that showcased Gabriel’s skills in the ring. This was when Gabriel ditched the DJ Gabriel gimmick and became the true British man Gabriel.

Gabriel was impressive in this match showcasing his technical wrestling as well as his power. The way he worked the arm on Alex Riley was great in-ring psychology there followed by the rolling armbar was impressive. His powerslam on Alex Riley was impressive as well. Gabriel won this match with a variation of the Hangman’s Neckbreaker. Nice performance by Gabriel there.

After the match, Rosa Mendes began to interview Gabriel about his victory as Gabriel said that his victory will lead to the Florida Heavyweight Championship. As he was about to continue, Alex Riley attacked him from behind and laid out Gabriel.

From what Gabriel said in his promo along with his delivery, it was done very well as he got to showcase his character and charisma. I wished he said more with his promo and he was about to until Alex Riley came in and took him out. Thanks Alex Riley… However, I will say that Gabriel did sold the attack from Alex Riley very well so I will give him credit for that.

Good match and good promo from Gabriel here as he got to show his whole skill set.

It’s really a shame that WWE didn’t use Gabriel very well during his time in WWE/FCW as the man has something in him that could have been a star for them especially when they needed someone from England to represent the company. Luckily, he’s doing well in the independent circuit as “The Swole-verine” Bronson and has improved a lot since then so it’s all fine and good. He’s a true British man!

After watching the video, give me your thoughts on the video or the wrestler himself. Thank you.

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