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Lucha Underground 12/28/16 Review: The God Machine



Lucha Underground on December 28, 2016 was a great show that is building feuds and storylines for the future as well as building up new characters which is good. Let’s break it down:

We start off the show with a recap of what happened between Worldwide Underground, Angelico, Dario Cueto, Cage, Texano, Jeremiah Crane, Catrina, Prince Puma, Vampiro, and Mil Muertes earlier in the season of Lucha Underground Season 3. This is a good way to remind people about what happened during that time in case they missed it or forgot about it as this week, the people from the recap appeared on the show. Well done and well produced.

The video segment between Prince Puma and Vampiro was good. Prince Puma was seen with Vampiro as he revived him from his grave. Vampiro then told Prince Puma that his journey of darkness can start as Prince Puma pleged himself to Vampiro and called him master.

It seems like Prince Puma is now Vampiro’s student after what Pentagon Dark did to Vampiro last season. It will be interesting to see how this new Prince Puma will do in Lucha Underground. Looking forward to seeing what he does with this new character. Good video segment here.

Jeremiah Crane Vs. Mil Muertes was a good match for what it was. After what happened last week with Jeremiah Crane telling Catrina about wanting a match against Mil Muertes, he got it and it led to this match where it was good, but it could have gotten more time as the match only got about two minutes.

Jeremiah Crane did well in this match as he proved that he can hang with the top guys in Lucha Underground. His offense in the beginning of the match were on fire. Mil Muertes did well in this match too as he got to show why he’s a beast in the ring. The way he took down Jeremiah Crane in this match made him look like a monster. Good performances by both men here despite not getting a lot of time.

The ending of the match came when Prince Puma came in the ring and hit Mil Muertes with the kendo stick while the referee was distracted by Catrina. Jeremiah Crane then took advantage by hitting a bicycle kick on Mil Muertes for the pin and win. A great win for Jeremiah Crane even though he got help in this match and plus, he got inside Catrina’s head in the process so it’s great for him. Also, Prince Puma made his return to the temple! Mark out moment! We haven’t see Prince Puma in Lucha Underground in a while after his loss to Mil Muertes about a month ago, but now he’s back with a vengeance and I love it.

After the match, Prince Puma continued to beat down Mil Muertes as he made Mil Muertes leave the ring. After that, he bowed to Vampiro as Vampiro was smiling for what Prince Puma did.

It seems like Vampiro and Prince Puma are a team and I really question on how Vampiro managed to get Prince Puma to listen to him. So many questions with a few little answers so hopefully we’ll get them soon as this storyline is getting pretty interesting. Plus, it seems like we’re going to get Prince Puma Vs. Mil Muertes which should be awesome as those two have perfect chemistry with each other.

Good match for what it is and great post-match as I’m looking forward to what’s next in this storyline between Vampiro and Prince Puma.

The backstage segment with Sexy Star was good. A fan was meeting Sexy Star backstage as he told Sexy Star that he’s a Johnny Mundo fan and that she has lost to him multiple times. The fan then gave Sexy Star a box from catering with her name on it as he left where Sexy Star opened it and turned out to be a spider where Sexy Star got freaked out and got pissed off in the process.

It’s cool to see some interaction between the wrestlers and the fans, but I think that fan is an actor, but I could be wrong. It seems like someone is still after Sexy Star, but who? Is it Mariposa or is it someone else? Either way, I hope we get answers soon because this storyline seems interesting. Good backstage segment here.

The backstage segment between Texano and Famous B was good. Texano was working out until Famous B came in as he tried to persuade to Texano to being his client. Texano refused the offer, but Famous B told him that nobody cares about him and he could change that as he promised to fix his image. Texano then threatened Famous B as Famous B left with Texano thinking about Famous B’s offer.

We then get an announcement that next week, it will be Johnny Mundo Vs. The Mack for the Lucha Underground Championship. Matt Striker then asked Vampiro about his business with Prince Puma, but Vampiro told Matt Striker that it’s none of his business.

Johnny Mundo Vs. The Mack for the Lucha Underground Championship should be a great match next week. Looking forward to that. As for Vampiro not telling Matt Striker about his business with Prince Puma, it’s very reasonable as his business shouldn’t be messed with and that the people watching at home are the only ones that know what happened between Vampiro and Prince Puma. I’m still loving the fact that the people that are watching at home knows more than the commentators, I find that pretty cool. It will be interesting to see what will happen next in this storyline between Vampiro and Prince Puma.

The Baddest Iron Heartthrobs Vs. Worldwide Underground was a great tag team match. It’s great to see Son of Havoc and Angelico reuniting again after Angelico’s injury from Season 2 as they were in a trio with Ivelisse where I named them The Baddest Iron Heartthrobs. Despite not teaming up for a while, Son of Havoc and Angelico still have that great chemistry in the ring.

The Baddest Iron Heartthrobs did great in this match as they still have the chemistry they had despite Angelico being out for a while from Lucha Underground. Worldwide Underground did great in this match too showcasing their chemistry as a tag team. The exchange between Angelico and Jack Evans in this match was great to see as they used to be tag team partners in AAA known as Los Guerros del Cielo so seeing them interact was cool to see.

Unfortunately, during this match, Angelico injured his left elbow after hitting Jack Evans with a springboard single leg dropkick. It’s really unfortunate that Angelico got injured again just right after making his return to Lucha Underground. Hopefully, the injury isn’t anything major and he’ll be back soon. Great performances by both teams here.

The ending of the match came when Jack Evans hit a middle rope corkscrew 450 splash on Son of Havoc for the pin and win. A great win for Worldwide Underground, but sadly, another injury for Angelico where he might be out of action for a while again which is unfortunate.

Great tag team match and I’m wishing Angelico a speedy recovery.

The backstage segment between Dario Cueto and Sexy Star was good. Dario Cueto was in his office looking at his present until Sexy Star came in and demanded Dario Cueto a match with Mariposa. Dario Cueto then asked Sexy Star if she wants a No Mas match with her and Sexy Star told Dario Cueto that she wants to beat her up as Dario Cueto gave her the match with Sexy Star leaving pissed off.

It seems like Sexy Star really wants Mariposa no matter what as she thinks that she was the one that gave her spiders. Did Mariposa really gave Sexy Star spiders? Only time will tell. Looking forward to the match between Sexy Star and Mariposa which should be great. Good backstage segment here.

Cage Vs. Texano in the fourth match of the Best of Five Series was good for what it was. Cage is winning the series two matches to one where Texano must win this match in order to have the fifth and final match in the series to win the Ultimate Opportunity. Sadly, this match only lasted about two minutes.

However, I like how Texano went after Cage immediately once the bell rang because he knows this match is very important because if he loses, he lose his opportunity to winning the Ultimate Opportunity so I liked that a lot. Texano took advantage of Cage throughout the match to the point where he even made Cage bleed in this match so kudos to Texano for taking advantage in this match.

The ending of the match came when Texano hit Cage with a sitout powerbomb for the pin and win. A quick and nice win for Texano as he has two wins against Cage and the fifth match between Cage and Texano will happen. Love the aggressive side that Texano displayed in this match as he needs it if he wants to win the series.

After the match, Dario Cueto came out from his office and announced that the fifth match of the Best of Five Series starts now and it will be an Anything Goes match! Mark out moment! This is why I love Dario Cueto because he does things like this so love El Jefe! Anyway, let’s get to the match!

Cage Vs. Texano in an Anything Goes match in the Best of Five Series was excellent. Mark out moment! This match was better than their third match in the Best of Five Series and both of these men went out there and killed each other in that ring in order to try to win the Ultimate Opportunity.

Texano did excellent in this match as he continued the advantage he had earlier with his victory over Cage in match four of the Best of Five Series. His spinebuster on Texano on the bleachers looked painful. His diving crossbody from the bleachers to the floor on Cage was amazing! Mark out moment! No matter how many times I see that dive, I always marked out for it because it’s something that I don’t normally see in other wrestling promotions so seeing it was great. Excellent performance by Texano here.

Cage did excellent in this match too as he tried to overcome the odds after the loss he had against Texano before this match. His suplex on Texano on the bleachers looked painful and his discus clothesline on Texano looked amazing. Plus, Cage even took a bump where he fell off the bleachers to the floor which must have hurt a lot. Credit to Cage for doing that even though he didn’t have to. Excellent performance by Cage here.

The ending of the match came when Cage hit a vertical suplex piledriver on Texano for the pin and win. A great win for Cage here as he gets the Ultimate Opportunity from Dario Cueto. Even though Texano lost this match, he looked excellent in defeat so he had nothing to be ashamed of. Plus, Cage is not a man, he’s a machine!

After the match, Dario Cueto congratulated Cage for his win and that he will receive his prize after winning the Best of Five Series. However, the prize is so big that he’s not willing to show the prize to the believers in the temple so he called Cage to come to his office as Cage went to Dario Cueto’s office.

Man, the prize must be really great if Dario Cueto isn’t willing to show what the prize is to the believers. However, the people watching at home will probably see what the prize is. What could it be? Well, let’s find out.

Excellent match and good post-match as I’m interested to see what Cage won after winning the Best of Five Series.

The backstage segment between Cage and Dario Cueto was good. Cage asked Dario Cueto what the prize was and Dario Cueto showed Cage the prize which was a gauntlet where Cage didn’t like the prize at all. As Cage was about to leave, Dario Cueto then told Cage to wear the gauntlet before leaving. Cage then wore the gauntlet as he gain powers from the gauntlet. As Dario Cueto was happy to see Cage liking the gauntlet, Cage grabbed Dario Cueto from the throat and thanked him for the prize as he left with the gauntlet. Dario Cueto was smiling after Cage left his office.

It seems like Cage has powers now and with the gauntlet that he has, who can stop him now? Either way, I suggest people not mess with Cage or else you will get demolish by the machine. It will be interesting to see if Cage will actually use the gauntlet, but we’ll see. Good backstage segment to end the show.

Overall, great show that helps build up storylines and feuds in the future as well as building up new characters. So many storylines and feuds here and I love it! Next week, we’re going to have Johnny Mundo Vs. The Mack for the Lucha Underground Championship which should be great. Looking forward to it. If you haven’t already, please check out Lucha Underground. It’s a great alternative to the mainstream wrestling and you won’t be disappointed. Looking forward to next week’s show. Lucha! Lucha! Lucha! Lucha!

Mark Out Moments: 4

That is my review of Lucha Underground on December 28, 2016.

Do you agree or disagree with my thoughts on this show?

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