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NXT Showcase: Bobby Roode



Topic/Subject: Today, I will be showing a promo that involves someone that is glorious.

Wrestler: “The Glorious” Bobby Roode.

Background Information: Bobby Roode is billed from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He was trained in his hometown of Peterborough, Ontario, by fellow Ontarians Sean Morley and Shane Sewell.

He completed his training after a year and wrestled his debut match in June 1998 as “Total” Lee Awesome against Pete Rock.

He then went on to work for various Canadian independent promotions, as well as making appearances for the Puerto Rican promotion, World Wrestling Council (WWC).

He also went on to work a series of dark matches for World Wrestling Federation/Entertainment (WWF/E) between 1998 and 2004, before he was signed by Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA).

He began working for Real Action Wrestling (RAW) in 2001 where he formed a heel stable known as The Kardinal Sinners along with Kingman and Mike Hughes. He later rejoined them as a part of their Wrestling Reality show to be aired on The Fight Network, however, he will not be seen on these episodes due to contractual obligations with TNA.

While in TNA, he also wrestled for Blood Sweat and Ears in Ontario, Border City Wrestling (BCW) in Windsor, Ontario and at NWA Shockwave in New Jersey.

In May 2004, he was brought into Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA) by Scott D’Amore, the owner of Border City Wrestling, a Canadian independent promotion for which he had worked on occasion.

He debuted in TNA as part of the Team Canada stable and took part in the World X-Cup which was won by Team USA.

He began a feud with Dustin Rhodes in early 2005 losing to him at April’s Lockdown pay-per-view in a best of three falls steel cage match with the third fall a blindfold match.

At Final Resolution 2006, he began a singles career, while still being linked to Team Canada, by defeating Ron Killings.

After the breakup of Team Canada, he began referring to himself as TNA’s hottest free agent. Vignettes began playing with various TNA managers such as Simon Diamond, Jim Mitchell, and Shane Douglas putting over the idea of him being an NWA World Heavyweight Championship contender and stating their interest in becoming his manager, but he eventually dismissed them.

He then entered a mini-feud with Kaz, who had just left Serotonin, after Kaz became sick of watching him mistreat Ms. Brooks.

He formed a partnership with Christian Cage against TNA newcomer Booker T claiming that has beens like Booker T show up and gain main event status at the expense of long time talent like himself. He and Cage then aligned themselves with Kurt Angle after an invitation to join the Angle Alliance on Impact!.

On June 12, 2008, on an episode of Impact!, he along with James Storm challenged The Latin American Xchange (LAX) (Homicide and Hernandez) for the TNA World Tag Team Championship.

From June to September 2011, he was one of the twelve participants in the Bound for Glory Series to determine the number one contender to the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

On January 5, 2016, on TNA’s debut on Pop, James Storm returned to TNA to help him fight off Eric Young and Bram. After Storm told him he wanted to get back to having fun, Storm handed him a beer officially reuniting Beer Money Inc.

Throughout his TNA career, he became a 2x NWA World Tag Team Champion, a 2x TNA World Heavyweight Champion, a 6x TNA World Tag Team Champion, a TNA King of the Mountain Champion, won the 2011 Bound for Glory Series, won the 2013 TNA Tournament of Champions, won the 2009 Team 3D Invitational Tag Team Tournament, and won the 2010 TNA Tag Team Championship Series.

On March 19, 2016, TNA announced that he would be leaving the company after 12 years.

He made his debut for House of Hardcore (HOH) on November 15, 2014, as a surprise opponent for Tommy Dreamer in a successful defense of the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

On July 1, 2015, it was announced that he headed to Global Force Wrestling (GFW) to compete for the GFW Global Championship Tournamement. He made it to the finals losing to Nick Aldis.

On April 1, 2016, at NXT TakeOver: Dallas, he was shown in the front row at ringside and was acknowledged by the commentators during the live broadcast.

On August 3, 2016, he made his NXT TV debut being labeled as “The Glorious” Bobby Roode as he cut a promo to the NXT audience.

He still competes in NXT to this day.

He and his wife Tracy have three sons Bobby III, Riley, and Nicholas. He is a boyhood friend of professional lacrosse player Tracey Kelusky.

My Thoughts: Bobby Roode is an extremely talented individual who has the total package of a wrestler. He has a great look, he has a great presence in and outside of the ring, he has an excellent character, he has excellent charisma, and he’s great in the ring. Glorious!

Video: This video contains a promo from Bobby Roode on December 21, 2016.

My Thoughts: This was a good promo from Bobby Roode as he won a #1 Contender match for the NXT Championship.

Bobby Roode talked about how he defeated three men in order to become the #1 Contender for the NXT Championship and that he proved why he is the face of NXT. He then said that he’s going to take NXT to the next level as he plans on becoming NXT Champion and when he does, he’ll make it glorious as he does his pose.

Even though it was a basic promo from Bobby Roode, he added a lot into this promo with the way he just talked about it. Plus, you can’t help, but like the Glorious pose that he does because it is glorious!

Good promo from Bobby Roode as it was glorious!

It’s amazing how Bobby Roode can easliy get himself over very quickly in the short amount of time he’s on NXT. Granted, it maybe because of his run in TNA, but it’s still incredible how over he is in NXT and he hasn’t been in the company for a year yet and it’s been amazing.

I really hope that WWE does well with Bobby Roode in the future because he could be a star for them despite his age. It’s all because he’s glorious!

After watching the video, give me your thoughts on the video or the wrestler himself. Thank you.

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