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Dry Socket Opinion: Some Positive Observations



I know I bag on WWE and I come off negative. I won’t apologize because, frankly, I expect more from a company that gave us such amazing moments. I refuse to simply accept that “times have changed and WWE needs to adapt” because they haven’t. They’ve failed to stay current and their attempts to seem trendy show just how out of touch they really are. However, there are a few things that I do enjoy about the current WWE product. I’ll mainly focus on the RAW side because one WWE show is all I can usually take (and even then it seems to be more than enough).

WWE has built Braun to be a monster. He’s been booked so well and continues to grow. From being a member of the Wyatt Family to his current singles run, Braun looks like a legit threat. The guy is over. He has been annihilating jobbers and lower card wrestlers (sometimes multiple wrestlers) in squash matches. He’s been working up to bigger and bigger stars and I hope the build doesn’t stop with Roman Reigns. WWE has led me to believe that they’ll make Braun a monster only to fall the same way that Rusev did. Braun has a very basic gimmick. He’s a monster. He walks in, destroys his opponent, sometimes yells, and leaves. He doesn’t have a big history or personality. It works. Braun sells his character well. He doesn’t tweet, he doesn’t have a love interest, and he doesn’t care about anything other than hurting people.

Another simple gimmick is Jack Gallagher’s. The guy has a vintage gimmick that works. He continues to progress in the ring and on the mic. Each match gets better and each promo shows growth. Gallagher is a smaller guy so that plays against him, in present day WWE, but that could also work for him. WWE gives off the idea that they’re investing in smaller guys from the indies. Gallagher seems to adapt to slightly different styles. Just like Braun, Gallagher believes in his character and sells it to the audience. Both characters are genuine and are organically growing. I look forward to seeing them both develop and take on top stars within the next few months and years.

Comedy has been falling short for WWE. Whether it’s dated jokes or VKM’s toilet humor, WWE just sucks at making people laugh WITH them. However, Jericho and Owens have true chemistry. Their rivalry has been a slow build and the fans are invested. Their comedy dialogues are often hilarious and almost always hit the mark. Owens, alone, is extremely entertaining. Jericho is a seasoned WWE veteran and adds just that much more. When the rivalry finally comes to a head, the build should be very entertaining and worth the investment.

Two other TV personalities, who have great chemistry, are Saxton and Graves. They’re the new voice of RAW and they gel. They’re not overly annoying and both have spent time as wrestlers. They get the action, in the ring, and they also know how to keep an audience captivated. Despite Michael Cole’s annoying interjections, Saxton and Graves give me hope for WWE’s commentary future.

There are some decent moments on RAW. The problem is that there just aren’t enough. Sure, Samoa Joe is back. But can he be the one to help turn things around or is he just another flavor of the month? Keep in mind, he was big somewhere else before he came to WWE. That doesn’t bode well. WWE has ample seeds planted for some great rivalries, matches, and television. They need to decide whether they’ll take advantage or get lazy and blame the low ratings on holidays, pro-sports, or Love n’ Hip Hop. WWE usually surprises us when their backs are against the wall. One can argue that wrestling is dying. WWE needs to work hard to revive it.

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