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Dry Socket Opinion: Random Thoughts For 2/26/17



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*Socket Note: I do these “random thoughts” when there are too many topics to go in depth in*

Another round of quick thoughts…

-Watched “The Hunger Games” and noticed they use the same camera zooming technique that WWE does. They did it to limit the amount of on-screen violence in order to get a better rating. WWE does it because it hides botches and overstate the impact of a move. WWE’s use is seizure-inducing.

-Beth Phoenix is going into the HoF? Yeah, she was cool but the Hof? Already!? I wonder what/who WWE will exploit for their “Warrior Award”.

-Kevin Owens/Chris Jericho is such an amazing feud. The comedy is solid and the build has been slow yet entertaining. Looking forward to this one.

-The Hardy Boyz may be coming back to WWE. I was a huge Jeff Hardy fan from 2000-2002. It’s funny…they were good in WWE but became singles main-event wrestlers in TNA. They were given freedom and they produced. I wonder if WWE will water them down if they come back.

-Seth Rollins may be out for Wrestlemania. I was looking forward to seeing Triple H face him and “pass the torch”.

-Ric Flair appearing on RAW just isn’t special. He’s the guy that can’t stay away.

-Look for Oscar references, on tonight’s RAW. Also, prepare for a segment featuring Dwayne Johnson. Anyone catch Jimmy Kimmel calling him “The artist formerly known as The Rock”?

– Will WWE send a replica title belt to the Daytona 500 champion? You know, so they can leech onto that media coverage, too?

-More and more celebrities are wearing nWo t-shirts. Is it because they’re wrestling fans or just because they’re retro. Let’s get political and question whether or not it has to do with hoping a “new world order” overthrows the current leaders of the world.

-Will WWE have Flo Rida perform at Wrestlemania? He seems to be this generation’s “Creed” for WWE music.

-I’m sorry…I just can’t watch Smackdown. Maybe it IS a better show but one WWE program, a week, is more than enough for me.

-A buddy sent me a PWG match between Kevin Steen (Kevin Owens) and Chuck Taylor. This was a great match that told a story, included TASTEFUL comedy, and made both competitors look strong.

– Enzo is one of the most annoying stars on the roster. I gladly appreciate when someone shuts him up. Judging from the reaction of the crowd, they agree.

-Contract signings are stupid. With that said, whoever booked last week’s segment between Jack Gallagher and Neville did a flawless job. Not only was it entertaining, but BOTH participants looked strong. I’m not a Neville guy (he’s a glorified spot monkey) but he impressed me with his mic delivery. This segment held the attention of the audience and allowed both wrestlers to a chance to grow on the mic. Well done, WWE. This was a well-booked segment where everyone walked away looking better than before.

-How many times do we need to see Zayn/Owens? Stop milking the cow and move on, WWE. Too much of a good thing can be fatal. Bringing back legends is great…until they’re the same legends doing the same things. The ratings stop climbing and the novelty has worn off.

-Braun Strowman continues to be booked well. He says very little yet destroys everyone in his patch. He’s a monster. Don’t eff it up, WWE.

-WWE’s obsession with Twitter is painful and cringe-worthy. However, they seem to simply be following the current trend of today. The President uses Twitter to call out his opponents. Celebrities are using it to fuel beefs with other celebrities. While I still think tough guys don’t Tweet, WWE is keeping up with a trend. It feels strange to say that WWE is on par with the times.

-Cena/Bella vs. Miz/Maryse seems like a dopey novelty match…or is it? This could actually have a surprisingly good build (or pathetically hilarious).

-Rusev/Jinder are becoming a tag team I like. I look forward to seeing them grow just because of how different their styles are.

-Sami Zayn reminds me of Dolph Ziggler though I don’t know why, yet. More on that another time.

-If an established wrestler gets to NXT, it’s not always a bad thing. However, if they make it to WWE’s main roster, it seems to be a negative blow. Samoa Joe is the current flavor of the month. Who is next?

-Goldberg/Lesnar is a boring feud. Goldberg has a feud with Kevin Owens but has done little to nothing to build that (except on Twitter). His main focus is Brock Lesnar. My problem is that this trivializes Kevin Owens who just so happens to be the WWE Universal Champion. Way to build up your champ, WWE.

-I’m waiting for WWE to mock “Cash Me Outside”. Maybe we need to wait a few years like WWE did with “Grumpy Cat”.

Those are your random thoughts. Sound off below!

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