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NXT Showcase: TM-61



Topic/Subject: Today, I will be showing a backstage interview that involves a tag team that they are the mighty that don’t kneel.

Wrestlers: TM-61 (TMDK) ((Nick Miller (Mikey Nicholls) & Shane Thorne (Shane Haste)).

Background Information: Nick Miller is from Perith, West Australia, Australia. He started training in Perth at the Dynamite Factory, the wrestling school of Explosive Pro Wrestling (EPW).

He moved to California and started working for promotions in the United States such as Pro Wrestling Guerrilla (PWG), NWA Pro, and World League Wrestling (WLW).

He has trained at the New Japan Pro Wrestling’s L.A. Dojo based in Los Angeles. He wrestled for NJPW in Tokyo in 2006.

Also in 2006, he unsuccessfully challenged for the NWA British Commonwealth Heavyweight Championship.

In June 2007, after NWA split with TNA, he was involved in the Reclaiming the Glory tournament to crown a new NWA Heavyweight Champion, but was defeated in the tournament by Fergal Devitt.

In September 2007, he defeated champion Karl Anderson and Ryan Taylor in a 30-minute Iron Man match for the Empire Wrestling Federation American Championship. In 2009, he wrestled for Ring of Honor (ROH).

Shane Thorne is also from Perith, West Australia, Australia. He also started training in Perth at the Dynamite Factory, the wrestling school of Explosive Pro Wrestling (EPW).

His debut match took place in February 2003 in a four-way match at The Uprising. Since then he has become one of the top Australian wrestlers becoming the EPW Heavyweight Champion and the EPW Tag Team Champion twice.

After working all over the Australian continent, he moved to California and started working for some of the biggest independent wrestling promotions in the US, such as Ring of Honor (ROH), Pro Wrestling Guerrilla (PWG), Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW) and World League Wrestling (WLW).

In the autumn of 2010, both men passed a tryout held by Pro Wrestling Noah (Noah) and World League Wrestling (WLW) in the United States which allowed them to begin training at Noah’s dojo.

They made their debut for the Japanese promotion on February 23, 2011, and began working together under the team name TMDK. The Mighty Don’t Kneel originated in the Explosive Pro Wrestling (EPW) promotion where it was a stable also including Elliot Sexton, Jonah Rock, Marcius Pitt, and Slex.

They then began working regularly for Noah in the promotion’s junior heavyweight tag team division.

On December 15, 2011, they received their first shot at the GHC Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championship, but were defeated by the defending champions, Atsushi Aoki and Kotaro Suzuki. Shortly afterwards, they left the junior heavyweight division.

Throughout their NOAH careers, they became a 2x GHC Tag Team Champion and won the 2015 Global Tag League Fighting Spirit Award. Their final Noah match took place on March 10, 2016, as they defeat Naomichi Marufuji and Mitsuhiro Kitamiya.

In early 2012, they traveled to the United States, where they worked for several promotions including Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW), Ring of Honor (ROH), and Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA).

In ROH, they won a one-night tournament to earn a match against the Briscoe Brothers at the Showdown in the Sun pay-per-view.

On December 20, 2014, they made their debut for New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) when they along with Naomichi Marufuji were revealed as Toru Yano’s tag team partners at Wrestle Kingdom 9 in Tokyo Dome on January 4, 2015. They would go on to win the match defeating Suzuki-gun (Davey Boy Smith Jr., Lance Archer, Shelton X Benjamin, and Takashi Iizuka).

In June 2015, they took part in a WWE tryout camp. In February 2016, it was reported that they were scheduled to join WWE’s NXT brand following their Noah farewell tour.

On March 25, 2016, WWE confirmed the signings of both of them. They began training at the WWE Performance Center in April while working for the promotion’s developmental branch NXT.

During a NXT taping on May 19, 2016, they were renamed Shane Thorne and Nick Miller respectively while TMDK was renamed TM-61.

They made their NXT debuts on May 25, 2016, losing to Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa.

They still compete in NXT to this day with Shane Thorne out with an injury.

Teaming up with each other for nine years, this tag team is looking to make a name for themselves in the NXT tag team division. They are The Mighty and The Mighty Don’t Kneel!

My Thoughts: TM-61 are a great tag team that have great chemistry with each other as they have been teaming up with each other for the past nine years. They have good looks, they have a presence when they’re in the ring, they have good characters, good charisma, and they’re great wrestlers in the ring. They are The Mighty and The Mighty Don’t Kneel!

Video: This video contains a backstage interview with TM-61 by Tom Phillips and Corey Graves on May 19, 2016.

My Thoughts: This was a good backstage interview that showed who TM-61 are as a tag team.

I like how in the beginning, Shane Thorne just walk up to Tom Phillips in order to shake his hand and introduce himself while Nick Miller try to stop himself. That was funny.

They talk about how it’s been a long drive and long travel to finally make it into NXT as they have been wrestling in Australia and Japan for the past few years. They then talked about how it was an honor to be Tag Team of the Year in Tokyo Sports Magazine and they’re planning to become to do that in NXT as well.

They then talk about how they’re ready to face any tag team in NXT and they’re looking forward to challenge The Revival and American Alpha as they want to be the best tag team in NXT. They then talked about how their tag team name came from their last names’ initials as well as their area code back in Australia.

In addition, I like how Shane Thorne was referencing GI Joe near the end of the interview so that was awesome and the interaction between him and Nick Miller where they have to get ready for their match later on the show as Shane Thorne said he could stay, but Nick Miller told him that they need to get ready as Shane Thorne told Tom Phillips and Corey Graves that they need to go which was kind of funny.

A nice introduction for TM-61 here as we got a chance to see who they are as characters and what their mic skills are. Plus, I like how Shane Thorne called Nick Miller Mikey which was his ring name that he used in Australia and Japan before coming to NXT so that was a nice touch.

Good backstage interview here as we got to know more of who TM-61 are as a tag team.

I’m glad that TM-61 are doing well in NXT before Shane Thorne got a knee injury which will take him out for a while so we won’t be seeing TM-61 for a while. Despite that, they’re going to be a top tag team in NXT and I can’t wait to see the return of them once Shane Thorne recovers from his knee injury. They are The Mighty and The Mighty Don’t Kneel!

After watching the video, give me your thoughts on the video or the wrestler themselves. Thank you.

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