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Dry Socket Opinion: Here We Go…Again




I didn’t watch Fastlane. I just don’t care. It’s predictable and the results don’t really do anything for the future. Our main event, for Wrestlemania, has two part-timers (who rarely show up). Goldberg is the Universal Champion. An already established guy is defending against another established guy…again. We’ve seen this match at multiple PPVs. This does nothing for the company’s future as both guys are already over with fans. The Lesnar/Goldberg feud has run it’s course and become stale. WWE creative continue to take the lazy road and book rematches.

When they’re not booking rematches, they’re killing great builds. Braun Strowman lost to Roman Reigns. Once again, Reigns looks strong. The monster is no longer a monster. Strowman needed this win to continue his monster build. I wouldn’t be surprised if he goes the same way as Rusev did after his loss to John Cena.

This comes down to predictability. WWE’s product is far too predictable and the interest is killed. If the company doesn’t seem to care about the product, why should the fans? Some wrestlers complain that the crowd hi-jacking shows is killing the product. But the truth is that they’re bored. The current superstars aren’t prepared to deal with the crowd. They become flustered and panic. If the entertainment can hold the attention of the fans, they will not hi-jack the show. It sounds pretty simple because it is. WWE needs to utilize logic. Long gone are the days where the crowd will suspend their disbelief for crazy gimmicks. They’re smarter fans. And, in the internet age, WWE needs to be multiple steps ahead of the game.

It’s clear that Vince McMahon is clearly out of touch. WWE continues to lose audience numbers, ticket sales, and TV revenue. When the company can’t sell out large stadiums, they move to smaller ones. They can still tell investors that they’re selling out arenas however, they fail to mention that they’ve had to downgrade to smaller venues. Additionally, they must over-hype their Network because it is nowhere near what they had hoped for (in terms of subscribers).

Wrestlemania used to be an event that every wrestling fan looked forward to. It was something that the company promoted and made interesting. Over the past five years, Wrestlemania has felt like “every other event”. I often leave WWE programming wondering why I wasted those few hours of my life. No matter how hard they push Roman Reigns, the fans are sick of him. He’s become the new John Cena. Reigns may not always lose but he’ll always look strong. He’s the underdog with the WWE machine behind him.

I’d like to say “buckle up” because the road to Wrestlemania is gonna be a bumpy one. Instead, I’ll suggest you chug an energy drink (or 4) because this is going to be a long and boring ride. Maybe we can think of a game like “high way bingo” because we’ll need SOMETHING to keep us from going crazy. Honestly, I don’t really see anything (other than the Owens/Jeicho feud) to look forward to. We’ll get the legends in a silly segment. Dwayne will come out and use his tired catchphrases, talk about nipples and strudel, and hype up a new Hollywood project. We’ll probably get an in-show commercial. Enzo will say something stupid. Ric Flair will cry for Charlotte. We’ll have Paul Heyman build a match between two part-timers (one of them being the Universal Champion). And who can forget Twitter? Another Wrestlemania with rematches and an overall stale feeling. Good luck staying awake.

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