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Dry Socket Opinion: Wrestlemania Progress




Last night’s RAW wasn’t terrible. But it wasn’t great. For the second to last RAW, before Wrestlemania, I expected a lot more. Some say the build has been good. I have to disagree. It just doesn’t feel like Wrestlemania season. I’m mainly looking at things from the RAW side because I just can’t watch more than one WWE program a week. The steady decline in ratings speaks for itself. WWE is in a rut and people are changing the channel. They’re not buying into the current product.

The main event features two part-timers (one of which is the Universal Champion). When Dwayne Johnson held the WWE title, he didn’t appear often. But he did tweet and send in random “via-satellite” vignettes. Goldberg just hasn’t done enough. He’s supposed to be the top guy, on RAW, yet barely appears. The payoff just isn’t there for WWE. They put the title on him and he does nothing. Will he pass it to a young and upcoming star that needs to get the Wrestlemania shine? Nope. Goldberg will come into ‘Mania and leave right after. It’s a waste of time and a slap in the face to every former title holder and every wrestler working hard to earn the title. Then again, it’s just a prop. Brock Lesnar and Bill Goldberg aren’t drawing the numbers to justify their main event. The novelty has worn off. Much like all of the other part-timers, Lesnar and Goldberg aren’t drawing. It’s proof that WWE’s latest attempt to draw in fans is failing.

The Universal title match is the main event. It’s the last match. There’s only ONE main event (yes, I know that mirrors the same thoughts as CM Punk). But it’s the truth. It hurts the full-time talent and gives the overall feeling that the full-time roster just doesn’t matter as much as two part-timers (where one is a dope user and the other is a middle-aged legend who is past his prime). Despite that, WWE continues to use Twitter, Heyman, and video packages, to build up the feud. It’s lazy and insulting. We, as fans, should expect a lot more. I can guarantee that, if WWE felt pressured, they would either have Lesnar and Goldberg show up each week OR they’d go with two full-time wrestlers for their main event.

Regardless, there are some positives going into Wrestlemania.

Charlotte, Bayley, Sasha, and Nia could be the sleeper match. All four women have become main event players in their division. They’re still pretty young and all of them are WRESTLERS. WWE has been doing a great job building Nia. She’s a monster but we still see some of her personality. There are underlying tones that lead me to believe that Sasha will have some kind of a heel turn, during Wrestlemania. Charlotte has lacked so much charisma until the last few weeks. I finally believe her character. Bayley is crazy over with the fans. This could be a solid women’s wrestling match. It’s also nice to see Dana Brook finding her own place within the Women’s Roster.

The cruiserweight division continues to look stronger by the week. Neville has finally found a great niche. His “spot monkey” gimmick (the man that gravity forgot) just felt forced. It didn’t make him standout. However, his current heel run feels natural. I find myself investing into his feud with Austin Aries. Add in Jack Gallagher and other cruiserweights and we’ve got a strong division that adds more diversity to the WWE roster.

Braun will be the wild card. He’s lost a bit of steam, by losing to Reigns, but this match could build it back up. Roman Reigns is extremely annoying. However, IF he beats the Undertaker CLEAN, it could springboard him into an amazing heel character. The Undertaker would be passing the torch off to the next “top” guy. Reigns has been groomed…now it’s time to turn him heel. It worked for Dwayne Johnson and I’m positive it will work for Reigns. In fact, I’m actually interested to see how Reigns handles being a heel, as a singles wrestler, and how loud the boos will be.

Triple H and Seth Rollins has the trademark “personal” feeling that every Triple H feud must have. Adding Foley brings in the historical aspect. Of course there will be a McMahon facet (it’s to be expected). However, Seth Rollins has been evolving very nicely.

Finally, Jericho and Kevin Owens seems to be my favorite. This match oozes with excitement. It’s had a slow build and the comedy has been great. The wrestling has been on par. The two have a history and are using the personal angle in a tasteful way. The feud doesn’t feel forced or rushed.

I always complain that WWE hasn’t taken the time to build their fulltime roster but I feel as though they’ve slowly been doing so. Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens, Braun Strowman, Jack Gallagher, and Neville are just a few names that I expect to see headlining Wrestlemanias in the future.

I just don’t understand how the New Day fall into the “host” category. What’s the point? We’ve already got the Flo Rida song (because WWE is so current with the times). Big E and Xavier Woods could have excellent singles runs, right now, but they’re stuck in a goofy tag team that hasn’t evolved in a few years. Big Cass is also favorite up and coming star. I’m sure I’m not the only one who looks forward to him booting Enzo.

This year’s Mania looks to be mediocre, at best, however it is necessary. WWE has been stagnant for quite some time. I’m hoping this is the beginning of the upswing. They’ve spent a significant amount of time investing in future talent but not nearly enough getting them over while utilizing established legends.

I tried commenting, towards the end of RAW, but continued to get “banned”. I don’t know why or which mod was doing so. However, while I know my opinions aren’t often in the majority of feelings, I didn’t think this site would begin silencing people for their opinions. Here’s hoping it doesn’t continue.


Thanks for reading and I look forward to everyone’s thoughts.

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