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NXT 3/29/17 Review: Ohno, The Drifter Drifts Away



NXT on March 29, 2017 was a good show that is building up NXT Orlando this week. Let’s break it down:

Before I talk about the show itself, this will be the last show that NXT will tape at the UCF Arena in Orlando, Florida for this year. Going to miss this arena as it was something different and hope to see NXT goes to this arena again in the near future.

We start off the show with Johnny Gargano Vs. Akam Vs. Dash Wilder and it was a great three way match. To hype up the triple threat elimination tag team championship at NXT Orlando, we see a triple threat match from one member of each team in this match and everyone in this match did their part here.

Johnny Gargano did great in this match as he tried to get momentum heading into NXT Orlando. His slingshot spear to Akam was well executed. Akam did great in this match as well as he showed that he can go solo. His Snake Eyes on Johnny Gargano was well executed and his showcase of strength in this match was impressive as well. Dash Wilder was great in this match too as he used his brains to get the advantage of the match. Smart thinking from Dash Wilder. Great performances by all three men here.

However, there is one problem that I have with this match and that is that Tom Phillips said that this match is no countout and no disqualification which is why there was interference throughout the match, but I feel like everyone in that match could use that stipulation more to their advantage, but that’s just me. The interaction between Rezar and Tommaso Ciampa was nice to see.

The ending of the match came when Akam hit a powerbomb on Johnny Gargano and Akam was about to pin Johnny Gargano, but Scott Dawson grabbed Akam’s leg which led to Dash Wilder pinning Johnny Gargano to get the win. Nice work and strategy from The Revival there taking advantage of the opportunity. Looking forward to the triple threat elimination tag team match at NXT Orlando for the NXT Tag Team Championships. Should be great.

Great triple threat match and I’m looking forward to the NXT Tag Team Championship Triple Threat Elimination Tag Team Match at NXT Orlando.

We get another vignette of Aleister Black and it was great. Aleister Black said that Andrade “Cien” Almas will turn into ashes and that NXT will soon fade to black. Can’t wait for the debut of Aleister Black in NXT Orlando against Andrade “Cien” Almas which should be a great match. NXT will fade to black!

Just a reminder that Come and Get It by I Prevail is a theme for NXT Orlando and it’s a good song. NXT Orlando is this week and I can’t wait to see it. Should be a great show.

Heavy Machinery Vs. Jonathan Ortagun & Mike Marshall was a good tag team match. Heavy Machinery have made their re-debut on NXT! Mark out moment! Great to see Heavy Machinery back on NXT and they look ready to takeover the NXT Tag Team division.

Not only that, Jonathan Ortagun & Mike Marshall have appearances on NXT! Mark out moment for both! Jonathan Ortagun is known as Jonny Vandal in FIP and Mike Marshall is known as QT Marshall in ROH so seeing them here was great. Hope to see them get signed as they’re both talented individuals.

Jonathan Ortagun & Mike Marshall did well in this match as they did get some offense in this match, but Heavy Machinery pretty much dominated this match as Otis Dozovic hit a scoop slam on Tucker Knight who landed on Jonathan Ortagun where Tucker Knight got the pin on Jonathan Ortagun for the win. Nice debut for Heavy Machinery as they looked impressive in this match as two big men that could move in the ring. Looking forward to see what’s next for Heavy Machinery in NXT.

Good tag team match and I’m interested to see what’s next for Heavy Machinery in NXT. Also, NXT, please sign Jonathan Ortagun and Mike Marshall!

The contract signing between Asuka and Ember Moon by William Regal in William Regal’s office was good. William Regal was with Asuka and Ember Moon in his office as they were getting ready for a contract signing. Asuka laughed as William Regal announced Ember Moon as Asuka’s challenger at NXT Orlando for the NXT Women’s Championship. Ember Moon said Asuka is a great champion, but Asuka has changed as of late. Ember Moon told Asuka that she let her success get into her head and said that her fate is to dethrone Asuka.

Asuka said that she knows who Ember Moon is and told her that she’s not ready for her. Asuka and Ember Moon then stood up and stared at each other after signing the contract. Asuka laughed at Ember Moon as she left where Ember Moon told her that she’s been ready for a long time. William Regal then wished Ember Moon good luck.

It seems like both women are ready for the NXT Women’s Championship match at NXT Orlando which should be an amazing match. Looking forward to that match as I expect both of them to tear the house down. Good contract signing here.

Just a reminder that NXT is coming back to the UK this June for the Download Festival so get your tickets now before it’s too late so you can see NXT live!

Just a reminder that Shock Me by Baroness is a theme for NXT Orlando and it’s a good song. NXT Orlando is this week and I can’t wait to see it. Should be a great show.

We then get a video package hyping up Bobby Roode Vs. Shinsuke Nakamura and it was great. Shinsuke Nakamura talked about how NXT doesn’t belong to Bobby Roode, it belongs to the fans.

Just like last week, this was a great video package that showed character for both Bobby Roode and Shinsuke Nakamura and what NXT means to them. I’m really looking forward to the rematch between the two at NXT Orlando which should be another excellent match. YeaOh! Glorious!

The backstage promo from Paul Ellering with Authors of Pain was good. Paul Ellering talked about how his team believes in the survival of the fittest, eat, or be eaten. He talked about how #DIY believes in fairy tail endings, but at NXT San Antonio, they saw a yellow brick road with Authors of Pain and lost the NXT Tag Team Championships. Paul Ellering said that he created the algorithm of greatness for tag team wrestling. All Authors of Pain have to do is read the book he has already written and they will be victorious.

It seems like Authors of Pain are ready to destroy #DIY and The Revival at NXT Orlando which I’m really looking forward as that should be a great tag team match. Looking forward to it. Good backstage promo here.

Just a reminder that Loud by Motionless In White is a theme for NXT Orlando and it’s a good song. NXT Orlando is this week and I can’t wait to see it. Should be a great show.

We then get an announcement that at NXT Orlando, it will be Tye Dillinger, No Way Jose, Roderick Strong, and Ruby Riot Vs. SAnitY. This feud has been building up for a while now and the match will happen at NXT Orlando. Also, Heidi Lovelace is now going by Ruby Riot in NXT which is not a bad name if I say so myself. This should be a fun eight mixed tag team match at NXT Orlando and I’m looking forward to it.

Kassius Ohno Vs. Elias Samson in a Loser Leaves NXT match was excellent. Mark out moment! After the confrontation they had last week, it led to this match and it was an excellent match where both men gave everything they had as one of them knew that their career in NXT will soon be over.

Elias Samson did excellent in this match as this was probably his best match in NXT to date. His clothesline on Kassius Ohno looked devastating. The way he countered the Kassius Ohno’s discus elbow smash into a high knee was amazing. His swinging neckbreaker on Kassius Ohno was well executed. Excellent performance from Elias Samson here.

Kassius Ohno did excellent in this match too as he tried to prove that he belongs in NXT after being gone for several years. His senton and discus big boot on Elias Samson were well executed. The way he kicked out from Elias Samson’s offense was impressive as I didn’t expect him to kicked out so that was nice to see. Excellent performance from Kassius Ohno here.

The ending of the match came when Kassius Ohno hit a discus forearm smash on Elias Samson to get the pin and win. A great win for Kassius Ohno as he gets to stay in NXT, but a big loss for Elias Samson as he has to leave NXT forever.

After the match, Kassius Ohno waved goodbye to Elias Samson as the fans sang goodbye songs to Elias Samson and the referees tried to get Elias Samson to leave the ring. Security then came into the ring to escort Elias Samson out of the building. Elias Samson tried to escape from the security, but the security caught him as they told him to leave. Elias Samson then asked for his guitar.

As Elias Samson was about to get back his guitar, Kassius Ohno picked up the guitar and began to break it as security took Elias Samson away.

Wow Kassius Ohno, you didn’t have to break the man’s guitar. That was not cool. However, I’m going to miss Elias Samson in NXT because he actually got heat whether it’s go away heat or legit heel heat, he got a reaction and he ran with it. If he’s going to the main roster because of this, then I wish him nothing, but the best. Thank you Elias Samson and I wish you luck on the main roster if that’s where you’re heading.

Excellent match as I’m interested to see what’s next for Kassius Ohno in NXT and thank you Elias Samson!

Overall, good show that is building up NXT Orlando this week. Next week, we are going to have the fallout of NXT Orlando which should be interesting to see. Looking forward to it. NXT! NXT! NXT!

Mark Out Moments: 4

That is my review of NXT on March 29, 2017.

Do you agree or disagree with my thoughts on this show?

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