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NXT Showcase: Sami Zayn



Topic/Subject: Today, I will be showing a match that involves an underdog from the underground.

Wrestler: “Underdog From The Underground” Sami Zayn (El Generico).

Background Information: Sami Zayn is from Hill Valley, Quebec, Canada. He prominently made his name in the Canadian-based wrestling promotion International Wrestling Syndicate (IWS).

In 2004, members of the IWS started making regular appearances in the United States which helped him get noticed by the popular independent company Pro Wrestling Guerrilla (PWG). Since then, he has been a PWG regular.

He is also the only participant to consecutively appear in the first eight BOLA tournaments from 2005.

In mid-2009, he entered a lengthy feud with the tag team Men of Low Moral Fiber consisting of Kenny Omega and Chuck Taylor, recruiting Colt Cabana, referee Rick Knox, and former partner Human Tornado (effectively reuniting 2 Skinny Black Guys) to stand by his side.

On May 9, 2010, he teamed up with “Intrepid Traveler” Paul London to form a duo introduced as Peligro Abejas! (literal translation: Danger Bees!) in the fourth annual DDT4 eight-team tag tournament.

Throughout his PWG career, he became a 2x PWG World Champion, a 5x PWG World Tag Team Champions, won the 2011 Battle of Los Angeles, and won the 2010 Dynamite Duumvirate Tag Team Title Tournament.

After agreeing to a deal with WWE, he made his farewell appearance for PWG on January 12, 2013, when he and Kevin Steen entered the 2013 Dynamite Duumvirate Tag Team Title Tournament. After wins over the Briscoe Brothers and Future Shock (Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly), he and Steen were defeated in the finals of the tournament by The Young Bucks.

On February 19, 2005, he made his debut for Philadelphia, Pennsylvania–based Chikara, taking part in the 2005 Tag World Grand Prix where he teamed with Kevin Steen as Team IWS.

Throughout his Chikara career, he won the 2011 Rey de Voladores. He competed with Chikara until 2012.

He first wrestled for Ring of Honor (ROH) in 2005 earning a spot in a Four Corner Survival match at Do Or Die IV. He teamed with the Ring Crew Express (Dunn and Marcos) in the Trios Tournament 2005 losing to the Rottweilers. His final ROH match of this run would be a loss to Homicide at Dragon Gate Invasion.

He returned to ROH in late 2006 making an appearance at Dethroned where he was defeated by Brent Albright. Following this, he took part in and lost a Four Corner Survival match to Jimmy Rave at Final Battle 2006. In 2007, he formed a permanent team with Kevin Steen taking on the Briscoe Brothers at the Fifth Year Festival: Philly. Much like many previous matches, they would be defeated in this encounter, but the two men had a memorable showing that eventually earned them a full-time spot on the roster.

Also during this time, he broke out as a singles competitor having a strong run in the Race to the Top Tournament of 2007.

On December 19, 2009, at Final Battle 2009, ROH’s first live pay-per-view after a loss to The Young Bucks, Steen turned heel by attacking him. He then formed a team with Colt Cabana and together the two of them started a feud with Steen and his new partner Steve Corino.

On March 30, 2012, at Showdown in the Sun, he faced the reinstated Kevin Steen in a losing effort in a Last Man Standing match. He disappeared from ROH after this, however on October 13, 2012, at Glory By Honor XI: The Unbreakable Hope after Steen successfully defended his ROH World Championship, he received a parcel containing his mask.

Throughout his ROH career, he became a ROH World Tag Team Champion and a ROH World Television Champion. He returned to ROH on December 16, 2012, at Final Battle 2012: Doomsday where he unsuccessfully challenged Steen for the ROH World Championship in a ladder war. This would be his last appearance with the company before signing with the WWE.

He traveled to Japan during the summer of 2007 where he worked for the Dragon Gate promotion as the gaijin (foreign) representative of the New Hazard stable. He returned to the promotion in July 2008 where he was announced as Tozawa-juku’s foreign exchange student. He made his third tour of Dragon Gate in October 2009 when he wrestled as a member of the Kamikaze stable.

In early 2011, he began making semi-regular appearances for the Japanese Union Pro (JUP) promotion making his debut on January 3, 2011, with a win over Shinichiro Tominaga.

He has also made some appearances for Union Pro’s parent promotion, Dramatic Dream Team (DDT) most notably defeating Kota Ibushi in Ibushi’s return match from a shoulder injury on May 4, 2012. On August 18, 2012, he wrestled his first match in the Nippon Budokan defeating the debuting Konosuke Takeshita.

Throughout his DDT career, he became a KO-D Openweight Champion, won the 2012 Best Foreigner Award, and became a DDT Extreme Division Champion. He competed with DDT and Japan until he eventually got signed to WWE.

On March 31, 2012, he made his debut for Dragon Gate USA (DGUSA) when he defeated Chuck Taylor, Cima, Lince Dorado, Rich Swann, and Samuray del Sol in a six-way match.

On April 13, 2012, he made his debut for Evolve, a promotion closely affiliated with DGUSA, losing to Low Ki.

From 2005 onwards, he has made several appearances for the German Westside Xtreme Wrestling (wXw) promotion. On March 4, 2012, he defeated Tommy End to win wXw’s 2012 16 Carat Gold Tournament. On May 19, 2012, he defeated Big Van Walter to also win the wXw Unified World Wrestling Championship.

On January 11, 2011, he wrestled in a tryout dark match for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA) at the promotion’s Impact! tapings losing to Amazing Red. The following day, he defeated T.J. Perkins in another dark match.

On April 20, 2011, he made his South American debut when he wrestled for Peruvian promotion Leader Wrestling Association (LWA) facing Apocalipsis, Axl, and Kaiser in a number one contender’s match to determine a challenger for Caoz, the promotion’s Campeón Máximo.

On April 24, 2011, he wrestled for Chilean promotion Xplosion Nacional de Lucha (XNL) losing to Crazy Sid in an XNL Championship number one contender’s three–way match which also included XL.

On February 26, 2012, he visited Russia for the first time making his debut for the Independent Wrestling Federation (IWF) where he faced Ivan “Locomotive” Markov and won. Later in the year, on September 16, 2012, they wrestled in a rematch and this time Markov was victorious.

On September 8, 2012, he made an appearance for Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW), unsuccessfully challenging Masada for the CZW World Heavyweight Championship.

After signing with WWE, he made his final Canadian independent appearance on January 18, 2013, when he worked for the Hart Legacy Wrestling (HLW) promotion in Calgary.

On January 9, 2013, it was reported that he had signed with WWE. The following day, it was specified that he and WWE had agreed to a verbal deal that would be signed after he passed all drug and medical tests. On January 30, 2013, it was reported that he had passed his medical tests and officially signed his contract with WWE.

On February 13, 2013, he made his debut for WWE’s developmental territory WWE NXT, but did not wrestle. His NXT in-ring debut took place at a live event on March 7, 2013, in Tampa, Florida, where he wrestled a tag team match while working unmasked and under his real name.

He eventually settled on the ring name Sami Zayn. He made his televised debut on May 22, 2013, on an episode of NXT, by defeating two former champions in WWE, first defeating Curt Hawkins in the opening match and then challenging and scoring an upset win over Antonio Cesaro later in the show.

Throughout his NXT career, he became a NXT Champion. His last match on NXT was on April 1, 2016, at NXT Takeover: Dallas, in a match against Shinsuke Nakamura.

On May 4, 2015, on an episode of Raw, John Cena issued an open challenge for his United States Championship in which Bret Hart appeared to introduce the next contender, Sami Zayn.

He would make his PPV debut at the Royal Rumble 2016, entering at #20, eliminating Kevin Owens before being eliminated by Braun Strowman.

Throughout his WWE career, he won the 2014 Slammy Award for NXT Superstar of the Year. He still competes in WWE to this day as a part of the Raw brand.

He was born in Montreal, Canada, to Syrian-Canadian immigrants who moved from Homs to Canada in the 1970s. He is a Muslim and speaks Arabic fluently.

My Thoughts: Sami Zayn is a very talented individual. Even though he doesn’t have the best look, character, and charisma in the world. He makes it up with his in-ring presence and his amazing in-ring ability. Ole! Ole! Ole! Ole!

Video: This video contains a match between Sami Zayn and Samoa Joe in a #1 Contender 2 Out of 3 Falls Match on March 9, 2016.

My Thoughts: This was an excellent match that made Sami Zayn looked very good as this was one of his best matches in NXT.

Sami Zayn was excellent in this match as he wanted to get another shot at the NXT Championship. In the first fall of this match, there was no pinfall in this match until over the twenty minute mark as neither man aren’t willing to lose the first fall in this match. Even though Samoa Joe pretty much dominated Sami Zayn throughout the first fall, Sami Zayn kept fighting back despite taking so much punishment. His split-legged moonsault on Samoa Joe to the outside was executed beautifully.

Despite all of his efforts in the first fall, Samoa Joe got the first fall in the match. Even though Sami Zayn lost the first fall, he didn’t give Samoa Joe the first fall quite that easily as Samoa Joe have to fight for it so excellent performance from Sami Zayn in the first fall despite losing the first fall.

The second fall of this match, despite being losing the first fall, Sami Zayn kept on fighting back as he wanted to get the second fall in order to stay alive in this match. Even though once again, Samoa Joe pretty much dominated Sami Zayn in the second fall, Sami Zayn just won’t back down as he hit an awesome somersault dive to the outside on Samoa Joe. After fighting hard against Samoa Joe in the second fall, he finally got the second fall by making Samoa Joe submit. A great comeback for Sami Zayn here as he went through everything to get the second fall.

The third and final fall is where both men got to shine as they gave everything they had to make sure that they would be the next #1 Contender for the NXT Championship at NXT Dallas. Sami Zayn hit an amazing sunset flip powerbomb on Samoa Joe and a running through the middle ropes into a Tornado DDT on Samoa Joe to the outside were amazing to watch. Spectaular effort by both men at the end of this match. However, in the end, Samoa Joe got the win on Sami Zayn as Sami Zayn passed out. Even though Sami Zayn lost this match, he gave everything he had to Samoa Joe and he had nothing to be ashamed of so props to Sami Zayn in this match.

Excellent 2 Out of 3 Falls match as the match made Sami Zayn looked very good here as this was one of his best matches in NXT.

Even though I don’t see Sami Zayn as world champion in WWE, I can see him being an incredible contender in the mid-card division of WWE. Unfortunately, WWE doesn’t see that in him and even though I don’t think Sami Zayn should ever be a world champion in WWE, I could be wrong if he proves me wrong, he still has value in the WWE as the crowd loves him, he’s an excellent wrestler, and he can be used in the mid-card extremely well.

Hopefully, WWE sees that in him and they will use him better in 2017. Till then, he will continue to put out amazing performances in order to entertain the fans. Ole! Ole! Ole! Ole!

After watching the video, give me your thoughts on the video or the wrestler himself. Thank you.

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