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205 Live 6/6/17 Review: TJP Bows Down to The King



205 Live on June 6, 2017 was a good show. 205 Live is a show where the cruiserweights take center stage as they will risk their bodies to entertain us wrestling fans. Let’s break it down:

We start off the show with a video package of Neville beating Austin Aries at Extreme Rules and the Neville and TJP feud. This is good as it lets people know what happened at Extreme Rules as well as what happened between Neville and TJP on Monday Night Raw. Well produced video package here.

Cedric Alexander Vs. Noam Dar was a good match. Before the match, Noam Dar cut a promo in the ring saying that Cedric Alexander called him a snitch and Alicia Fox a black widow last week. He said he would be angry by it, but instead, he felt sorry for Cedric Alexander as Alicia Fox left him for “The Scottish Supernova” Noam Dar. Noam Dar then talked about how Alicia Fox isn’t here as she’s at home resting from injuries and that he will make Cedric Alexander move on from them. As he was about to continue, he got interrupted from Cedric Alexander and then the match started. It’s time to finally settle this feud between Cedric Alexander and Noam Dar so let’s get to it.

Noam Dar did well in this match as he tried to make Cedric Alexander move on from him and Alicia Fox. The way he tripped Cedric Alexander from the top rope with that legsweep kick looked nasty. Not only that, his in-ring psychology was good when he was working on Cedric Alexander’s arm. Good performance from Noam Dar here.

Cedric Alexander did well in this match too as he also tried to move on from Noam Dar and Alicia Fox. His backhand spring roundhouse kick and springboard clothesline on Noam Dar were beautifully to see. Good performance from Cedric Alexander here.

The ending of the match came when Cedric Alexander hit Noam Dar with the Lumbar Check when Noam Dar was running up to him for the pin and win. A nice way to execute the Lumbar Check right there from Cedric Alexander. It seems like the feud between Cedric Alexander and Noam Dar is over as Cedric Alexander told Noam Dar after the match that they’re done as he left the ring. I wish the match could have gone longer to get a decisive conclusion to this feud, but I can’t wait to see what’s next for both men.

Good match and I’m interested to see what’s next for Cedric Alexander and Noam Dar in the WWE Cruiserweight division.

We then get a vignette of TJP and it was good. It was basically his vignette from the Cruiserweight Classic with some extra content which is nice to see as he’s going to face Neville for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship later on the show. Should be a great match. *Dabs*

The backstage interview with TJP by Dasha Fuentes was good. TJP talked about how he was the one that created the cruiserweight division in WWE as Neville was the one who came to him to help him out with his Austin Aries problem, but now, Neville has another problem, the TJP problem.

Neville may think about his actions on what he did to TJP on Monday Night Raw as TJP plans to take back what belongs to his and that is the WWE Cruiserweight Championship. I can’t wait for the match which should be great. *Dabs*

Mustafa Ali Vs. Louie Valle was a good match. Louie Valle made an appearance on 205 Live! Mark out moment! For those of you who don’t know, Louie Valle is also known as Kodama who has worked in Chikara in the past so seeing him here was great to see. Would like to see if WWE can offer him a contract.

Even though Louie Valle got some good offense in this match, Mustafa Ali managed to get the win on Louie Valle with the slight distraction of Drew Gulak which supposed to distract Mustafa Ali as Louie Valle rolled him up with a schoolboy, but Mustafa Ali countered it with an inside cradle pin. Nice counter from Mustafa Ali there as he showed that he can win matches without using his inverted 450 splash.

After the match, Drew Gulak congratulated Mustafa Ali for his win as he won without using his high-flying moves. Drew Gulak then told Mustafa Ali that if he follows him, he will find success. He then told Mustafa Ali that he should ignored the fans and start following him to make a better 205 Live.

As Drew Gulak was about to continue, Mustafa Ali hit a somersault dive on Drew Gulak which took out Drew Gulak. Mustafa Ali then pushed down the “No Fly Zone” sign as he head up the ramp.

It seems like Mustafa Ali is still going to use high-flying moves whether Drew Gulak likes it or not. This feud has been growing between the two for a while now and it’s only a matter of time before they come to blows again. Looking forward to their next match against each other.

Good match and I can’t wait to see what’s next in this Mustafa Ali and Drew Gulak feud.

We then get a vignette of Rich Swann and it was good. Just like with TJP, it was basically his vignette from the Cruiserweight Classic with some extra content which is nice to see. After his feud with Noam Dar, what’s next for Rich Swann? I guess we’ll find out soon enough. You can’t handle this!

The backstage segment between Rich Swann, Akira Tozawa, and Titus O’Neil was good. Rich Swann and Akira Tozawa were speaking to each other backstage until Titus O’Neil showed up! Mark out moment! Didn’t expect Titus O’Neil to show up in 205 Live, but after what he said to Akira Tozawa on Monday Night Raw, it made sense.

Titus O’Neil asked Rich Swann to borrow Akira Tozawa as he said his name wrong where Rich Swann corrected him as Rich Swann left. Titus O’Neil told Akira Tozawa that he wants the Titus Brand to be international and he talked with Apollo Crews and his other Titus Brand companions that Akira Tozawa should join them. Akira Tozawa then seemed surprised as Apollo Crews agreed with Titus O’Neil as Titus O’Neil told Akira Tozawa that he has all the tools to be a star and he just needs to join them to be that star as he wants him to talk to Apollo Crews about it as he left with Akira Tozawa shaking his head.

It seems like Akira Tozawa doesn’t want to be a part of the Titus Brand, but I’m pretty sure that Apollo Crews will try to convince Akira Tozawa on joining. I’m intrigued on what’s going to happen next in this storyline. Good backstage segment here.

Neville Vs. TJP for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship was an excellent match. Mark out moment! After what happened on Monday Night Raw, it led to this match and it was an excellent match where both men looked strong.

Before the match, we saw a backstage interview with Neville by Dasha Fuentes as she asked Neville about the TJP problem where Neville responded by saying that TJP is not a problem, but a tool as he outlasted his usefulness. He then said that he will dispose TJP as he will continue to be “The King of The Cruiserweights”.

Neville is looking ready for a fight against TJP so let’s get started! Good backstage interview here.

TJP did excellent in this match as he tried to get revenge on Neville on what he did to him on Monday Night Raw. His corkscrew plancha on Neville was beautifully executed. His double underhook chickenwing into a double knee gutbuster on Neville looked devastating. The way he worked on Neville’s leg with the dragon leg screw and the running dropkick was excellent in-ring psychology. His counter to the crossface/scissored armbar combination with the inside cradle pin by TJP was smart on TJP’s part. Excellent performance from TJP here.

Neville did excellent in this match as well as he tried to wear down TJP. His corkscrew 450 splash on TJP from the second rope was beautiful to see even though he missed. His counter to TJP’s kneebar into the crossface/scissored armbar combination on TJP was cool to see. Excellent performance from Neville here.

The ending of the match came when Neville locked in the crossface/scissored armbar on TJP to make him tap out for the win. Another win for Neville he remains WWE Cruiserweight Champion. Who’s next for Neville now? My guess is Akira Tozawa, but we’ll see. Bow down to the king!

Excellent match as I’m interested to see what’s next for Neville and TJP in the WWE Cruiserweight division.

Overall, good show for the twenty eighth episode of 205 Live. It’s great to see the cruiserweights with more focus and attention here and it’s only going to get better from here. Looking forward to it.

Mark Out Moments: 3

That is my review of 205 Live on June 6, 2017.

Do you agree or disagree with my thoughts on this show?

What do you like and dislike about the show?

Put them in the comment section below.

Thank you for reading.

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