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205 Live on June 20, 2017 was a good show. 205 Live is a show where the cruiserweights take center stage as they will risk their bodies to entertain us wrestling fans. Let’s break it down:

We start off the show with a backstage segment with Akira Tozawa, Rich Swann, and Titus O’Neil and it was good. Akira Tozawa and Rich Swann were talking to each other backstage as Rich Swann will face Neville later on the show until Titus O’Neil showed up. Rich Swann was about to leave until Titus O’Neil told Rich Swann that he can be part of the Titus Brand as well along he does something with his hair as Rich Swann left. Titus O’Neil then told Akira Tozawa that thanks to him, the Titus Brand will go international. He then offered Akira Tozawa a contract to be an official member of the Titus Brand as Akira Tozawa was hesitant at first until Titus O’Neil offered him a deal, but Akira Tozawa wasn’t convinced. Titus O’Neil then told Akira Tozawa to give him a few days as he has a deal that Akira Tozawa can’t refuse as he left singing while Akira Tozawa shook his head.

No matter what Titus O’Neil has done, he can’t convince Akira Tozawa to join the Titus Brand. I’m very curious on what this deal that Titus O’Neil will have on Monday Night Raw for Akira Tozawa, but I’ll guess we’ll have to wait until then. Good backstage segment here.

Gentleman Jack Gallagher Vs. Tony Nese was a good match. Before the match, we got a recap of what happened last week as Austin Aries told the WWE Universe that he isn’t medically cleared where Tony Nese interrupted him as Gentleman Jack Gallagher stopped him. This is good as it shows what happened last week and it shows why this match is happening so that was good. During the match, we also see Austin Aries watching the match backstage as he has interest in the match after what Tony Nese did to him last week.

Gentleman Jack Gallagher did well in this match as he tried to teach Tony Nese a lesson about respect. His headbutt to Tony Nese looked devastating. Tony Nese also did well in this match to show why he is the priemer athlete. His lariat to the back of Gentleman Jack Gallagher’s head looked devastating. Good performances by both men here.

The ending of the match came when Tony Nese faked a shoulder injury in the corner as Tony Nese threw Gentleman Jack Gallagher to the bottom turnbuckle and hit the running knee strike to the corner on Gentleman Jack Gallagher for the pin and win. Smart strategy from Tony Nese there as he used the opportunity to get himself the win.

Good match and I’m interested to see what’s next for Gentleman Jack Gallagher and Tony Nese.

The backstage segment between Alicia Fox, Noam Dar, Cedric Alexander, and Ariya Daivari was good. Noam Dar was talking to Alicia Fox backstage on the phone to tell her to move on from Cedric Alexander. Cedric Alexander then showed up and told Noam Dar that he is done with him and Alicia Fox. Alicia Fox then told Cedric Alexander that it’s not over until she says it’s over as Noam Dar told Cedric Alexander that he should quit 205 Live or else they will make his life miserable. Cedric Alexander then told Noam Dar that he have beaten him multiple times already and wonder when they realize that they failed. Alicia Fox then told Cedric Alexander that they haven’t failed as Noam Dar said his bag is gone as Cedric Alexander told him that his bag is still here as he left.

As Noam Dar was asking Alicia Fox about Cedric Alexander’s bag, Ariya Daivari showed up and asked Noam Dar where his bag is as it’s from his father as it costed $15,000 as Noam Dar quietly left while Ariya Daivari yelled where his bag is.

Well, Noam Dar took the wrong bag and he’s probably going to pay the price for it now. I’m curious to see what happens next in this Cedric Alexander and Noam Dar feud. Good backstage segment here.

We then get a video package of the Mustafa Ali and Drew Gulak feud where Mustafa Ali talked about how Drew Gulak is nothing, but a bully and he doesn’t like bullies so he fights them. This is good as it shows what happened between the two for the past month and why they’re feuding in the first place so I appreciated that. Well produced video package here.

Mustafa Ali Vs. Drew Gulak was a good match. When Drew Gulak made his entrance, he talked about how ground based offense is the way of 205 Live. He then told Mustafa Ali that his high-flying abilities are not needed and that ground based offense does. He then told Mustafa Ali to join him to make a better 205 Live and make this match a no fly zone.

Before that could happen, Mustafa Ali hit a dropkick on Drew Gulak and hit a corkscrew plancha on Drew Gulak before the match even started. I really like how Mustafa Ali is pissed off and enraged towards Drew Gulak after everything he has done to him and he should be which is why I love how he attacked Drew Gulak before the match even start so that’s nice.

Drew Gulak did well in this match as he tried to make Mustafa Ali stay grounded throughout the match. The way he pushed Mustafa Ali off the ropes onto the floor looked painful as heck and the way he was working on Mustafa Ali’s arm was good in-ring psychology. Mustafa Ali did well in this match too as he shows that high risks are high rewards. His rolling through the middle ropes into a jumping neckbreaker was beautifully executed. Good performances by both men here.

The ending of the match came when Mustafa Ali was about to hit Drew Gulak with a front missile dropkick, but Drew Gulak caught him and was about to lock in a Boston Crab, but Mustafa Ali rolled him up for the pin and win. A good win for Mustafa Ali as he beat Drew Gulak in his own game. I don’t think this is the end of the feud between these two and it’s only heating up at this point.

Good match and I’m intrigued on what’s coming next in this feud between Mustafa Ali and Drew Gulak.

The backstage segment between Gentleman Jack Gallagher and Austin Aries was good. Gentleman Jack Gallagher was walking backstage until Austin Aries threw a towel while eating a banana. He told Gentleman Jack Gallagher that he saw him losing to Tony Nese and that maybe, they should do something about it as since Neville, TJP, and Tony Nese are cutting corners, maybe they should do the same. Gentleman Jack Gallagher didn’t want to do it, but Austin Aries then told him that they should work together as Gentleman Jack Gallagher agreed to it as they shook hands.

The way Austin Aries was teasing to cut corners was kind of suspicious as they’re possibly doing a heel turn with Austin Aries and if they are, I don’t mind as it could be great. Till then, don’t mind seeing Gentleman Jack Gallagher and Austin Aries working together in the meantime. Good backstage segment here.

We then get a recap of what happened on Monday Night Raw last week when Neville attacked Rich Swann before their match even started. This is good as it shows what happened last week on Monday Night Raw and why these two are fighting in the main event later on the show. Looking forward to that match when it happens.

The backstage segment between Rich Swann and TJP was good. Rich Swann was walking backstage until TJP showed up and told Rich Swann that he doesn’t appreciate of what he told him last week about taking shortcuts and doing his way as Rich Swann responded by saying that if he got into his head, he’s sorry as it isn’t about that. TJP then told Rich Swann that Rich Swann that he should go out there and show him what he told him about taking care of business as he left.

I have a feeling that TJP may be taking a close eye on the main event later on the show to see if what Rich Swann said to him can really work. I can see TJP interfering in the main event, but we’ll see. Good backstage segment here.

Rich Swann Vs. Neville was an excellent match. Mark out moment! Akira Tozawa was at ringside for this match as he was watching Neville in action as he is looking to become the next #1 Contender for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship.

Rich Swann did excellent in this match as he’s trying to get back into the WWE Cruiserweight Championship picture. His somersault dive on Neville to the outside was beautifully executed. His superkick and roundhouse kick on Neville looked devastating. His running clothesline on Neville looked cool as he made Neville flipped out. His modified spinning Michinoku Driver on Neville looked devastating as well. Excellent performance from Rich Swann here.

Neville did excellent in this match as well as he is showing why he is the WWE Cruiserweight Champion. His running back elbow on Rich Swann looked devastating. The way he countered Rich Swann’s rolling thunder splash into a double knee counter was cool to see. His flapjack on Rich Swann on the announce table looked painful as heck as it looked like Rich Swann was out cold for a moment there. Excellent performance from Neville here.

The ending of the match came when Rich Swann tried to hit a corkscrew 450 splash on Neville, but Neville rolled out of the way and locked in Rich Swann with the crossface/scissored armbar combination to make Rich Swann submit for the win. A great win for Neville as he set his eyes on Akira Tozawa for his next possible title defense as he stared at Akira Tozawa after the match. I can’t wait for these two to collide once it finally happens. Bow down to the King!

Excellent match as I can’t wait when Neville and Akira Tozawa face each other for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship.

Overall, good show for the thirtieth episode of 205 Live. It’s great to see the cruiserweights with more focus and attention here and it’s only going to get better from here. Looking forward to it.

Mark Out Moments: 1

That is my review of 205 Live on June 20, 2017.

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