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205 Live on July 11, 2017 was a good show. 205 Live is a show where the cruiserweights take center stage as they will risk their bodies to entertain us wrestling fans. Let’s break it down:

We start off the show with a backstage segment between Akira Tozawa and Ariya Daivari and it was good. Akira Tozawa was listening to Titus O’Neil backstage on the phone as Titus O’Neil told him that even though Akira Tozawa lost to Neville at Great Balls of Fire, he got his win back against Neville in a tag team match by pinning him. He then told Akira Tozawa that he’s going to get him a rematch with Neville for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship.

Ariya Daivari then came in and asked Akira Tozawa on how he earned a rematch against Neville as Titus O’Neil questioned why Ariya Daivari was there as Ariya Daivari grabbed the phone and hung him up. Ariya Daivari then told Akira Tozawa that he set up a match between the two of them as he questioned Akira Tozawa’s honor for him following Titus O’Neil. Akira Tozawa then told Ariya Daivari that he shouldn’t question his honor as Ariya Daivari told Akira Tozawa that their match is up next as he left.

It seems like Ariya Daivari has an issue with Akira Tozawa and will deal with him next. Let’s see what they will do against each other next. Good backstage segment here.

Akira Tozawa Vs. Ariya Daivari was a good match while it lasted. Before the match, we got a recap of what happened at Great Balls of Fire and Monday Night Raw where Neville and Akira Tozawa gave each other low blows and beating each other in the ring. I have a feeling that the feud between these two is far from over and I expect a rematch between them down the line, but let’s get back to the match itself.

The match was starting to pick up steam until Neville came in and pulled Akira Tozawa’s leg down as his head hits the ring apron causing a disqualification where Neville threw Akira Tozawa to the barricades and started to beat him down. He then threw in the ring, kicked his arm, and locked in the crossface/scissored armbar combination on Akira Tozawa until a referee came in to break it up.

Neville just completely destroyed Akira Tozawa here. This is building up to a rematch between the two down the road and I can’t wait to see it when it happens. Bow down to the king!

Good match for what it was and great post-match as I’m waiting to see the rematch between Neville and Akira Tozawa for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship.

We then get a recap of what happened two weeks ago when Mustafa Ali defeated Drew Gulak. This is good as it shows what happened two weeks ago and it ties into our next segment which we’ll talk about next.

The backstage promo that Drew Gulak cut was good. Drew Gulak was backstage talking about how two weeks ago, he did something that wasn’t him as he did a high-flying move that wasn’t necessary. He then talked about how he’s offering Mustafa Ali a match for next week as he wants a 2 Out of 3 Falls match where he wants to make a better 205 Live.

Mustafa Ali Vs. Drew Gulak in a 2 Out of 3 Falls match next week should be great and I’m pretty sure that Mustafa Ali will accept the match. Looking forward to that match next week. Good backstage promo here.

We then get a video package highlighting the feud between Rich Swann and TJP. This is good as it shows what happened between these two for the past few weeks. I expect TJP to turn on Rich Swann on some point in this feud, but we’ll see. Well produced video package here.

Rich Swann Vs. Mario Conners was a good match. Before the match started, TJP came out and watched from ringside. It seems like TJP has some unfinished business with Rich Swann if he’s coming out to watch Rich Swann’s match here. Anyway, back to the match itself.

Mario Conners surprisingly got some good offense in this match as he hit a nice Tornado DDT on Mario Conners, but Rich Swann managed to get back at Mario Conners with a spin kick followed by a corkscrew 450 splash for the pin and win. Mario Conners was impressive and I wouldn’t mind seeing him back down the line.

After the match, TJP cut a promo by saying that Rich Swann’s win over Mario Conners could have been so much better since he beat him last week as he entered the ring. TJP then said that if he was facing Mario Conners, he would beat him more quickly than what Rich Swann did. TJP then offered Mario Conners an opportunity to face him right now in which Mario Conners accepted. TJP then asked for the timer to show up on the time that Rich Swann beat Mario Conners. He then told Rich Swann that either Mario Conners is tougher than he looks or Rich Swann needs to step up his game. TJP then said that he’ll beat Mario Conners a lot quicker than Rich Swann as the match got underway.

TJP acting all confident here and showing that he still has some issues with Rich Swann here even though it seemed kind of friendly. Let’s see if TJP can beat Mario Conners quicker than Rich Swann.

Mario Conners Vs. TJP was a good squash match. TJP said that he could beat Mario Conners quicker than Rich Swann and he did just that.

The ending of the match came when TJP hit a Detonation Kick (Fireman’s Carry Overhead Kick) on Mario Conners for the pin and win in twenty eight seconds. Now granted, this was Mario Conners’ second match so he didn’t have time to prepare for this match which was why he was defeated quickly. However, TJP doesn’t care because he showed Rich Swann that he is better than him. I expect this feud to continue a lot more when TJP finally had enough of Rich Swann and will take him out for it. Only time will tell though.

We then see Cedric Alexander backstage as he’s ready to face Noam Dar in an I Quit match later on the show. This is good as it shows Cedric Alexander is here and he’s ready for his match. Can’t wait to see the blow-off to this feud.

The promo segment between The Brian Kendrick and Gentleman Jack Gallagher was great. The Brian Kendrick came out to the ring dressing as a gentleman as he talked about how people should be laughing at Gentleman Jack Gallagher on what he represents and what he does because it’s foolish. People said that people called Gentleman Jack Gallagher unconventional and unorthodox, but he’s just a clown and The Brian Kendrick is sick of it. He then talked about how he worked so hard to get back into the WWE and while Gentleman Jack Gallagher hasn’t done anything to deserve to be in this spot. He then told the WWE Universe that they should be ashamed of themselves for supporting Gentleman Jack Gallagher and not him.

As The Brian Kendrick was about to continue, Gentleman Jack Gallagher showed up and told The Brian Kendrick that what he said about him not working hard to get here is wrong as he just worked as hard as The Brian Kendrick to get here. He then congratulated The Brian Kendrick for WWE giving him a second chance as he ruined his first chance which made The Brian Kendrick pissed off. He then said that he will prove to The Brian Kendrick that he can fight and will not back down from anyone as he’s his own man as he entered the ring. Gentleman Jack Gallagher then told The Brian Kendrick that he will show him who he is and what he is made of and he’s not afraid to back down from him.

This led to Gentleman Jack Gallagher attacking The Brian Kendrick with punches and a headbutt as The Brian Kendrick rolled out of the ring. The Brian Kendrick then got back in the ring and attacked Gentleman Jack Gallagher with an umbrella until referees came out to stop him.

Man, The Brian Kendrick completely got Gentleman Jack Gallagher here and the exchange between them on the mic was pretty great work. I’m interested to see how this feud will play on in the next few weeks. He’s a man with a plan!

Great promo segment and I can’t wait to see these two collide the next time they meet.

We then see Noam Dar and Alicia Fox backstage as Noam Dar is getting ready for his match against Cedric Alexander in an I Quit match. It should be brutal and this should be a great way to finish this feud. Let’s see how it will turn out.

We then get an announcement that next week, it will be Mustafa Ali Vs. Drew Gulak in a 2 Out of 3 Falls match! Mark out moment! These two have been feuding for a few months now and it will probably be the end of the feud next week. Looking forward to that match as it should be great.

We then get a video package highlighting the feud between Cedric Alexander and Noam Dar. This is good as it shows the feud between these two and it will finally come to an end. Let’s talk about his match next!

Cedric Alexander Vs. Noam Dar in an I Quit match was excellent! Mark out moment! After these two have been feuding with each other for months, it finally came to a close as it was an excellent way to end this feud as both men brought it here.

Noam Dar did excellent in this match as he tried to get revenge on what Cedric Alexander has to him and Alicia Fox for the months they have been feuding. His soccer kick to Cedric Alexander on the leg to make Cedric Alexander hit head first onto the floor looked painful as heck. The way he was working on Cedric Alexander’s body parts was excellent in-ring psychology. Excellent work from Noam Dar here.

Cedric Alexander did excellent in this match too as he tried to get this feud over with between him, Noam Dar, and Alicia Fox. His reverse STO on Noam Dar looked devastating and it has knocked out Noam Dar for quite a bit. His springboard clothesline on Noam Dar was on the money. Excellent work from Cedric Alexander here.

The ending of the match came when Cedric Alexander got Noam Dar’s harm locked up in a chair and he repeatedly stepped on Noam Dar’s arm until Noam Dar said I Quit to win the match. After feuding with Noam Dar for months, it finally came to an end. A great win for Cedric Alexander as I expect him to be the next #1 Contender for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship after the feud between Neville and Akira Tozawa is done.

After the match, Noam Dar cut a promo and told Alicia Fox that he quits, not to Cedric Alexander, but to Alicia Fox. He told Alicia Fox that he signed his contract with WWE at twenty two years old and a year later, he has gained a following from women across the globe as he can get any woman that he wants right now. He then told Alica Fox that the reason why he chose to be with Alicia Fox is that he used her to gain fame and it worked. He then told Alicia Fox that they’re through as he was about to say her full name, but stop at Alicia and left with Alicia Fox crying in the ring.

Not only the feud between Cedric Alexander and Noam Dar is over, but the pairing of Noam Dar and Alicia Fox is over. I’m really going to miss this pair especially with Noam Dar saying Alicia Fox’s name, but it’s time to move on into the next chapter of the career of Noam Dar in WWE. Alicia…

Excellent I Quit match and I’m interested on what’s going to happen to Cedric Alexander, Noam Dar, and Alicia Fox after this feud.

Overall, good show for the thirty third episode of 205 Live. It’s great to see the cruiserweights with more focus and attention here and it’s only going to get better from here. Looking forward to it.

Mark Out Moments: 2

That is my review of 205 Live on July 11, 2017.

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