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NXT on July 26, 2017 was a good show that is building up NXT Brooklyn III in three weeks. Let’s break it down:

We start off the show with Ember Moon Vs. Lei’D Tapa and it was a good women’s squash match. Wow, I didn’t expect Lei’D Tapa to make an appearance on NXT so that surprised me. She was still kind of green in this match, but she made Ember Moon looked strong as I was surprised that the match ended quickly for the way it did.

The ending of the match came when Ember Moon hit The Eclipse (Diving corkscrew stunner) on Lei’D Tapa for the pin and win in two minutes. I thought that this match would have been longer since Lei’D Tapa is a lot larger than Ember Moon in terms of size, but Ember Moon beat her pretty quickly.

After the match, Ember Moon cut a promo in the ring saying that she wants Asuka at NXT Brooklyn III. She then said that Asuka wants competition and she will be the one that will give her all that she desires because she’s ready to defeat Asuka as Asuka should asked herself if she is ready for Ember Moon.

Ember Moon is looking to get her rematch against Asuka from NXT Dallas and looks to defeat Asuka at NXT Brooklyn III. I have a feeling she could do this time around, but will the match be made official? I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

Good women’s squash match as I’m waiting to see if Asuka accepts the challenge from Ember Moon.

We then see a tweet from Roderick Strong saying that he’s not done with Bobby Roode. I guess the feud between Roderick Strong and Bobby Roode is not over according to Roderick Strong here. I expect these two to go at it again in the near future, but will it be for the NXT Championship? We’ll have to wait and see for that.

We then get a vignette of Aleister Black and it was good. NXT is still making a big deal out of Aleister Black and it’s only a matter of time when he gets a shot at the NXT Championship. Fade to black!

Just a reminder that Poison Pens by Creeper is a theme for NXT Brooklyn III and it’s a good song. NXT Brooklyn III is three weeks away and I can’t wait for the show. It should be great.

David Ramos & Timothy Bumpers Vs. Authors of Pain never started as Authors of Pain were making their way to the ring, Nikki Cross appeared in front of them blocking their path as SAnitY attacked David Ramos and Timothy Bumpers from behind and threw them out of the ring. Authors of Pain then went in the ring while passing Nikki Cross as they began to brawl with SAnitY.

Authors of Pain got the better of SAnitY by taking out both Alexander Wolfe and Killian Dain out of the ring. Killian Dain then tried to get inside the ring, but Nikki Cross pulled him back as Alexander Wolfe pointed and laughed at Authors of Pain from the floor.

It didn’t go as planned for SAnitY here, but they are in the mind of Authors of Pain at the moment so it’s working for them. I’m not really sure how this feud will work since they’re both heels, but the match up is intriguing so let’s see how this goes.

Good segment here as I want to see Authors of Pain and SAnitY come to blows.

We then get another vignette of Street Profits as they’re coming to NXT soon. Their characters seemed interesting so far and I wish them the best of luck when they make their debut in NXT as a tag team.

We then get a recap of what happened two months ago when Cezar Bononi got an upset victory over Andrade “Cien” Almas and what happened last week when Andrade “Cien” Almas beat up Cezar Bononi and called out No Way Jose. This is good as it’s showing the development of the feud between No Way Jose and Andrade “Cien” Almas and it ties into the next segment which we’ll talk about next.

The segment between No Way Jose and Zelina Vega earlier in the show at the parking lot was good. No Way Jose was heading to the arena from the parking lot until Zelina Vega showed up and told No Way Jose that she admired No Way Jose defending Cezar Bononi, but he interfered in Andrade “Cien” Almas’ business as she left with No Way Jose shaking his head.

It seems like Zelina Vega is getting in the head of Andrade “Cien” Almas as he’s taking care of his business for himself and for her and it starts with No Way Jose. This should be a very interesting feud where the match should happen at NXT Brooklyn III, but we’ll see. Also, the name Zelina Vega for Thea Trinidad is a good name personally. I like it. Good segment here.

Cezar Bononi Vs. The Velveteen Dream was a good match. The character that The Velveteen Dream is playing is doing wonders for him as it may be an awkward gimmick for some, but it’s effective and he can get it done in the ring.

Cezar Bononi got some nice offense in this match with the atomic drop and the dropkick, but The Velveteen Dream got the better of him with the side rolling fireman’s carry followed by Purple Rainmaker (Diving elbow drop) for the pin and win. Another win for The Velveteen Dream and I like the name Purple Rainmaker for his finisher, a nice tribute to Kazuchika Okada with his Rainmaker in some ways.

After the match, Kayla Braxton tried to interview The Velveteen Dream about his goals in NXT, but The Velvteen Dream responded by saying what are Kayla Braxton’s goals in NXT as he has no interest for an interview because of the crowd as he left.

I’m starting to like this character of The Velveteen Dream every time I see him and I can’t wait to see his first feud in NXT.

Good match and I can’t wait to see on who will The Velveteen Dream will feud with first in NXT.

The backstage interview with William Regal with Christy St. Cloud was good. Christy St. Cloud interviewed William Regal in his office about the NXT Women’s Championship situation as William Regal said that he agrees with what Ember Moon said and that it will be Asuka Vs. Ember Moon for the NXT Women’s Championship at NXT Brooklyn III.

It’s official! Asuka Vs. Ember Moon for the NXT Women’s Championship at NXT Brooklyn III! Mark out moment! The rematch has been a long time coming and I can’t wait for the match at NXT Brooklyn III. It should be excellent. Good backstage interview here.

Just a reminder that No Fear by Phil Ade featuring Saba Abraha and Tale Kobang is a theme for NXT Brooklyn III and it’s a good song. NXT Brooklyn III is in three weeks and I can’t wait for the show. It should be great.

The promo segment from Drew McIntyre was great. Drew McIntyre came into the ring and talked about he’s excited to face Bobby Roode for the NXT Championship at NXT Brooklyn III. He then said that he didn’t realize until getting released from WWE that to be the best, he would have to outwork and out train himself to be better than everyone else as no one would do it for him as he has to take ownership over his career.

He then talked about how the more success he attained from working elsewhere, he got better which led him back to NXT. He then said that everyone in the audience that is NXT does not belong to Bobby Roode, but it belongs to everyone as they are NXT.

The energy Drew McIntyre brought in this promo was great as he realized to be better, you have to train and work harder which led him to get a second chance with the company and now, he’s making the best out of it. Bobby Roode Vs. Drew McIntyre at NXT Brooklyn III for the NXT Championship should be great. Stand up!

Great promo and I’m looking forward to Bobby Roode Vs. Drew McIntyre for the NXT Championship at NXT Brooklyn III.

We then get another vignette of Aleister Black and it was good. The NXT Championship picture will soon fade to black.

We then get an announcement that next week, Bobby Roode will make an appearance and Johnny Gargano will take on Raul Mendoza. Next week’s show should be interesting to watch. Looking forward to it.

The backstage interview with Raul Mendoza by Kayla Braxton was good. Raul Mendoza talked about how he’s been training hard and maybe next week, it will be more about him than Johnny Gargano.

It seems like Raul Mendoza has developed a character here which is nice to see and I’m glad that Raul Mendoza is a part of the NXT roster as his performance at CWC was great. Hope to see more of him in the future. Good backstage interview here.

Kassius Ohno Vs. Hideo Itami was a great match. After these two having issues with each other for the past few months, it finally led up to this match and they delivered a great match.

Hideo Itami did great in this match as he tried to teach Kassius Ohno about respect. His strikes and kicks to Kassius Ohno in this match looked devastating. Kassius Ohno did great in this match as well as he tried to get Hideo Itami to come to his senses. His discus bicycle kick on Hideo Itami was well executed. Great work from both men here.

The ending of the match came when Hideo Itami hit Kassius Ohno with a kick to the groin which led to a disqualification and made Kassius Ohno win the match. I question whether or not that kick to the groin was intentional, but either way, a win for Kassius Ohno.

After the match, Hideo Itami continued to beat down on Kassius Ohno as the referee tried to stop him as Hideo Itami hit two Go To Sleep on Kassius Ohno followed by a Go To Sleep on the steel steps where he left afterwards.

So I guess that kick to the groin was intentional as he continued to beat up Kassius Ohno afterwards and he got some heel heat on him. This is the official heel turn for Hideo Itami and I like it. This will probably lead up to a rematch between the two probably at NXT Brooklyn III which should be great as what they showed here was great. Hope to see more of this soon.

Great match and great post-match as I want to see how Kassius Ohno will respond to Hideo Itami after what he did to him post-match.

Overall, good show that is building up NXT Brooklyn III in three weeks. Next week, we are going to have Bobby Roode making an appearance, Johnny Gargano Vs. Raul Mendoza, and an appearance from Asuka which should be interesting to see. Looking forward to it. NXT! NXT! NXT!

Mark Out Moments: 1

That is my review of NXT on July 26, 2017.

Do you agree or disagree with my thoughts on this show?

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