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NXT on August 2, 2017 was a good show that is building up NXT Brooklyn III in two weeks. Let’s break it down:

We start off the show with Johnny Gargano Vs. Raul Mendoza and it was a good match. Great to see Johnny Gargano back in the ring as he was out for more than two months. Like the new theme he has. Very good.

Raul Mendoza hit a nice spinning enzuiguri on Johnny Gargano that nearly took him out. Johnny Gargano hit a devastating slingshot spear on Raul Mendoza that looked cool. Good work from both men here.

The ending of the match came when Johnny Gargano locked in the chickenwing over the shoulder crossface on Raul Mendoza to make him submit for the win. A good win for Johnny Gargano as he’s looking to make a name for himself as a singles wrestler.

Good match and I’m interested to see what NXT has planned for Johnny Gargano in his singles run.

Just a reminder that Bleeding in the Blur by Code Orange is a theme for NXT Brooklyn III and it’s a good song. NXT Brooklyn III is two weeks away and I can’t wait for the show. It should be great.

We then get a recap of what happened last week when Authors of Pain fought with SAnitY as they brawl with each other as it was officially announced that it will be Authors of Pain Vs. SAnitY for the NXT Tag Team Championships at NXT Brooklyn III. Don’t know how I feel about this match as it’s heel vs. heel, but it should be a lot of fun.

The backstage promo from Authors of Pain and Paul Ellering was good. Paul Ellering said that he has a message for SAnitY as Authors of Pain will write the next chapter in NXT Brooklyn III where they will walk out victorious, but until then, SAnitY better be ready as monsters are real.

Authors of Pain are not messing around at all and they’re looking ready to face SAnitY at NXT Brooklyn III. Will be interesting to see how the match will play out. Good backstage promo here.

The segment between Asuka and Ember Moon was good. Asuka made her way to the ring and cut a promo by saying that she has beaten Ember Moon before and she will do it again at NXT Brooklyn III as Ember Moon is not ready for her.

This led to Ember Moon coming out as she told Asuka that she has done everything she can to prepare for this match since NXT Orlando. She then told Asuka that she’s afraid of her because she’s afraid of the truth and that truth is Asuka is not ready for Ember Moon. Asuka then extended her hand to Ember Moon for a handshake while nodding her head at Ember Moon. Ember Moon was about to shake Asuka’s hand, but Asuka pulled her hand away and slapped Ember Moon. This angered Ember Moon as she brawled with Asuka until Asuka kicked her in the head and threw her out of the ring. Asuka then raised her title up high until Ember Moon hit The Eclipse (Diving corkscrew stunner) on Asuka and left the ring.

Asuka may think that Ember Moon is not ready for her, but it seems to me that Ember Moon is definitely ready for Asuka if she managed to pull that off. Looking forward to the rematch between the two at NXT Brooklyn III.

Good segment as Asuka Vs. Ember Moon for the NXT Women’s Championship at NXT Brooklyn III should be an amazing match.

The backstage segment between Bobby Roode, Roderick Strong, and William Regal was good. Bobby Roode was being interviewed backstage about Roderick Strong as Bobby Roode said that Roderick Strong was playing the lottery against him and he lost. He said that Roderick Strong will probably go after him again, but he said he doesn’t belong in his NXT as it’s his.

Bobby Roode was then asked about Drew McIntyre as he said that Drew McIntyre has been a new man since his return and he proposed a sitdown conversation with him. He was about to leave until Roderick Strong came in, but was pulled back by the NXT locker room as Bobby Roode made his escape.

William Regal then came in and told Roderick Strong that his behavior is unprofessional and Roderick Strong told William Regal that he would do anything he asked as all he wants is Bobby Roode. William Regal then told Roderick Strong that the NXT Championship match is set at NXT Brooklyn III as Roderick Strong left being pissed off.

I don’t blame for Roderick Strong for being frustrated here as Bobby Roode has been disrespecting his family for a month and he’s sick of it. It’s possible that Roderick Strong may be added to the NXT Championship match at NXT Brooklyn III, but I don’t know if they should do it or not. Either way, would love to see Bobby Roode and Roderick Strong again so they can continue their feud. Good backstage segment here.

We then get another vignette of Street Profits and they will be making their debut on NXT next week. It’s about time that Street Profits are going to be making their debuts and I’m looking forward to it next week.

Jenna Van Bernel Vs. Sonya Deville was a good women’s squash match. Sonya Deville was showing her character here and she’s slowly improving in the ring which is nice to see as she has a lot of potential to be a threat in the NXT women’s division.

Jenna Van Bernel did get a little bit of offense in this match, but Sonya Deville got the better of her as she locked in the flying triangle armbar to make Jenna Van Bernel tap out for the win. A good win for Sonya Deville as she’s looking to make a statement in NXT.

Good women’s squash match and I’m interested to see what plans NXT has for Sonya Deville.

The segment between Hideo Itami and Aleister Black by Kayla Braxton was good. Hideo Itami was backstage being interviewed by Kayla Braxton as she asked Hideo Itami about his actions as of late. Hideo Itami said that he does not get the respect he deserves so why he should respect others. He then started to speak Japanese until Kayla Braxton told him that something happened as Hideo Itami took the mic from her and head to the ring.

Hideo Itami told the NXT Universe that he wants respect as the referee tried to plead with Hideo Itami to leave the ring. He then said that it doesn’t matter who is next as he started to speak Japanese once again until Aleister Black showed up and appeared right in front of Hideo Itami.

Hideo Itami was about to leave the ring until he tried to attack Aleister Black, but Aleister Black hit a spin kick on Hideo Itami and knocked him out as Aleister Black did his pose in the ring.

Dang, Hideo Itami took that spin kick hard as he was knocked out cold after that. It seems like they might do Aleister Black Vs. Hideo Itami at NXT Brooklyn III after what happened here since Kassius Ohno will probably be out for a while due to what happened last week. It should be an interesting match when it happens.

Good segment as I’m intrigued of a possible match/feud between Aleister Black and Hideo Itami.

We then get an announcement that next week, it will be No Way Jose Vs. Andrade “Cien” Almas. Well, there goes another possible match at NXT Brooklyn III out of the window. Wonder what NXT has in plan for these two if they’re going to give the match away on TV. I guess we’ll see, but it should be good.

Aleister Black Vs. Kyle O’Reilly was an excellent match. Mark out moment! Not only that, Kyle O’Reilly has made an appearance on NXT! Mark out moment! For those of you who don’t know, Kyle O’Reilly is well known for his work in ROH and NJPW so seeing him is great. With Bobby Fish making an appearance a few weeks ago, it’s possible we’ll get reDRagon in NXT which would be very cool. Anyway, we’ll talk about that later. Let’s get back to the match itself.

Kyle O’Reilly did excellent in this match as he was trying to make a big impression in his debut in NXT. His counter to Aleister Black’s spin kick into the ankle lock was well countered and the way he hit a legsweep kick while Aleister Black was going for a middle-rope springboard moonsault looked devastating. His scissors stomp to Aleister Black’s head followed by an elbow smash looked like it knocked Aleister Black out. The way he was working Aleister Black’s arm throughout the match was excellent in-ring psychology. Excellent work from Kyle O’Reilly here.

Aleister Black did excellent in this match as well as he continued to be a force within NXT. His kicks and strikes to Kyle O’Reilly looked vicious and lethal. His middle-rope springboard moonsault on Kyle O’Reilly was well executed. Excellent work from Aleister Black here.

The ending of the match came when Aleister Black hit a spin kick on Kyle O’Reilly for the pin and win. An amazing win for Aleister Black as he’s showing that he’s a man to be reckoned within NXT. Kyle O’Reilly may have lost here, but I don’t think it’s the last we have seen of Kyle O’Reilly in NXT. Hope to see him again with Bobby Fish to have reDRagon in NXT as they would be great for the NXT tag team division. Only time will tell though.

Excellent match and I’m looking forward to seeing what NXT has planned for Aleister Black and NXT, please sign Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish so we can get reDRagon in NXT!

Overall, good show that is building up NXT Brooklyn III in two weeks. Next week, we are going to have the debut of Street Profits and No Way Jose Vs. Andrade “Cien” Almas which should be interesting to see. Looking forward to it. NXT! NXT! NXT!

Mark Out Moments: 2

That is my review of NXT on August 2, 2017.

Do you agree or disagree with my thoughts on this show?

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