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NXT 8/16/17 Review: Not So Glorious For The Chosen One



NXT on August 16, 2017 was a good show that is building up NXT Brooklyn III this week. Let’s break it down:

We start off the show with a contract signing between Asuka and Ember Moon hosted by William Regal and it was good. William Regal was in the ring as he called out Asuka and Ember Moon for the contract signing where they made their way to the ring.

Ember Moon praised Asuka for her accomplishments in NXT especially her undefeated streak as she even surpassed Goldberg’s undefeated streak. Ember Moon then told Asuka that she has taken shortcuts to one person and that one person is her. Asuka injured her before she could get her rematch at NXT Brooklyn III as Ember Moon said that she refused to be the victim as she has become stronger, faster, and better than ever because of Asuka. She then said thank you to Asuka as she will be the one to end Asuka’s reign as NXT Women’s Champion.

Ember Moon and Asuka then signed the contract as William Regal made the match official. Asuka then spoke in Japanese to Ember Moon’s face as the two stared at each other.

Ember Moon is looking to get vengeance on Asuka and she’s looking to do that at NXT Brooklyn III. I can definitely see Ember Moon being the one to dethrone Asuka at NXT Brooklyn III, but we’ll see when the match happens. Looking forward to it.

Good contract signing as the match between Asuka Vs. Ember Moon for the NXT Women’s Championship at NXT Brooklyn III should be amazing.

Just a reminder that Bleeding In The Blur by Code Orange is a theme for NXT Brooklyn III and it’s a good song. NXT Brooklyn III is this week and I can’t wait for the show. It should be good.

The backstage segment between William Regal and Lars Sullivan earlier in the show was good. William Regal was in his office backstage telling a joke to a cameraman until Lars Sullivan came in and told William Regal that he knows that he had shortcomings with tag team matches in the past, but he wants one more chance as he promised to never leave his partner again. William Regal then gave Lars Sullivan one more chance as Lars Sullivan smiled as he left.

Even though Lars Sullivan doesn’t seem bad on the mic, his voice doesn’t sound like a monster at all to be quite honest with you. If he’s going to talk, make it minimal and have a manager with him to do the talking for him. We’ll see how Lars Sullivan will do this time in his next tag team match. Good backstage segment here.

Street Profits Vs. Lars Sullivan & Chris Silvio was a good tag team squash match. Chris Silvio made an appearance on NXT! Mark out moment! Chris Silvio is known for his work in OVW so seeing him was great. Would like to see him get signed as he’s a talented wrestler.

Unfortunately, Chris Silvio couldn’t do anything much as Street Profits got the better of him as Angelo Dawkins hit a pop-up spinebuster on Chris Silvio followed by a frog splash from Montez Ford on Chris Silvio for the pin and win. Another win for Street Profits while Lars Sullivan suffered another loss due to his tag team partner.

After the match, Lars Sullivan looked disturbed as Street Profits celebrated as they retreated to the back. Lars Sullivan then entered the ring and was about to hurt Chris Silvio, but ended up taking Chris Silvio to the backstage area. He then brought Chris Silvio to a picnic area and slammed Chris Silvio against a guardrail fence as he threw him into a small dumpster as bystanders hid their faces and looked away as Lars Sullivan made his exit.

Well Lars Sullivan kept his promise kind of, at least it wasn’t in the ring. Though, he’s still a man that shouldn’t be messed with. It will be interesting to see if he continues to be in tag team matches or eventually goes solo. We’ll see.

Good tag team squash match and good post-match as I want to see what Lars Sullivan does next in NXT and I want to see more of Street Profits.

Ruby Riot Vs. Billie Kay was a good women’s match. We get a recap of what happened last week when The Iconic Duo made fun of Ruby Riot backstage which led up to this match and it was a good match.

Billie Kay hit a nice looking inverted stomp facebreaker on Ruby Riot while Ruby Riot hit a devastating looking modified headscissors driver into the turnbuckle on Ruby Riot. Good work from both women here.

The ending of the match came when Ruby Riot hit a wind-up overhead kick on Billie Kay for the pin and win. A good win for Ruby Riot as she got the better of The Iconic Duo after their insult to her last week.

After the match, Peyton Royce got on the mic and said that all that Ruby Riot has done is that lightning only strikes once. She then called Ruby Riot a loser and that she’ll never be iconic as Ruby Riot stared at The Iconic Duo as she left while The Iconic Duo made their exit.

It seems like The Iconic Duo is not finished with Ruby Riot yet and it’s just the beginning for them. We’ll see how The Iconic Duo get the better of Ruby Riot the next time they come across with each other.

Good women’s match and I’m intrigued on how they’re going to continue the feud between Ruby Riot and The Iconic Duo.

Just a reminder that Poison Pens by Creeper is a theme for NXT Brooklyn III and it’s a good song. NXT Brooklyn III is this week and I can’t wait for the show. It should be great.

We then get a video package hyping up Authors of Pain Vs. SAnitY for the NXT Tag Team Championships at NXT Brooklyn III and it was great. Even though I was against the idea of these two teams facing off each other at first, I think the dynamic between these two teams would be a lot of fun as I think we’re going to get a big fight feel between these two teams. Looking forward to the match at NXT Brooklyn III. Well produced video package here.

Just a reminder that No Fear by Phil Ade featuring Saba Abraha and Tate Kobang is a theme for NXT Brooklyn III and it’s a good song. NXT Brooklyn III is this week and I can’t wait for the show. Should be great.

Drew McIntyre Vs. Roderick Strong was a great match. After what happened last week when Roderick Strong wants a match with Bobby Roode for the NXT Championship, it led to this match where if Roderick Strong wins, he will get his title match after NXT Brooklyn III.

Roderick Strong hit a devastating looking belly-to-back suplex on Drew McIntyre on the ring apron and the way he grabbed Drew McIntyre into a backbreaker was impressive as it showcased the strength of Roderick Strong. Drew McIntyre hit a devastating looking reverse double leg slam. Great work from both men here.

The ending of the match came when Roderick Strong was able to hit a top rope move on Drew McIntyre in ther tree of woe, but Bobby Roode interfered and tossed Roderick Strong out of the ring and started to beat up Drew McIntyre to cause a no contest. A shame that the match had no finish as it was starting to pick up really well, but it protects both men so I’m fine with the outcome.

Bobby Roode then started threw Roderick Strong to the steel steps and hit Drew McIntyre with a Glorious DDT (Lifting DDT) as he posed with his NXT Championship afterwards while yelling at Drew McIntyre that NXT is his.

Bobby Roode is sending a message to Drew McIntyre early and he’s ready to face him at NXT Brooklyn III. Roderick Strong won’t be happy about the outcome and will soon get his hands on Bobby Roode eventually. Looking forward to the NXT Championship match at NXT Brooklyn III. Glorious!

Great match and good post-match as I’m looking forward to Bobby Roode Vs. Drew McIntyre for the NXT Championship at NXT Brooklyn III.

Overall, good show that is building up NXT Brooklyn III this week. Next week, we are going to have the fallout of NXT Brooklyn III which should be interesting to see. Looking forward to it. NXT! NXT! NXT!

Mark Out Moments: 1

That is my review of NXT on August 16, 2017.

Do you agree or disagree with my thoughts on this show?

What do you like and dislike about the show?

Put them in the comment section below.

Thank you for reading.

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