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205 Live 9/12/17 Review: Why Jack Why?!



205 Live on September 12, 2017 was a great show. 205 Live is a show where the cruiserweights take center stage as they will risk their bodies to entertain us wrestling fans. Let’s break it down:

We start off the show with a backstage segment with Rich Swann and TJP by Dasha Fuentes and it was good. Rich Swann talked about how he knows TJP more than they know themselves as Dasha Fuentes showed Rich Swann his victory over TJP two months ago. TJP then showed up and talked about his win over Rich Swann a month ago as we saw footage of that. Rich Swann asked TJP if he can handle himself losing once he beats him as he left with TJP smirking from behind.

I think this friendly competition is starting to heat up big and not in the way they think it’s going because neither man wants to lose so let’s see who has to lose in this next match. Good backstage segment here.

Rich Swann Vs. TJP was an excellent match. Mark out moment! As expected, another excellent match between these two as these two know each other so well and they delivered once again.

TJP did excellent in this match as he tried to get another win over Rich Swann. His belly-to-back inverted powerslam on Rich Swann looked devastating. His roundhouse kick to Rich Swann knocked him out a bit and his double underhook chickenwing into a double knee gutbuster on Rich Swann looked painful as heck. Excellent work from TJP here.

Rich Swann did excellent in this match as well as he tried to get another win over TJP. His cannonball senton from the ring apron to the floor on TJP was beautifully executed. His roundhouse kick to TJP knocked him out a bit and his spinning Michinoku Driver was beautifully executed. Excellent work from Rich Swann here.

The ending of the match came when Rich Swann hit a corkscrew 450 splash on TJP for the pin and win. A great win for Rich Swann as he beat TJP in their third match. Can you handle this?!

After the match, Rich Swann extended his hand towards TJP and TJP refused it. Rich Swann was about to leave until TJP grabbed him by the arm and extending out his hand as Rich Swann shook it with TJP immediately letting it go as he left the ring unhappy.

Even though TJP may have shaken the hand of Rich Swann, but I bet he wasn’t happy about losing at all. Is this the part where TJP will turn on Rich Swann? I guess we’ll see soon enough.

Excellent match and I’m intrigued if TJP will turn on Rich Swann after what happened in their match.

We then get a recap of what happened last week when Cedric Alexander eliminated three men in the #1 Contender’s match, but gets pin by Enzo Amore with the use of the tights. This is good as it shows what happened last week and it ties into the next segment which I will talk about next.

The backstage segment between Cedric Alexander, Mustafa Ali, and The Brian Kendrick was good. Cedric Alexander was warming up backstage as Mustafa Ali was telling him that he would have won the match last week if Enzo Amore didn’t come in and cheated to win. Cedric Alexander then said that he could have done something to Enzo Amore, but it won’t do anything for him as he will focus on getting back on track.

The Brian Kendrick then showed up and told Cedric Alexander that the reason why he lost is that he has nothing to fight for and isn’t do anything to do that. Cedric Alexander then told The Brian Kendrick that he is fighting to win, but not by cheating. The Brian Kendrick then told Cedric Alexander that he reminds him of Gentleman Jack Gallagher as he doesn’t like how this generation does things and he’s going to show how it’s done.

The Brian Kendrick has said a lot of tough words to Cedric Alexander, but that won’t stop Cedric Alexander from doing what he does. The match between Cedric Alexander and The Brian Kendrick later on the show should be great. Good backstage segment here.

The promo segment between Drew Gulak and Breezango was great. We see a tweet from Microsoft Office as they want to see what’s in Slide 3 of Drew Gulak’s PowerPoint Presentation. That was cool. Drew Gulak talked about how his PowerPoint presentation was entertaining, but it was ruined by Akira Tozawa. He was annoyed by Akira Tozawa’s chants and he isn’t here on this show as he has other commitments while his ideas are being put down by people. He then continued the presentation by starting on Slide 3.

His third slide talked about how people should not do chants in segments and matches as he wants complete silence. His fourth slide talked about how people should not wear elaborate ring gear as his gear should be what everyone wears in wrestling. His fifth slide talked about how there should be no interruptions especially when he’s talking.

As Drew Gulak was about to continue, Breezango appeared! Mark out moment! Okay, this was a nice surprise, I didn’t see Breezango coming to 205 Live so this was a nice treat. Fandango asked Tyler Breeze on who Drew Gulak is and Tyler Breeze said his name incorrectly as Drew Gulak corrected him, but they didn’t care as they entered the ring. Tyler Breeze said that someone is doing some impersonating as Fandango thinks that Drew Gulak is playing as Captain Underpants. Drew Gulak then said that he’s not Captain Underpants as he said he has no idea who he is.

Fandango then told Drew Gulak if he’s not a captain, he will treat him as a perpetrator as he sniffed Drew Gulak around. Tyler Breeze then said that Breezango came to 205 Live for one reason and that is to find a person being Captain Underpants as he asked Drew Gulak if he knows anything about it. Tyler Breeze then said Breezango loves underpants and other clothing, but what Drew Gulak is wearing is too much as Fandango called Drew Gulak a disgusting freak as Drew Gulak told them that they’re not real cops and was about to leave, but Breezango had Drew Gulak arrested as they tied him up.

Drew Gulak was trying to escape from Breezango, but Breezango caught Drew Gulak from escaping. Tyler Breeze then said that their case has been closed as they carried Drew Gulak to the back.

This was a great and entertaining segment. The chemistry between Breezango and Drew Gulak was hilarious and it was fun to watch. I want to see more of these types of segments if we can because these are entertaining to watch.

Great promo segment and I want to see how Drew Gulak gets out of this.

We then get a recap of what happened on Monday Night Raw when Enzo Amore challenged The Miz to a match where he lost and afterward, he was being laughed at by Neville backstage as Neville will face Enzo Amore for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship at No Mercy. Should be an interesting match. I don’t know if Enzo Amore should win the belt as I think Neville should retain, but we’ll see when the PPV comes.

Cedric Alexander Vs. The Brian Kendrick was a good match for what it was. We get a recap of what happened two weeks ago when The Brian Kendrick beat Gentleman Jack Gallagher in a No Disqualification match. This is good as it showed what happened two weeks ago and it showed why Gentleman Jack Gallagher hasn’t appeared in 205 Live as of late. Anyway, back to the match itself.

The way The Brian Kendrick pulled Cedric Alexander to the steel turnbuckle on Cedric Alexander’s throat looked painful as heck as Cedric Alexander couldn’t breathe for a moment. Cedric Alexander hit a nice somersault dive on The Brian Kendrick to the outside. Good work from both men here.

The Brian Kendrick was about to finish Cedric Alexander off, but then Gentleman Jack Gallagher ran to the ring as The Brian Kendrick got the ring bell and was about to use it on Gentleman Jack Gallagher, but Gentleman Jack Gallagher got the ring bell and was about to hit The Brian Kendrick with the umbrella, but ends up hitting Cedric Alexander with the umbrella instead leading to Cedric Alexander winning by disqualification.

He then continued to beat up Cedric Alexander with the umbrella as well as his stomps before putting him away with a headbutt as he kicked him out of the ring. He then stared at The Brian Kendrick as offered his hand to him as The Brian Kendrick shook his hand as both men nod their head in agreement.

Wow, I didn’t expect Gentleman Jack Gallagher to turn heel here. That was unexpected. Did The Brian Kendrick get in the head of Gentleman Jack Gallagher to make him turn heel? Either way, I’m pretty intrigued on where this will go and hopefully, we’ll get answers soon.

Good match for what it was and great post-match and I’m intrigued on how this alliance between Gentleman Jack Gallagher and The Brian Kendrick will go.

Overall, great show for the forty-second episode of 205 Live. It’s great to see the cruiserweights with more focus and attention here and it’s only going to get better from here. Looking forward to it.

Mark Out Moments: 2

That is my review of 205 Live on September 12, 2017.

Do you agree or disagree with my thoughts on this show?

What do you like and dislike about the show?

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