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I haven’t watched WWE programming since the end of August and I have to admit that it is a bit refreshing. I recently moved and decided not to get cable or purchase the WWE Network. I still keep up with the dirtsheets and get updates from friends. However, I must admit that I do not miss watching WWE.

Judging from the reports, pictures, and “bullet point” previews, I’m not missing much. It’s as if WWE hasn’t done much in the past two weeks. Nothing made me think “man…I’m really missing out”. Instead, I feel relieved that I didn’t waste 3+ hours watching a show that just leaves me disappointed.

Braun is returning? Great. Reigns can beat him down. Kane is back? As much as I like Kane…come on. Emma was released? About time. Summer Rae was released? She was a waste of time. Roman Reigns is the face of the show. He’s the focal point because WWE tells you he is. John Cena is few and far between, at this point. The rest are just costars.

However, I did get a roku stick and got one of the free apps. In that app, I’m able to watch the TNA Network…for free. Judging from WWE’s recent “house cleaning” and the letting go of Jeff Jarrett, things are up in the air for TNA programming (or GFW…I don’t know). But some of the content, on the TNA channel, contains their older stuff. It gives me a quick wrestling fix.

But I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. I think I’m outgrowing professional wrestling. It’s just not the same magic spectacle it used to be. WWE is the major league, in the US. The entertainment value has plummeted (much like the audience and ticket sales) and the company has become a mockery of itself. Read any of the focus points for tonight’s RAW. There’s more nicknames, catch-phrases, and jargon than common English. If I can’t understand the preview, why would I bother tuning in? Nothing is drawing me in. It boils down to the fans (long time and casual) easily knowing what AND HOW everything will happen. The payoff isn’t there and the company continues to spoon feed the same old slop over and over. No longer are we to believe in the characters because, after all, they’re just entertainers who are reading from a script. Unless you’re a big name, in pop-culture, you’ll be batting even in WWE.

Do I miss watching WWE? I miss watching the WWF. Maybe I’m stuck in the past or maybe I just miss decent programming. The moment WCW folded was the moment WWE realized they didn’t have to work hard anymore. They befriend their competition and only acknowledge them when it’s for their favor. RAW is WAR didn’t need to brag about beating ESPN, network TV, and Nickelodeon but today’s RAW does. Maybe I’ll catch RAW when ‘Mania season comes back up but, again, I question what’s the point? At least I have MNF to hold me over, now.



I miss chatting with everyone and I’ll try to swing by as often as I can. Until next time, stay safe.

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