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FCW Sunshine: Troy Jackman



Topic/Subject: Today, I will be showing a match that involves a man who is a delta.

Wrestler: “The Delta” Troy Jackman (Ian Richardson/Tristan Delta).

Background Information: Troy Jackman is from Santa Barbara, California. Before starting a career in professional wrestling, he was a former football player.

He signed a contract with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) in mid-2008 and was assigned to their developmental territory, Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW).

He made his first debut in FCW at a FCW live event on August 9, 2008, using his real name, Ian Richardson, in a tag team match where he teamed up with Jack Gabriel to take on Johnny Prime and Kafu where they lost.

He made his debut as a singles wrestler in FCW at a live event on August 6, 2008, where he went up against Mike Kruel and gained a victory over him.

He then continued to have more singles and tag team matches at FCW live events from late August to mid-November in 2008.

On November 20, 2008, he made his debut on FCW TV in a dark match against Kris Logan where he was defeated.

On December 11, 2008, he made his debut on FCW TV using his real name in a match against Dakota Darsow where he was defeated.

On January 29, 2009, he was given a new ring name, Tristan Delta. He made his debut using that ring name in a FCW live event where he teamed up Taylor Rotunda to take on Caylen Croft and Trent Beretta in a winning effort.

He then made his return to FCW TV on February 5, 2009, using the ring name, Tristan Delta, in a match against Alex Riley in which he lost.

On March 5, 2009, he was given another new ring new name, Troy Jackman. He made his debut with the new ring name in a six man tag team match teaming up with Byron Saxton and Dylan Klein to take on Johnny Curtis, Tyler Reks, and Yoshitatsu in a losing effort.

He made his return to FCW TV on April 9, 2009, using the ring name, Troy Jackman, in a tag team match teaming up with Dylan Klein to take on Kafu and Sweet Papi Sanchez in a losing effort.

He got his first win on FCW TV on July 12, 2009, where he defeated Bo Rotundo. On September 3, 2009, he teamed up with Fletcher Chase and they became a tag team as they defeat the likes of Bo Rotundo and Duke Rotundo as well as Fred Rosser and Johnny Prime.

On September 15, 2009, he got released from his WWE contract and has never wrestled since then.


Despite him being green in the ring, the man has a great look that could have been a big star for WWE.

My Thoughts: Troy Jackman is a man that I thought could have been something in WWE. Even though he was lacking the character, the charisma, and the in-ring ability, the man had a great look and he has a certain presence about him that makes me think, “This guy is a future star”. Delta!

Video: This video contains a match between with Troy Jackman and Bo Rotundo on July 12, 2009.

My Thoughts: This was a solid match between two young men who were trying to make a name for themselves in FCW. Even though Troy Jackman was very green at the time, he did well in this match.

Before I talk about the match itself, I have to talk about the pairing of Troy Jackman and Fletcher Chase. These two together are great for each other because both men use their strengths to cover their partner’s weaknesses. For example, Troy Jackman has the look and can be a beast in the ring at times, but he lacks character and charisma. However, that’s where Fletcher Chase comes in to cover that for him. While Fletcher Chase lacks the look, Troy Jackman can back him up so both men were meant for each other.

However, that’s another story for another day so let’s not go into detail with them that much. Now, back to the match.

Like I said, the match was solid and I thought that Troy Jackman did a decent job here in this match. That spinebuster that he does looks very devastating I have to admit, it looks kind of cool.

Even though I thought that Troy Jackman was very green in the ring, the man looks like a million bucks. With more training, he could have been a great superstar for WWE. Unfortunately, it never came to be. I wish him luck on what he’s doing currently. Delta!

After watching the video, give me your thoughts on the video or the wrestler himself. Thank you.

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