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Report: Accused steroid dealer “will release evidence” against Roman Reigns



Accused steroid dealer Richard Rodriguez is claiming that he has evidence to counter Reigns’ claim that he never met Rodriguez and never did any business with him. Last week, a video was posted on YouTube of filmmaker Jon Bravo interviewing Rodriguez, who is currently incarcerated. Josh Duhamel, Mark Wahlberg, Reigns were named by him as clients.

Rodriguez said that he communicated via text messages with Reigns. He says that he has text messages, tracking numbers, and addresses where product was shipped. Rodriguez hinted that other higher profile celebrity could eventually be outed as customers.

Rodriguez said that Reigns was introduced to him “a couple of years ago” and his protocol changed because of WWE’s drug testing schedule. Rodriguez said that he named these people because there are loose ends with his case and said that outing names helped with his plea deal.

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