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Top WWE Star Returns, New Champion Crowned At WWE Extreme Rules



Roman Reigns defeated AJ Styles via pinfall to retain the WWE Championship at Sunday’s Extreme Rules pay-per-view. Reigns hit Styles with a spear as Styles was attempting to hit the phenomenal forearm off the ropes.

Seth Rollins then came out to attack Reigns. He hit him with a Pedigree and then stood over Reigns with the WWE Championship. As reported last week, the plan was for Rollins to come back on the Raw after Extreme Rules but it looks like they decision was made to bring him back a day early so he could kick off his storyline with Roman Reigns.

Also on the show, Rusev defeated Kalisto for the United States Championship at WWE Extreme Rules. They did a spot with Kalisto being slammed off the top onto the ring apron area of the ring. The announcers played up Kalisto’s back issues and the referee pleaded with Rusev to back off as he checked on Kalisto.

Rusev ignored the referee and applied The Accolade submission. Kalisto submitted and we have a new champion.

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