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Big Backstage News On The Departure of Cody Rhodes



Cody Rhodes WWE

On Monday morning’s Wrestling Observer radio, Dave Meltzer had some more information on Cody Rhodes’ WWE departure. He noted that Cody wanted to drop the Stardust character to honor his father and the teasers on social media were supposed to lead to that. At the time, fans thought that it was just Cody messing with fans on social media but he absolutely wanted to drop the gimmick but Vince McMahon made the call to keep him as Stardust. The plan was for him to drop the Stardust gimmick right after WrestleMania. That explains why he was egging the fans to chant “Cody” & “Dusty” at him during matches.

The two head writers he referenced in his statement on Sunday were Ed Koskey, as the Brian Gerwitz wannabe, and Ryan Ward, the guy he said that would hit on the Divas.

On Tuesday’s Wrestling Observer, Dave Meltzer returned on the radio that there is some heat on Cody Rhodes over the comments made in his statement on Sunday. The issue was with what he said about the “Brian Gerwitz wannabe” and about the writer that he said was too busy hitting on developmental Divas. As previously noted, Rhodes is under a non-compete since his contract has not run out. WWE has the option to keep a talent from working in another wrestling or MMA promotion until their contract runs out or if they are fired. There have been exceptions with some people, Alberto Del Rio and CM Punk, so it’s possible that something can be worked out but it would be hard to see WWE agreeing to let him go work for a company like ROH or TNA.

There is reportedly no issue with Goldust and WWE, despite the reports over the weekend about him and Cody leaving Smackdown early.

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