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Update On WWE Draft, Championships Brand Exclusive, Second World Title?



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Bryan Alvarez and Mike Sempervive talked about the news that broke on Wednesday morning regarding Smackdown moving to Tuesday’s and the upcoming brand split. In a Breaking News audio update on the Wrestling Observer website, Dave Meltzer noted that Vince McMahon is really pumped up and he’s full of ideas and the expectation is that the company will get aggressive in their pursuit of talent from other companies. Alvarez confirmed the news.There will be a champion on the Raw brand and another champion on the Smackdown brand. As of now, the plan is to have two world champions. Also, while not official, Meltzer said that the assumption within WWE is that the United States title would be on one brand and the Intercontinental title would be on the opposite brand. There’s no word on what the plans are for the rest of the titles. Alvarez said that he’s heard that the women would be exclusive to one brand and there will obviously be a lot of call-ups from NXT. Also, as of today, the plan is for the tag team titles to be defended on both shows. In other words, the tag team champions would wrestle on both brands. He also said that he has also heard that the Intercontinental title and United States title would be on opposite brands. Alvarez stressed that when WWE purchased WCW, they had tons of ideas but most of the ideas were never put in place.

The draft is scheduled for July 11 on Raw. There are talents in the company, including one big name, that have no idea what brand they will be on. If you look at how WWE handled the draft in the past, it’s very possible that talents will not know what brand they will be on until it’s announced on TV. For example, several years ago, Jim Ross found out live on the air that he was being drafted to SmackDown.

The decision to go forward with the draft was made within the last couple of weeks and the video of Stephanie and Shane McMahon announcing the draft was shot on Monday night.



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