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Aroluxe Not Buying TNA, Update On POP TV



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There is still nothing new regarding the sale of TNA Wrestling but, as reported in the Wrestling Observer newsletter, it looks like Aroluxe will not be the ones getting the company. TNA is in talks with someone else and the hope, from the TNA side, is that they will be able to keep the current management team in place with Dixie Carter staying in charge. TNA would still need to generate revenue but at least they would be buying time if they are able to get an investor to put money into the company.

There were some people that were not too happy about Carter talking about getting a 3am massage especially during a time when people are not being paid on time and there is so much uncertainty about the future of the company. The perception among some is that she comes off bad posting things like this and she lives in a big house in Nashville but still can’t get the issues with pay on track.

There has also been speculation whether Impact Wrestling will move to a different timeslot or a new night when WWE SmackDown goes live on the USA Network on Tuesday nights starting on July 19th. is reporting that there has been no decision made regarding Pop TV moving Impact Wrestling to a different night. If Impact Wrestling stays in their current timeslot, the show will go to head to head with SmackDown during the 9:00 pm EST hour.

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