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Goldberg’s 2K Deal, Possible WWE Return?



WWE 2k17

The big news coming out of this week’s RAW is the announcement that Goldberg will be in WWE 2K17 this year. This is something that 2K wanted before but a deal wasn’t worked out until now. The 2K commercial and the deal with Goldberg were done on the 2K side, not WWE. Obviously, Vince McMahon has a say in who goes into the game, but 2K made the deal.

With all of that being said, history generally points to wrestlers eventually doing business with WWE after being featured in the video game. Ultimate Warrior’s video game deal ultimately led to him reconciling with the company and doing business with them again and Sting’s deal with 2K led to him wrestling a few matches with WWE before retiring this year. Prior to the partnership with 2K, Brock Lesnar was featured in WWE ’12, which lead to him returning to the WWE a year later. So this could mean that Goldberg and WWE will work something out for a match. Goldberg has said in interviews that he would be open to one more match if the price is right. He has talked with Triple H in the past year and told him that he would be willing to put bad feelings aside if the company wants to sit down with him to work something out and he has stated that his son wants to see him wrestle live.

For those that missed it, here is the pre-order trailer for the game:

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