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Kane Declared Mayor of Knox County



The results are in! Glenn Jacobs, also known as Kane, has officially been declared Mayor of Knox County after the election was called in his favor.

Several outlets including WBIR, WLVT, and WATE have reported Kane winning the election over Linda Haney after gaining a 2-to-1 lead in votes. Kane held a commanding lead in the race with more than 66% of the total votes in his favor, with nearly 96% of the votes already being accounted for. All of the votes being counted (73,000+) so far are for absentee ballots, early votes, and today’s electoral votes, and he holds the lead in all three categories.

Kane was touted as an early favorite in the race over Linda Haney and picked up a big endorsement from the Knoxville News Sentinel. He can be seen speaking after being declared the winner below:

Author’s Note: Congratulations to Kane on his win!

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