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Update On Lesnar Fighting In UFC Again, CM Punk Competing Soon



On this morning’s Wrestling Observer radio, Dave Meltzer gave some more details on the negotiations to get Brock Lesnar on next month’s UFC 200 pay-per-view. The deal was probably finalized very recently but the talk is that he started training in April, which would be around the time that Conor McGregor was pulled off UFC 200. The deal was obviously done with WWE’s blessing and, while some may say that UFC owes WWE a favor, you could also say that WWE owed UFC a favor for allowing Ronda Rousey to appear at WrestleMania 31 in San Jose. There is also a rumor going around where Lesnar held up the WWE for a one-off fight in his contract & that is why his match with Ambrose at WrestleMania 32 was short & harmless.

The word going around is that an announcement regarding Lesnar’s opponent will happen on Monday on ESPN. Frank Mir can’t fight because he’s under suspension for a drug failure but Mark Hunt’s name has been speculated. Hunt’s name has been denied by people in UFC.

There is a big risk for Lesnar for agreeing to this fight. Lesnar will be turning 39 next month and hasn’t fought in 4 years. If he fights someone like Mark Hunt, then there’s a legitimate chance that he could get knocked out and that could threaten SummerSlam and hurt his value to WWE. If he gets a medical suspension then it will be interesting to see if WWE adheres to it. There’s also the possibility of a concussion.

In other UFC news, it seems UFC is finally going to see the debut of CM Punk because FS1 is scheduling their documentary feature on him to lead up to August so that likely means 8/20 or September. Punk’s opponent, Mickey Gall, has said publicly that the fight is on and it will happen in the late Summer. And for those asking if Punk will fight Lesnar, it would be next to impossible because Punk is not even in the same weightclass.

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