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Is Moose On His Way Out Of ROH And On To WWE?



Moose was in Orlando with WWE star Apollo Crews on Wednesday afternoon. As it turns out, he was just there visiting and that does not mean that he has signed a deal with WWE. The Wrestling Observer newsletter reports that Moose’s deal with ROH is still in existence so any talks with another promotion would be considered tampering. He becomes a free agent this month so it might just be a matter of letting his contract expire before he can officially talk with WWE or TNA.

Internally, the talk in WWE was to have him debut in September as part of the incoming class. Moose is keeping quiet on everything until his situation is final. As of last week, ROH thought that there was a good chance of keeping him and the fact that he won in a multiple person match over the weekend would be an indication that they think they can get him to stay.

Moose also sent out a tweet on Wednesday saying, “I will always have a special spot in my heart for ROH.” Many people interpreted that as him saying that he is leaving soon. He is still scheduled to wrestle at the Best In The World pay-per-view on 6/24.

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