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Report: TNA Now Has New Owners, Dixie Still In Charge



TNA Logo

Reports are running rampant of TNA’s financial turmoil and possible corporate takeover. The PWTorch Newsletter recently reported that Aroluxe Marketing has officially taken ownership of the name “TNA.” Dixie Carter’s company still owns the names “Impact Ventures,” “TNA Entertainment,” and “TNA Wrestling.”

Despite Aroluxe now doing business under the name “TNA,” Mike Johnson of reports that as of this morning Dixie Carter is still the majority owner of the wrestling promotion.

Aroluxe Marketing, and mainly their two employees Ron & Don Harris, have been handling TNA’s production and the company has fronted money to TNA to fund their TV tapings. Aroluxe has also been assigned TNA’s payroll duties, and will continue working on the production for Impact Wrestling.

When the news broke of Aroluxe’s possible takeover back in April, fans began tweeting Pop TV executives with photos of the Harris brothers sporting Nazi-themed tattoos and t-shirts. This could lead to major public relations problems for TNA, as once photos like that hit the internet they never disappear.

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