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Goldberg Comments On The Ryback/Goldberg Chants, His Biggest Regret In Wrestling + More



In an interview to promote WWE 2K17, Goldberg spoke about his greatest regret in wrestling, a rematch with Brock Lesnar and more. Here are highlights:

On a rematch with Brock Lesnar:

“There hasn’t been a day go by since he and I stepped out of that ring in Madison Square Garden I haven’t wanted to hook up with him again. For sure.”

On people chanting his name during Ryback matches:

“Whatever it was [or] whatever it is that brings people to chanting my name, I’m greatly appreciative and I ask that not one of you think for one second that I am not. What I think of Ryback, like I said, I haven’t really watched the product. I obviously watch all of my social media feeds and I see all of the comparisons. Every once in a while I’ll see something that he has said and really it’s not my business anymore. I’m not involved. As far as giving a reaction or a rebuttal to someone’s comments towards me, I do that every once in a while. At the end of the day, I’m appreciative that people would make any kind of comparison with me and somebody in the current [professional wrestling] business in a positive light. And as far as what I think of Ryback’s concerned, I mean, more power to him. I hope nothing but success to him, but if he ever was in the ring in front of me, he [has] got a serious problem.”

On his biggest regret:

“I wouldn’t have kicked Bret Hart in the head. I respect Bret. I look up to Bret. A tear comes to my eye when I even think about it. For an icon like him to have his career cut short by a mistake or an accident by myself is almost impossible to deal with. So that’s truly to me, not to be selfish, but to make myself feel better, but, at the end of the day, I just wish I could take that back.”

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