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WWE To Bring Back Brand Exclusive PPVs Soon?



WWE Network

WWE may be expanding their pay-per-view schedule to two events per month. A fan mentioned that he heard Jerry “The King” Lawler mention the upcoming brand split at the Annual Superman Celebration in Metropolis, Illinois. Lawler noted that the plan is to do two pay-per-view events per month. One show would be a Raw-branded event and the second would be a Smackdown-branded show. This is different from the last time they did the brand split. They did do Raw and Smackdown-only pay-per-views before but those shows alternated between months. Obviously, the goal here is to help boost WWE Network subscribers.

Lawler also said that there would be just one show during the months when there’s a “big four” event (Royal Rumble, WrestleMania, SummerSlam and Survivor Series). Lawler was the first to break the news in October about Smackdown going live and moving to Tuesday’s so he seems reliable in about future plans.

As previously noted, the current plans for the upcoming brand split are for Roman Reigns and John Cena to be the face of their respective rosters. The draft is currently scheduled to take place on the 7/11 episode of Monday Night Raw.

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