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WWE Great Tajiri Discusses Possible WWE Main Roster Return



Tajiri WWE

Tajiri recently had an “AMA” on Reddit, Tajiri commented on his time in WWE and if he’d like to return. He was recently included on the list of wrestlers in the WWE Crusierweight Classic. Here are highlights:

On working with Eddie Guerrero:

“Eddy is too much of a genius, and I felt pressure every time I was with him. When near Eddy, I feel like nothing, so in order to overcome that I had to fight. Before matches, Eddy was very nervous himself, and was praying, or would hug very tight before the matches started, which surprised me, as someone that good and that much of a genius could possibly be that nervous.”

On William Regal playing jokes on him:

“William said that spam is food for poor people, so he’d point and me and say “so you like it!” He gave me a spam T-Shirt and told me to wear it in a match. Or when he was at the supermarket, he would take pictures of SPAM and send them to me. He still did this even after I returned to Japan.”

On a WWE main roster return:

“At some point I would like to return as an old man, and do a very slow slide into the ring, and a handspring elbow. I was able to do everything except heavyweight and intercontinental titles, so there’s not much left for me to do. Many who were fired seem to want to come back, but I don’t feel that way. I think I’ve done everything I can as a Japanese guy this size.”

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