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Son Of WWE Legend Gets Tryout, Cruiserweight Classic Tapings



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– Cedric Rougeau, the son of former WWE Intercontinental Champion Jacques Rougeau, will be getting a tryout at the WWE Performance Center in September. Cedric is 6’8 and weights 285 pounds and is just 23 years old.

Cedric’s name first came up within WWE about a year ago. He and Jacques met with WWE before the 5/4/15 event in Montreal and they finally got the call this week. Cedric has been wrestling for his father’s promotion since 2010.

Sébastien Déziel, a student at Rougeau Wrestling school in Montreal, will also be getting a tryout in September.

– WWE will be holding Cruiserweight Classic TV tapings this Thursday at Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida and is reporting that most of, if not all of, the 32 competitors will be at the tapings. The talents will also have to under physicals and blood tests. WWE has brought in some talents in case they are needed as alternates for the tournament.

WWE is still working on the bracket for the tournament and plans to make the show very sport-like.

The Cruiserweight Classic is set to begin airing on Wednesday, July 13th at 9 pm on the WWE Network. Triple H and the head writer of NXT will be in charge of writing the show.

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