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Latest On Paige being Detained By Police After WWE MITB, Details Inside



Paige WWE

As previouslyreported by Wrestlecorp, WWE womens wrestler Paige was detained after the WWE money In The Bank Pay Per View.  Court Bauer and Konnan (who is a good friend of Alberto Del Rio), discussed the post-Money in the Bank incident with Paige on MLW Radio. According to Konnan, the whole thing happened when Paige and Del Rio went to see the Absinthe variety show in Las Vegas and got heckled by a drunk couple. The couple called Paige and Del Rio “fake wrestlers” and other things of that nature. An argument broke out and Paige was “accosted,” after which police were called to the scene. Everyone involved was handcuffed and Paige was briefly taken to an ambulance to make sure she was okay. The two were free to go after that and there wasn’t any drunkenness on their part, nor any domestic dispute or jaywalking.

Video of Paige’s being detailed by police in Las Vegas after Money in the Bank have come online. You can see the video below, which shows Paige being led away. No charges were filed in the incident and she left the hospital after initially being taken there. WWE is still investigating.


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