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WWE Quietly Making Changes For Upcoming Brand Split



WWE is now referring to the WWE World Heavyweight Championship as simply the WWE Championship. This is a subtle change as they get ready for the brand split. As previously noted, the plan is to create a second main title. When they did the first brand split several years ago, they referred to the two main titles as the “WWE Championship” and “World Heavyweight Championship.”

Also, on this week’s episode of Raw, the commentators mentioned that whoever ends up running Raw and Smackdown will be known as the Chief Operating Officer of their show, which coincidentally was Triple H’s onscreen title when he transitioned from full time wrestler. It looks like they will be doing away with using the term General Manager.

The idea behind the draft is to help boost Smackdown’s ratings when they move to Tuesday night’s. USA Network’s overall ratings have slipped in recent years but wrestling has usually kept them near the top in the overall cable ratings.

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