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Roman Reigns Ordered To Apologize To Locker Room Before Suspension



Roman Reigns Suspended

Prior to being sent home last week, Roman Reigns was ordered to go into the locker room to apologize to everyone. The word is that Mark Carrano was the person who told Reigns to apologize. If that is the case then that means that the order came from Triple H and not Vince McMahon. Some of the talent felt that there was no need to humiliate him but that feeling was not shared by everyone.

Reigns is going to lose out on a lot of money during the time he’s sitting at home. Suspended talent does not get paid and, in his case, it will probably cost him around $100,000 or more because he’s booked as a main eventer at every house show. Suspended wrestlers still get their merchandise checks and royalties. Dean Ambrose is picking up where Reigns left off and he’s being used as the headliner on house shows.

This was the first wellness violation to be acknowledged on TV but they had no choice this time since word got out on every wrestling website and some mainstream sites. Plus, they had to explain why Reigns, who is in the Battleground main event, will be off TV for the next few weeks.

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