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TNA Stars Unhappy About Being Pulled From Shows



As of late, many TNA talents have been pulled from appearances in the UK. Some were pulled from the 8/13 Southside Wrestling Entertainment show and XWA’s Summer Supershow. The XWA show is said to be their most expensive event to date and they now have to get replacements and they likely will have to eat the cost of the plane flights. There is a lot of unhappiness about this because the UK dates pay considerably more than what TNA pays for TV tapings. The reason why the talent was pulled was because TNA decided to schedule TV/PPV tapings from 8/11 to 8/14. Those dates have not been announced but they are on the internal schedule.

TNA’s contracts allow their talent to work independent dates but they are structured so that talent cannot work elsewhere if they run a TV taping or house show on the same date. The names that were scheduled for the UK shows included Abyss, Andrew Everett, Jade and Drew Galloway. The promoters expressed their frustration on Facebook posts and said that they had hoped that something could be worked out. Obviously, nothing was worked out from TNA’s side.

It’s worth noting that not all of the TNA talent is under this type of contract that allows TNA to control their bookings. TNA has tried to lock down the top talent and others have been given different deals. The Hardys, Drew Galloway and EC3 have been offered new deals but have not yet signed them.

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