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Moose Officially Leaves Ring Of Honor, TNA Bound?



moose nxt

Moose confirmed on his Twitter account that he is departing from Ring of Honor. Moose wrapped up his commitments with the promotion at Friday’s event. He posted this:

WWE has shown interest in him in the past and he’s had some tryouts with them before he signed his most recent ROH contract. There were rumors that he would be going to WWE, but WWE has held back on their offer due to allegations during his NFL run. Moose was looking at offers from TNA and Lucha Underground but the TNA offer was said to be the best money deal at around $100,000.

The feeling is that Moose is in fact headed to TNA. TNA has been working on at least one surprise for Tuesday’s live Impact Wrestling. Moose was booked for NOVA Pro Wrestling in Virginia in August but has told the promoter that he will not be able to work on their 8/12 show because of a contractual commitment, one clue is TNA will be taping TV on that day. Still no official confirmation on his TNA deal but all signs point there.

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