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Brock Lesnar VICTORIOUS in UFC 200 return by unanimous decision



During tonight’s UFC 200 PPV, in one of the most anticipated matches in UFC history, former UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar made a thunderous return to the Octagon with a victory over veteran MMA “Knockout Artist” Mark Hunt. The bout took the full three 5 minute rounds, but Brock Lesnar, by virtue of his performance scored a unanimous 29-27 decision.

Below is a brief(very brief) summary of the matchup:

  • Round 1: Brock took control for a heavily significant portion of the round, managing takedowns on Hunt and hitting multiple “significant strikes”
  • Round 2: Both men kept to the upright striking game without any significant takedowns.
  • Round 3: Brock took control of the entire round with an early takedown, proceeding to retain the takedown for the remainder of the round and landing “significant strikes” against Hunt as Hunt attempted to endure and counter.

Brock Lesnar now takes this victory and momentum and heads into WWE SummerSlam for another anticipated bout against WWE veteran and former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton.

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